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Ford F150 Rear Door Won’t Open From Inside

Ford F150 Rear Door Won’t Open From Inside

Ford F150 rear doors are vulnerable to damages and sometimes they won’t open from inside in few models and it is due to substandard security material.

In general, Ford F150 rear door won’t open from inside due to a broken auto lock, faulty door latches, damaged actuator, and ineffective handle cable. Also, a stuck lock, pin shift, and bottom latch slacking do not open the rear door. Furthermore, it happens due to blocked handles, faulty child lock position, broken switches, and a forceful shut. 

Typically, in America, the manufacturers recalled several models from 2015 to 2017 due to inadequate latch lubrication. 

Furthermore, around 2000 people complained against frozen rear door handles, broken cables, and accidental problems in emergencies. Also, a recall Ford number worked on around 20000 back door complaints in the past 8 to 11 years. 

Why is my Ford F150 Rear door not opening from inside? 

Generally, it does not open due to a minor technical fault due to insufficient lubricants and forceful shuts. However, numerous other problems contribute to their closed situations. 

Also, it keeps the travelers inside the Ford for hours and leads to frustration and even suffocation problems in claustrophobics.

I have mentioned eleven reasons due to which Ford F150 rear doors do not open. Also, all of them are repairable and require time for a permanent repair. 

To identify the actual fault, check different door sections, prefer the vulnerable parts to preserve time and money simultaneously. 

Broken door handle wire

Generally, to control rear door handles, a cable travels towards the latch and provides friction-free motion. However, a broken handle cable does not support moving abilities, and you cannot open it from inside. 

In addition, excessive usage, sudden pull, and old age result in these damages. Also, the inefficient working conditions keep the rear door in one position and mostly remain locked.

Moreover, the problem needs an instant solution when both rear doors are not responding. For this purpose, utilize the Ford F150 back door cable repair kit and alter the broken parts.

Also, install new items with professional skills and also take labor help. Furthermore, the overall procedure to replace the broken handle cable costs you from $34 to $55 and takes around 30 to 35 minutes to complete. 

Malfunctioning auto-lock

In these doors, an electric lock is feasible with quick signals and secures the system in emergencies. Also, an auto-lock shuts all the doors simultaneously and preserves time for manual shut.

However, lack of electricity, voltage fluctuation, and internal wire malfunctioning results in the broken auto-lock. Moreover, the back doors or one of them shuts permanently, and it feels stuck.

Typically, the only solution is the replacement of this lock with a new and efficient tool. On average, the installation process costs you from $145 to $320. 

Also, to complete the replacement activity, you require professional instructions, comprehension of the door system, and a time of about 15 to 25 minutes.

Blocked handles

Generally, blocked handles are resolvable with slight modifications but require a permanent solution, and it happens frequently. Also, the handles remain intact in one position despite all internal failures, and the inner check is essential. 

Moreover, replacing these handles every 3 to 6 months is effective in resolving these technical problems. In addition, a prominent cause is the lack of lubrication between the handle end and the overall door surface.

However, the addition of high-quality lubricants every 2 to 3 weeks provides excellent results. Also, spend around $16 to $21 and replace them in less than half-hour. Next, move them from inside repeatedly and then utilize them conveniently. 

Faulty child lock position

Generally, a child lock prevents young travelers from accidents, bumping outside the vehicles, and various wounds, but it is a tricky gadget.

Moreover, to get maximum benefits, the precise location is essential. Typically, children keep playing inside the Ford, and it results in child lock problems.

In addition, the broken, unscrewed plunge drops down in the door section and forcefully closes the door. Also, it won’t open from the inside despite the effects because of the lock malfunctioning.

However, to resolve this problem, remove the top trim, remove the panel screw with a sharp plastic tool, and resist excess torque to prevent plastic nut. 

Moreover, alter the broken child lock plunge and tighten all the screws. Also, the process requires 20 to 30 minutes for completion in $45 to $55.

Non-working door latches

A Ford rear door latch aligns the holes and strikes the plate, and the presence of graphite oil helps such movements. Also, in these situations, you can open it from the inside, but they have a greater tendency of damages.

Furthermore, anything between the striking plate and hole results in latch malfunctioning. Moreover, a dusty, bound, or rusted latch shuts the door accidentally, and it does not open from inside. 

Generally, it resolves with machine oil lubrication for around 5 to 10 minutes but replaces the non-working latch in other situations. You can easily fix the damaged door latch on F150.

Also, spray the commercial oils on the latch, wipe the excessive dust material, and open the F150 rear door from inside. 

Damaged actuator

Typically, a Ford F150 rear door actuator is responsible for the effective electric lock performance, but a damaged actuator cannot perform this activity. Also, lack of electric supply results in manual open and shut conditions, and a key is essential. 

Furthermore, the lack of a key shuts the back door from inside. Also, the situation is worse when both rear doors close, and the movement of travelers happens from the front doors. Typically, it is challenging and requires much time. 

