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How to Change Headlight Bulb on GMC Canyon?

How to Change Headlight Bulb on GMC Canyon?

Headlight bulbs are an essential part of GMC Canyon. Without them, it almost becomes impossible to see anything at night.

How to Change Headlight Bulb on GMC Canyon? For changing the headlight bulb of GMC Canyon, choose the new headlight bulb according to your truck’s headlight. From the user manual, you can locate the backside of the headlight. Remove the bulb and detach the connector. Using alcoholic wipes, clean the inside of the headlight. After drying, reinstall everything and check the headlights.

You cannot travel at night without them. They help us see obstacles and signs at night. Unfortunately, most of the accidents happen at night because of the absence of these lights in the vehicles. 

How to Change Headlight Bulb on GMC Canyon?

For changing the bulb, you should find a safe spot first. For example, I usually park my GMC Canyon in the garage and change it in broad daylight to avoid any problem at night.  

You can find a flat road to park so that your truck should not roll over you. You should also pull the hand brake up. 

After turning off the engine, you should wait for about 10 to 20 minutes if you just stopped driving. 

You must know which front light you want to change. Now lift the hood of the truck and find the backside of your headlight. 

You can take help from the user manual that came with your truck. It can easily lead you to your required location. The bulb is in the holder of your front light. 

In some models, there is a dust cap. You can twist the dust cover and find the holder underneath it.

Safety Measures

You must remove the terminals of the battery of your GMC Canyon before starting to change the bulb. Otherwise, you will get a shock and can get seriously injured.

Make sure you do not touch the damaged glass with your bare hands. It is very sharp glass and can easily cut your hand if you do not handle it carefully.

Similarly, the use of plastic or cotton hand gloves and goggles is a good practice. I usually keep an extra pair of gloves and goggles in my truck.  

When the gloves get torn out or, the glasses get damaged, the extra pair can come in handy.

Remove its wires

When you remove the dust cover, you will see the bulb. There is a connector behind it, which is the electrical connection. 

It provides the energy required to turn ON and OFF the headlight. Pull the clip of the connector and slowly remove it from its back.

Now rotate and twist it and remove it from the front light. You can detach all the wires before removing the bulb.

In the GMC Canyon, there is a high beam and a low beam. Once you have removed it, properly clean the inside of the front light. 

You can use a wire brush or a rag to see any corrosion or big particles stuck inside the connector.  

Sometimes it does not twist easily. So you should not apply any excessive force to it.

The glass may shatter inside and will cause more problems for you. In such cases, you can use any lubricant, which will help it rotate easily. 

You can throw it in the dustbin. However, you should not throw it away on the ground, or else it will come under its tires and will cause problems. 

Selection of New Headlight Bulb

You should carefully select the type of headlight for your truck. You can buy such a bulb that has more life and can last longer. 

You must use the same type and color as in both the right-hand side and left-hand side front lights. The brand of these products also matters a lot. 

Some brands provide more assurance and more extended warranty of their products. You can also order original ones from the main office of your truck’s company. 

They will cost you a lot, but they will be durable and will last longer. The temperature color is essential in this aspect. 

Few of them emit more excellent white color while others emit warmer white color. Cooler white is best for GMC Canyon as it will provide more clarity and variation. 

You can easily see obstacles and off-road signs with its help at night. You can buy such a bulb that will have the same voltage as the voltage provided by your unit. Therefore, it will give maximum efficiency in this case. 

Install new headlight bulb

Make sure you remember all of its qualities and features and then purchase a new one. It can either be Xenon, Halogen, and LED. 

Once you purchased the best quality product for your truck, now is the time to fix them. I usually use a soft cloth and alcohol to clean its glass.

Never hold it from its glass. You may crush it with your bare hands. Instead, use the bottom tip to keep it.

Use a soft wet cloth and can clean the inside surface of the headlight. After applying a damp cloth, wait till it gets dry. Now place the bulb inside the front light. 

Turn it in such a way that it gets tight. Now attach the clip of the connector with the holder.

Make sure that you attach the connector in the right direction as you detached it. It will not work correctly if the connector is in the opposite direction. 

Now you can plug the wires with both the terminals of the battery. Put down the hood of your truck. Take off the gloves and goggles.

Please put them in the correct box with other accessories. Then, sit in your truck, and using the key, start the engine. 

Now turn ON the light. Check both the high beam and the low beam. Lights must be aligned and must have the same color. 

The beam should not be such high that light will fall in the eyes of the coming vehicle. Likewise, it should not be such low that you should not be able to see anything on the road at night. 

You need to take your truck to a mechanic if it does not turn ON after replacing it. For example, there may be some problem with its fuse or any electrical wire.

How often to replace the headlight bulb on a GMC Canyon?

You should change the front lights of your truck at least once in three years. 

You should change both of them at the same time if only one of them burns out. In this way, you can get a parallel streamline beam. 

Their average lifespan is about 3 to 6 years. However, they can last longer, from 400 to 1200 hours. 

It may vary depending upon the type used. Another critical factor that can affect its lifetime is the fact that for how many hours we use them.

Front lights last longer when they are used only for few hours. However, when you continuously use them for many hours, it decreases their lifespan. 

It is also possible that it may burn out earlier than expected because of any mistake made during its manufacturing. 

When to Change the Headlight Bulbs on Your GMC Canyon Truck?

When you notice any of the following signs in the headlight, you should replace it with a new one. 

Blinking Headlights

With time, some of the low-quality front lights start blinking.  

The main reason for this blinking is that its filament gets damaged, causing the flickering of light. 

It shows that within no time bulb is going to burn out. Therefore, you must address this problem and handle it seriously. 

Flickering can also be because of a loose connection. Whatever the problem might be, you need to fix it either by yourself or call a mechanic.

Low-Intensity Headlights

Some scratches may occur on the outer plastic cover of the front light of your truck. In addition, layers of dirt across the body make the light dim. 

Properly clean its outer surface and check whether the light coming out is bright or dim. Its light intensity may get affected over time.

The headlight is not working

When either one of your front lights burns out, you will face difficulty while passing through the dark roads at night.

In addition, it is an indication that you need to change the bulbs of your GMC Canyon.

How much Does it Cost to replace the headlight bulb?

You can buy them from nearby automobile shops or online stores. Its pair will cost you approximately from $20 to $50.  

It will cost you around $70 to $200 to buy good-quality bulbs for your truck. In addition, alcohol wipes will cost you about $10 to $30.

You can change the headlight of your GMC Canyon in about half an hour.

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