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What’s the Ford F150 Brake Line Size?

What’s the Ford F150 Brake Line Size?

Ford F150 brake line size affects the braking distance, so it must fit the truck correctly. Brake lines are present in the form of short pieces. These are short running lines between the master cylinder of your Ford F150 and its ABS. 

What’s the Ford F150 Brake Line Size? Ford F-150 brake line size can be 3/16 or 5/16 inches. The front side of the driver and passenger rear axle side of this metal component have different lengths and measures. These are suitable to fit in Ford F150; you can determine its size by its inside diameter and its working by the mileage distance. 

Its sizes are often different based on the type of vehicle, so users need to find the right one for their truck models.

You cannot measure the sizes of these lines simply by measuring tapes. Instead, you have scientific tools like Vernier to gauge the actual size of these lines. These are cylindrical lines, and their size is different in various trucks.

Ford F150 Brake line size chart

Year of Ford F-150 Brake Line Size (diameter) (inches) Brake Line Diameter (mm) Brake line length (Inches)
1987-1996 Ford F150 ¼ or 5/16 6.6mm 26 inches
1998-2000 Ford F150 3/16 4.8mm 25 inches
2001 Ford F150 3/16 4.8mm 60-70 inches
2002 Ford F150 3/16 4.8mm 24-26 inches
2003 5/16 or 3/16 7.9 or 4.8mm 35 inches
2004-2006 3/16 4.8mm 25 inches
2007-2009 5/16 7.9mm 30 inches
2010-2017 3/16 or 5/16 4.8mm or 7.9mm 16 inches
2018-2021 3/16 4.8mm 25 inches

For smaller trucks, its size is 3/16 inches or simply 4.8 mm. For larger size vehicles, this size range is 6.6mm inches. These lines are made of stainless steel to avoid any impacts of corrosive surrounding and rusty conditions. 

Examples of Ford F-150 and their brake line sizes

From 2009 to 2019, various models of Ford F150 introduce to roll on roads. All these models have specific details about their brake lines, their construction, operation, and dimensions. 

1987 to 2000 Ford F-150 model of brake line

Ford F-150 model of 1987 to 1996 the rear brake line size compatible to this model can be ¼ or 5/16 inches. So when you want to replace it, visit the store or buy it online to decide the suitable size that fits your truck braking system. 

For its proper adjustment, you also require a fastener that connects these like pressure connectors. So, hire a mechanic that does the task properly without making any mistakes.

Manufacturers can use the 3/16 inches brake line size for the half-ton F-150 pickup truck. The safe and precise way to install it is by making double flares. 

The brake line size for the year 1998 to 2000 F-150 in a 2-wheel-drive type vehicle is 3/16, so pre-flared lines are best for it. You can use the flare tool kit or tubing bender. You can buy these online from a well-reputed website. 

This kit has all the tools and other accessories that help in mounting. In this way, the tubing bender can bend tubes or pipes at the required angle.

You can also use the old fitting but make sure these are rust-free. While buying it, double-check to confirm these conditions.

2001 Ford F-150

The 2001 Ford F-150 model has rear and front brake lines that have different fittings. 

The rear brake line dimension is around 3/16 inches or 4.8mm, and the middle hose features a double flare. 

While the front, which is present on the driver’s side, has an M12-1.0 nut with bubble flare. The length of it is suitable can be 70 to 80 inches.

2002 brake line size

Generally, the integrity and durability of this component can affect with time. Extreme weather conditions are also responsible for this variation, so you should know its size.

Ford F-150 2002 model has a diameter of about 3/16 inches. You have no idea how much length is required, so search for those with a large length to avoid any problems. 

If you have good access to the bender, then the 24 to the 26-foot range is best available at a reasonable price, around $35.

This model typically uses a brake line with a length of roughly 35 inches and a diameter of around 9.5mm.

2003 brake line size

These are available in different materials, and replacement is an easy task. However, these will wear out over time, so replace these to avoid damage. At specified mileage coverage of around 45,000, you have to change the brake pads and shoe.

Faulty brakes or premature damage should address as soon as possible; it must be in better condition for the vehicle’s optimal performance.

Brake pads and loose bearing problems cause the truck to stop and are susceptible to accidental risk. 

The most suitable size for the 2003 Ford F-150 has a length of about 85 inches and a diameter of 5/16 or 3/16. Brake fluid that has a role in the hydraulic system should change after 15,000 to 40,000 miles mileage coverage. 

2004 to 2017 brake line size of F-150

The brake line size of the Ford F-150 from 2004 to 2006 is 3/16 0r 4.8mm. In this way, 2007 and 2009 of this model have 5/16 inches or 14mm. 

2010 to 2017 of Ford F-150 brake line have a length of around 25 inches. DOT approved this for your truck safety on the road.  

2018 to 2021 Ford F150 model year series have a length of around 16 inches and diameter 3/16.

How does Ford F150 Brake Line work?