Moreover, for the solution of such technical faults, replace the actuator constantly with a high-quality item. Generally, the alteration cost is around $340 to $850 and takes approximately 55 to 60 minutes for appropriate adjustment. 

Retaining pin shift

However, a retaining pin is a connecting point between the moveable parts, but it shifts from the original position. 

Also, the results are significant because the door shuts from inside, and you cannot open it until the problem resolves.

Furthermore, a minor technique, professional skill, and complete comprehension result in one punch solution. Also, for this purpose, use a small hammer, adjust it over the pin spot, and strike it forcefully.

Moreover, keep the strike moderate to preserve the retaining pin quality, and with severe damages, replacement is the only option. 

In addition, it is a cost-effective procedure, requires few skills and a hammer. Also, complete it in 2 to 5 minutes and spend around $7 to $35 to open the rear door from inside. 

Slack of bottom section near latches

Typically, in a Ford F150, latch cable excessive slack results in forceful shut of backdoors, and require quick solutions. Do not remove the whole panel, and the removal of two resolves this particular fault. 

Also, it happens due to excessive use and inappropriate handling conditions, and you can fix it in around 30 to 35 minutes. 

Moreover, around the ball end, add a zip tie, and fix it in a circular direction at the plastic entrance.

In addition, secure it and remove the prominent bolts with an efficient tool. On average, the overall process costs you around $25 to $150, and the labor charges add $50 to $80. 

Stuck lock 

In several situations, jammed door locks cause dirt accumulation, components of broken keys, and other penetrated material. Also, the movements are resistant, production of uninviting sounds, and the rear door won’t open. 

Moreover, with time debris settles inside the keyholes, the handling becomes challenging, and at a certain point, the door closes. In addition, it is a resolvable fault, and preventive measures prevent such problems. 

Also, cleaning and better conditions keep them in moveable states. Furthermore, spend around $30 to $45 and replace the back door lock in less than an hour. Moreover, labor interference increases the procedure cost, and it reaches up to $80. 

Faulty power switches

A door power switch provides constant electric current to the automatic locks and other functions, but a malfunctioning battery reduces its performance. Also, inadequate electricity results in electric surges and the small tools cannot tolerate such fluctuations. 

As a result, these switches break and fail to perform. Furthermore, with failure, the Ford rear door locks in one particular position and cannot open them. 

Moreover, it locks from inside and restricts the movements anymore. In addition, for repairing conditions, prefer new switches, and replace the old items with mechanical skills.

Following this, the whole procedure costs you around $20 to $55, and it completes in less than 20 to 40 minutes. Also, the rear door instantly opens up from inside, and you can move outside from it.

Forceful shut

A Ford F150 rear door shuts and opens without any restriction, but an accumulation of dust happens between the connecting points. Also, the appearance of corrosion material is not favorable because it makes the opening harder from inside.

Moreover, in these conditions, every passing minute is risky, and hold the door at any particular point, and travelers cannot open it from either side. 

Furthermore, the problem happens in the Ford back doors, and human negligence is a significant reason. In addition, to resolve the fault and open your door, maintain high service conditions. 

Next, clean the striking areas, wipe the grease and dust. Moreover, in the presence of already existing resistance, avoid forceful shuts, and preserve repairing costs. 

Which models of Ford F150 rear door won’t open frequently?

Typically, all Ford trucks undergo rear door faults, but few of them have peak problems.

However, the 2012 crew cab and 2013 extended cab back door do not open from inside. Moreover, the faults are similar to many other models, and all of them are repairable.

Also, people avoid these models because the problem exceeds the standard level, and the ratio of accidents is high between these years. 

Following this, the latest Ford doors are quick, conveniently moveable, and provide reliable performance. 

In addition, back door faults exist in them too, but the rate is low and negligible to some extent. Also, maintenance of the setup helps to avoid these damages and related problems. 

Is it safe & legal to drive a Ford F150 when the rear door does not open from the inside?

Generally, it is safe when only one back door does not open, but when both close, then it becomes a frustrating environment. Also, only front-seat doors are available to evict travelers. Furthermore, access to the front locks and handles is challenging when people are sitting behind.

Also, it does not harm the travelers, but prolonged shut hours affect the Ford control mechanism. Mostly, the traffic police remain unaware of the closed-door conditions while the Ford is moving, but they notice it in parking conditions. 

My search says there is no penalty against such problems, although the authorities guide to get outside quickly. Also, they help the owner to resolve the relevant fault and provide mechanical aid. 

What happens when a Ford F150 rear door won’t open from inside?

In the beginning, when a person pulls a door handle, and it does not open, then the person tries different techniques.

But, once he makes sure that the rear door is stuck, the only solution is to troubleshoot the fault. 

Also, access the spare part auto stores, find the equipment, and self-replace them. Moreover, take professional help by spending few dollars. Furthermore, the travelers feel the tension that affects health. 

Also, in emergencies, no response from the Ford doors results in accidents and other life-threatening problems.

Typically, the vehicle gets hot, and any part of it catches fire, a quick eviction is necessary, but rear doors remain close. 

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