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What is the difference between SLE and SLT GMC Sierra?

What is the difference between SLE and SLT GMC Sierra?

Many people get confused between the GMC Sierra SLE and SLT variants because they look identical, but they differ in weight, size, and features.

What is the difference between SLE and SLT GMC Sierra? GMC Sierra SLE and SLT are different due to their different cabin features, non-identical automatic climate control specifications, door handles, window tints, and engine capacities. In addition, both are different due to non-identical seating comfort, cabin spaciousness, fuel economy, weight variation, and cost differences. 

Moreover, an SLT variant has more luxurious and automatic features, with a high cost. Consider the relevant requirements and your budget while purchasing any of them.

Also, the different wheel sizes, towing capacities, and gross vehicle weights keep them separate. 

Also, SLE seats have fabric covering, but the SLT seats have protection leather covers with heat control technologies. In addition, the size of the SLT truck infotainment system is a few inches higher than SLE.

Difference between GMC Sierra SLE and SLT


GMC Sierra SLT

GMC Sierra SLE


V8 5.3L

V8 5.3L

Wheels lifespan

124000 miles

155000 to 210000 miles

Transmission type

8-speed transmission

6-speed transmission

Top speed

110 mph

112 mph

Curb weight

5200 to 5250 pounds

5100 to 5200 pounds

Gross vehicle weight

14000 pounds

13000 pounds

Fuel tank capacity

26 to 29 gallon

25 to 26 gallon

Fuel economy

11 liter per 100 miles

5 t 6 liter per 100 miles


$48000 to $50000

$42000 to $43000

Exterior and interior differences 

Both of these trucks have significant exterior design differences. Also, the interior facilities differentiate them without any doubt. However, the SLE design is not attractive because it has black door handles and similar color moldings.

But, the SLT has different fog resistance lamps, has a body-side chrome lining, and halogen beams that make the design appealing. In addition, the SLE has a more attractive utility cab and a long box with accommodation space.

Also, the SLT terrain packages have attractive features like bright machines, aluminum wheels that can last for several years. In addition, they have a park assist and heating steering wheel facility that makes it luxurious.

Also, the rear windows with sliders add appeal and luxury simultaneously. However, the SLE is prominent with its comforts and conveniences because the entire package includes comfortable seats and fast-speed wheels.

In addition, both have comfortable interior features with advanced technologies. However, the SLT is more luxurious with a spacious cabin and several interior features.

But, the SLE has a shortlist of internal facilities. The SLT cabin comprises noise cancellation technology, keeps the interior soundproof with comfortable seats.


Typically, the SLE Sierra trucks comprise 17 to 18 inches wheels with appropriate protection layering.

Also, these are all-season tires with the multi-terrain feature. In addition, the tire package includes HTS wheels. Moreover, they have a lifespan of around 155000 miles to 210000 miles.

In contrast, the SLT Sierra has 18 to 20 inches wheels, and the package has a Grabber feature and HTS tires. Moreover, its wheels can last up to 124000 miles without wear or tear.

Trim level and engines

Typically, the SLE Sierra is one level higher than the base trim level, but it has several advancements. In addition, the drivetrain with a regular cab is similar to the base trim. Also, it comprises a V6 4.3L engine.

Also, it has a crew cab variant with an efficient V8 engine that has a 5.3L capacity. In addition, it has an automatic transfer case that exists near the steering wheel and has vast space on the floor section.

Also, it has tinted windows and a tailgate with an EZ lift. Also, the mirrors are adjustable, and the cargo has built-in lights.

It has a massive infotainment system of around 7 to 8 inches. Also, the floors have carpets, and the dashboard has multiple advanced features like Wi-Fi, hotspot, and radio control. In addition, the bench seats have underneath storage space.

Moreover, the steering wheel has leather wrap with cruise control, and the SLE has a built-in keyless entry inside the vehicle.

On the other hand, the SLT trim has options of changes, and the engine has an upgrade. Moreover, it has a V8 engine with a 5.3L capacity. After up-gradation, the SLT engine has become a V8 with a 6.2L capacity.

Also, it has an 8-speed transmission system with cooling oil. In addition, the vehicle comprises door handles with extraordinary efficiency and contains a 2 to 3 inches hitch.

Cabin features

The cabin features of both variants differentiate due to the advancement of technologies.

However, the Sierra SLT has a heated seat specification that adds to a person’s comfort during long-distance traveling.

Also, the leather covers and adjustable rear bench seats are comfortable for adults and children. In addition, the windows have defogging technology that keeps the water and fog away. Also, it has a remote start feature that instantly adds to the driver’s comfort.

In addition, the SLT variants prove as more luxurious with vast accommodation seats, separate cargo sections, and maximum luggage adjustment. Also, the adjustable window services, pedals, and steering control with advanced features make it prominent.

Different packages

Typically, the SLE in a GMC Sierra SLE stands for Special Luxury addition. However, it is not one of the highest trim levels, but it is a luxury package with multiple luxurious facilities. 

In addition, SLT stands for Standard Luxury Touring, and it is a middle trim level of base SLE and Denali Sierra.

Also, it has a unique and versatile grille that provides an attractive appearance and protects the front surface from damages.

Speed and transmission

Typically, the SLT Sierra has a V8 6.2L engine and a high-speed feature. Also, it comprises an 8-speed automatic transmission system with a top speed of around 110 miles per hour.

On the other hand, the SLE Sierra has a 6-speed automatic transmission with a 4.3L engine with a top speed of around 110 mph to 112 mph.


Typically, the SLE variant is slightly less expensive than an SLT. Also, the average cost of this trim level is around $42000 to $43000 approximately.

In addition, extraordinary features like adjustable seats, keyless entry and advanced touch screens, and USB ports increase the total cost of these variants.

The SLT is expensive than the SLE truck because of high performance external and cabin specifications. Also, it has climate control, a trailer brake control mechanism, dual power outlets, and adjustable front seats. In addition, the average cost of these vehicles is around $48000 to $50000

Fuel economy and tanks

Generally, the SLT Sierra truck has one fuel tank with an average capacity of around 26 to 29 gallons. Also, it has a controllable and efficient fuel economy due to an efficient engine. In addition, it has a fuel efficiency of around 11 liters per 100 kilometers.

Also, the SLE Sierra has one fuel tank with an average tank range of around 25 to 26 gallons. In addition, it has a fuel economy of 5 to 6 liter per 100 miles and it can go more miles on empty.

Weight differences

Typically, an SLT variant has a curb weight of around 5200 pounds to 5250 pounds. Also, it has a gross vehicle weight of 7100 pounds to 7150 pounds.

In addition, an SLT Sierra with a 6.2L engine can tow approximately 13000 pounds to 14000 pounds.

Also, the GMC Sierra SLE has a curb weight of around 5100 pounds to 5200 pounds. Moreover, it has a gross vehicle weight of 7100 pounds to 7200 pounds with a towing capacity of approximately 13000 pounds.


The SLE truck is an upgraded version of the standard Sierra with several facilities. Also, the engine is efficient with fast-speed conditions on different roads. In addition, the gasoline engine provides an electric supply for the automatic cabin features. Also, it has excellent mileage.

In short, the SLT is far more luxurious than an SLE because the comfort and convenience level are higher than the others.

Also, the engine is better than the SLE Sierra, has more fuel capacity and mileage. Moreover, the cabin is luxurious and comfortable for long-distance travelers.

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