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How Do I Enable Wireless Charging on GMC Sierra?

How Do I Enable Wireless Charging on GMC Sierra?

GMC Sierra provides wireless charging for your mobile phone. I have added the list of phones that are compatible with wireless charging.

How Do I Enable Wireless Charging on GMC Sierra? You can enable wireless charging on GMC Sierra by finding the charging mat location and check its compatibility with your phone. Next, you open the panel cover and press the switch. Finally, place the mobile on the wireless charging pad and check the indicator.

In such a busy life, smartphones have become a great necessity of the world. All works and businesses rely on the phones and, we need them at every step of life.

Therefore we have to keep them charged all the time either we are going to picnic or going for our work.

Only a few trucks have this feature and, GMC Sierra is one of them. 

How Do I Enable Wireless Charging on GMC Sierra?

It is easy to enable wireless charging on your GMC Sierra and, it is much simpler than the wired charger.

You are the new owner and do not know about your truck function. You do not need to worry since you will learn how to access your wireless pad appropriately after reading this article.

The vital step of this process to make sure either your mobile type is compatible with your truck or not. If it allows your cell, go forward to the next step.

Location of the wireless charging pad

Usually, it locates at the middle console of the front passenger seat and driving seat but, it can differ from the GMC model.

Open the pad cover

To accessing your cell on charging, you should press the wireless pad lid and open the cap.

Press the button

Now press the charging switch from the dashboard and check the amber. It will shine when the cell is no charging.


Remove any foreign objects, metal, and keys from the charging mat because they might interfere with the charging.

Clean the mat or phone back to remove the dust or debris with the soft cloth for accurately working.

Place the mobile

You do not require any cable or wire to begin the process. Just place the back side’s smartphone on this panel, make sure the phone shows a charging icon.

Now left it until the battery fully charged. If it does not show the icon, remove it from the panel and wait for 5 seconds.

Now set it on 180• and align the smartphone again and check the charging icon on GMC Sierra.

The green light turns on

Never remove the mobile until the green light turns on. It will brighten when the battery gets charged fully.

However, sometimes the indicator does not switch on due to the various casing and mobile covers. So you should check it entirely. The sequence is the same for both the GMC Sierra SLE and SLT.

How does wireless charging works in GMC Sierra?

The wireless charging act as inductive or cordless charging, which means no cables are utilized to connect the charger.

The inductive chargers use electromagnetic energy to charge your smartphone.

Magnetism and electricity are interrelated, so when distinct magnetic fields combine, they generate electricity.

Therefore, it permits the electrical energy to pass in this wireless panel and, you can charge your mobile without requiring any physical pin.

The charging plate and the phone battery create an electromagnetic field. When you put the mobile on this plate, the pitch allows the mobile battery to consume energy, and your smartphone proceeds charging.

Things to consider when using wireless charging on GMC Trucks

There are few suggestions that you must follow while charging. By following, it will enhance the lifespan of your charging plate or your phone battery.

Never connect your device with the truck’s PC USB while charging. If it is engaged with a power adapter, your smartphone will charge through USB and stop wireless charging.

Always turn off the cell’s vibrations. When any notification occurs, your phone may change its stance and will quit the charging. Turning on trembling is also develops disturbance.

Usually, a smartphone becomes warmer during its charges. It badly affects the battery and gets slower the charging.

Remove the phone from the plate when it obtains too hot. It boosts the life of your battery, shifts the mobile to a cold surface. Now wait until it becomes usual and try again to charge the phone.

If your phone does not show a charging sign, it may be due to the casing. If mobile has any battery wallet, thick or metal back cover, extract it for best result. The phone casing that comes with leather, plastic, rubber, or silicon these cases does not affect the charging.

Never put anything between the mobile back and the charging panel. It carries a magnetic case when you mount objects, which can damage the charging pad. If your phone cover comprises any touchy item, discard it before charging.

What phones are compatible with GMC wireless charging?

You can not charge every phone on the pad because not every model is capable of charge.

Only a few mobiles are compatible with wireless pads and, others do not mount because they do not match the charging port or have diverse hardware.

The phone should have WPC 1.1, PMS 1.0, and WPC 1. 0 charging criteria. The iPhone model lower than the 8th version is agreeable by the charging pad. Here is the list of phones that can charge on GMC Sierra.

  • Motorola droid mini
  • LG G6, G7, and G8
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 to S10 model
  • Motorola Droid Maxx
  • LG spectrum 2
  • Apple iPhone 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 model
  • Nokia Lumia 920 to 950 models
  • Samsung Note 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 model
  • LG Nexus 4/5

How many phones can you charge on the wireless pad?

Mostly one phone can charge at a time, but it depends on the size of the wireless pad. Few mobiles are tall or short, have different sizes, so they rely on the phone magnitude.

The plate size may vary on the pickup make and model.

Do I really need GMC Wireless charging?

Just like all other things, wireless charging is also comprising of various detriments as well as usefulness.

Check these before utilizing the charging panel to make sure whether it is suited for your mobile or not.


You feel comfortable and relax while using this because you do not need to plug any cord.

Easy to use

These chargers are easy to use and do not require any physical connection. You only need to place the mobile straight and have to see the charging sign.

Save your time and money

You do not need to face broken cables because wires get expired after a few times, So you have to buy a new one.

It is time and money-saving. In a busy life, you do not have enough time to keep the cables and plugin them.

They look more beautiful because of no mess of cables, adapters, and wires.

Disadvantages of wireless charging

Wireless charging in GMC is slow compared to standard phone charging. Therefore, it makes trouble when you have a limited time and lose your patience to wait for the battery to become charged.

Costly repairing

If GMC wireless charging is damaged and unable to charge the phones, you have to repair them from a professional that costs too much. Other hands, buying an adapter or cable are less expensive.

You can only use it while driving

The other disadvantage of wireless charging on the truck, you can only use it when you are on the truck. You can not use it outside, so you have to keep a cord charger for the office or university.

Not every phone compatible

As we discuss above, every selected phone models are compatible with the wireless plate, so if your mobile does not allow by the pad, it is not for you.

Unable to use mobile during charging

You can not use the phone while placing it on the pad because it stops charging when you move the device. Likewise, you cannot use USB power cables because it causes to stops your mobile from accusing.

Environmental impact

it lasts a bad influence on the environment because 25% of the energy produced by wireless pads might incorporate into the air that causes various health issues.

Phone casing

Few types of mobile covers do not allow charging, so you have to remove the casing when you want to charge the mobile through the cordless panel.

Thermal issue

The great difficulty that people facing with a cordless pad is the mobile gets too hot while charging. Thus, it minimizes the life of the battery and affects the software.

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