The brake line tool can affect the overall braking performance and operation of your vehicle.

Most of these are hydraulic, with a fluid that shifts pressure to the brakes by exerting force with the foot.

When you apply brakes, the fluid in the master cylinder transfer to the brake caliper through the brake lines, the calipers clamp down on the brakes due to this force, slowing and stop the truck.

Brake line types

These are usually available in three various options that can fit your vehicle. Steel coated with tin to prevent rust, 

Polished stainless steel and copper-nickel alloy are also approved by the DOT for your hydraulic braking system of the truck. The purpose of this metal component is to transfer the fluid when pressure exert.

The main difference between the two different sizes is how much fluid quantity transfers from these.

Sometimes you are confused about how to measure it, like from the inside or outside diameter. So, by the first one, you can measure its dimension.

There are a few basic brake line fitting you can use for installation purposes. Single flare is preferable in a low-pressure braking system because it causes leakage and cracking problems.

The double flare is preferable to a single because it has high durability and withstands the high pressure of the braking system. 

To double the length of the end line, fold the single flare twice.

In this way, bubble flares are suitable for European imported vehicles. Both are similar but avoid interchange these.

Categories of brake line size for Ford F-150

There are two categories for its size in Ford F-150.

 Among these are short in size, and long-sized brake lines can include in it. For instance, in the case of smaller vehicles, short-size brake lines are used. 

On the other hand, for large vehicles, large-sized devices are used. These are in the form of short pieces of attaining less steal. 

In smaller vehicles, their size is approximately 3/16 inches or 4.8 mm. 

In the case of a large vehicle, it is usually in the range of 6.6mm. 

How to determine brake line size in Ford F-150?

Its size depends on the distance covered by the brake line; its size is measured and determined by the manufacturer. For instance, in Ford F-150, one line connects the rear of the master cylinder with the side of the inbound frame. 

Another line connects the front of the master cylinder to the left front wheel brake point.

 Another line connects the frame with the proper brake hose, and another one can attach with an in-bound frame and real axle breakpoint. In Ford F150, all these distances covered by brake lines are approximately 3/16 inches or 4.8 mm. 

Why are the brake line dimensions different?

The length and diameter of the brake line are entirely independent of the braking power. 

Therefore, irrespective of its dimension difference, the pressure in the hydraulic line remains the same.

The front side of the driver and passenger rear axle side both have different lengths and measures. 

It shows that both the diameter and length of the brake line can vary. The main line that directs toward the rear axle should be thick to transfer balanced pressure for both rear wheels for enough but equal power. 

So, the fluid quantity should be enough for equal distribution. It also is the reason for the large diameter of the main brake line. 

The braking system is usually present adjacent to the steering column on the driver’s side. Therefore, mostly its diameter and length on the driver side wheel are short compared to the other side. 

In this way, an additional product comes up with the new advancement like anti-lock brake system in the advanced truck with the electric braking system. 

How often to replace the Ford F150 brake line?

Replacement of the brake lines depends on the climate where you live and the care you take. Both factors increase the lifespan of your truck and the durability of this component. Metal parts of your vehicle can affect by the road during the winter season comes up. 

Another factor responsible for its better working is the level of the brake fluid that remains the same.

With proper maintenance and cleaning to minimize corrosion, you can protect it against failure and extend its life. Usually, you can replace it after 1.5 years or 14,000 miles. 

How to identify the faulty brake line?

The safety issue of your truck can appear when a braking system failure occurs due to problems in the brake line. When it becomes problematic, diagnose its symptoms as soon as possible and overcome this issue at a time.

Leakage of brake fluid

The maintenance of this metal component can remain stable when the brake fluid level does not change. This is because the material used in it is metal that can withstand pressure. But, sometimes leakage occurs due to damage. 

With this leakage, the level of this liquid also lowers down, and failure of these metal components also happens. When you apply brakes, then it becomes leak out that causes serious issues.

The brake warning light turns ON

The brake warning light turns ON is also an indication of the problem progress further. It will happen when the brake fluid level is low than the standard and activation of the brake pad wear sensors. 

So, when these symptoms appear due, it illustrates that the brake line fails that further affects the fluid level, which leaks out while you drive your Ford F-150 truck. 

Rusting of brake lines

Another reason for this failure is the corrosion buildup due to continuous exposure, especially on the road in extreme winter season in some areas. These conditions can cause damage, and leakage can occur. 

Rusting is more frequent during driving in climate areas, which salt can treat snowy roads. It has a significant role in vehicle safety because it is an essential part of the braking system plumbing. 

You can replace it with the new one in case of any damage because these are available in specified length and diameter, bent in a precise way.

Because of this reason, you need to hire a skilled technician who can identify the issue and repair it properly.

Low braking power

Low braking power is a prominent symptom because your F-150 can stop after interval or braking system failure due to a breakdown of the brake line. Another factor that reduces it can be an impaired master cylinder or damaged brake pads.

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