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How Do I Get Google Maps on My Toyota?

How Do I Get Google Maps on My Toyota?

Many people prefer to add Google Maps to their automobiles, like Toyota, to benefit from reliable and accurate information about the locations and traffic.

 Moreover, you can explore the locations of your interest through the voice-guided feature of the app after adding it to the car.

How Do I Get Google Maps on My Toyota? You can get Google Maps on Toyota by connecting the smartphones with the Entune system of the vehicle. Turn on the Bluetooth service in the car from the Toyota menu option and mobile phones from settings. Change the status of two options from off to on; Play voice over Bluetooth and play voice during phone calls. Unmute the device to hear Google maps suggestions through speakers that guide you through audible instructions. 

The connection of navigation systems, GPS, and Maps with the vehicle’s system can completely change your driving behavior.

Additionally, you can not only look at different locations but listen to the voice instructions by Google while driving.

Connect the app to your vehicle through a few easy steps and explore new locations.

Is it possible to connect Google Maps to Toyota navigation?

Toyota’s navigation system provides a visual design of the routes on the screen that helps navigate different locations.

You can connect to the Entune service through Bluetooth like other navigation apps and GPS.

However, it is not possible to add these maps to the navigation system because it can only connect in an audible format.

Probably, you want to look at the geographical area or particularly the route options that can direct you to unknown places.

It cannot provide you with visuals but improves the driving experience with audio instructions through speakers that can help you reach your destination.

So, you cannot connect to the navigation, but it adds the smartphone device to the Entune, which can provide you with similar results.

How do you get Google Maps on Toyota?

The connection method of Google Maps on cars is different from that of navigation apps. You do not have to download an app; instead, connect the device to the vehicle’s speakers.

Go to the Toyota menu

It is not difficult to get maps on your car, while you cannot see them on the screen like other navigation apps.

Go to the menu on the main display screen that is visible in its top-left corner. Tap on the setup options, which will show multiple services like Bluetooth.

Select Bluetooth

Turn the Bluetooth option on from the setup options. This wireless technology shows the car on the smartphone in the list of available devices.

It avoids the need to plug the mobile devices into the car’s system. Instead, the speakers and the vehicle screen begin to capture the sound of mobile and show apps on the display screen.

Connect the phone with the vehicle

You have to turn on the Bluetooth option in the mobile after switching its mode to active in the vehicle. Then, go to the “settings” and click on the Bluetooth to change its mode from on to off.

All the available devices start to appear on the screen of mobiles and vehicles. Connect on the option of car and pair it with the device.

Many systems of vehicles, including its speakers, connect with the mobile and allows you to listen to the instructions.

Unmute the phone

Check the device’s volume for better audio, as a mute phone can interfere with the speakers’ performance to provide a high-quality sound.

Accordingly, go to the “Volume Settings” option and check the volume status. Unmute the device if it is on mute mode.

Enable play voice over Bluetooth

You can see an icon of the menu on the upper left corner of the app after opening the Google Map. Tap on this icon and click on the settings accordingly.

After that, you have to select an option of Navigation settings by touching the screen over the option.

Turn on the two features to connect the location-identifying app with Entune. Next, click on the options of Play voice over Bluetooth, which enables the device’s voice to connect with the vehicle’s system.

Moreover, change the mode of Play voice during phone calls from off to on so that you can attend calls through the phone and put it aside on the seat.

Accordingly, the vehicle’s audio system sends your audio to the device through speakers and vice versa.

Get directions through speakers

You can get audible directions from car speakers after adding it to the vehicle through Entune Bluetooth feature.

You can search the location on a mobile device, and speakers will recognize the activity and give audible instructions.

Why would you add google maps to your Toyota?

Google Map offers many benefits to users and improves the driving experience for the new drivers who are unaware of the locations and the routes.

Quick identification of the location

It allows you to identify the locations quickly by adding the destination place in the search bar.

It helps users look at the best possible routes to reach a destination spot. You can look at 2 to 3 suggested routes on the map and choose the best one according to your feasibility.

In addition, the time taken by each route and the distance are also clearly visible when you choose them one by one to see the details.

It provides a short route with heavy traffic flow and the long one, which can take extra time.

Search by image

It allows you to search for any location through an image. You can add a picture of the nearby food spots or a known building on the app.

It will check all the database and tells about the route to a particular destination. Similarly, the images of signboards along the highway and shops can also help you locate a specific place.

However, you cannot search for a place by using pictures of trees and people because it can only identify buildings and the boards.

Check the current location

You can also check your current location on its screen. The presence of a sign of location on the map appears on the exact spot where you are present.

In addition, you can look at the closest spots by zooming in and out on the layout for better exploration.

Therefore, do not get panic and feel helpless when you have lost yourself in an unknown place.

Check your current location, and find a way to return to your place.

This app provides updated data about the geographical locations, and it keeps adding new places to the software continuously.

So, you do not have to feel annoyed anymore after knowing about the closing of your favorite restaurant when you have reached there.

Real-time traffic updates

It provides real-time updates about traffic flow on the road. It can tell you about the roads with heavy and light traffic to save your time.

You do not have to wait in the long rows of traffic when you have the current updates about the traffic. The software keeps updating every second and provides the latest information.

Panoramic view of the area

You can look at a 360-degree view of the streets to find specific locations. 

A street view option covers all the small and large buildings and the streets in an area. Moreover, a globe view gives an overall image of the Earth planet.

You can zoom the screen with your fingers to look deep inside the Earth-like continents, countries, and particular cities and streets.

So, it helps you know about traffic conditions on the roads and suggest you choose the best route.

How do I send Google Maps to my Toyota?

You can send detailed information about any particular location from Google Maps. Search for a place on the mobile by providing an address in the search bar.

When the search results appear on the screen, tap on the most relevant results. Multiple options appear on the screen, and you have to click on the send option.

Choose a car and a particular model like Toyota Corolla and send it. Moreover, you can also send detailed data on the GPS by selecting a specific system type.

Accordingly, this information helps a voice-guided option in the automobile to guide you about the quick and easiest route to reach the destination.

What would you do when Google Map is not working?

The Google Map does not connect to the vehicle sometimes due to different reasons. So, you have to check the problem in the connection by turning Bluetooth off and on.

The reconnection of Bluetooth can solve the problem, but you can use some alternative apps like GPS and other navigators to get directions.

You can clear the cache on these apps by opening the app from settings and apps. The old software can also interfere with the smooth and quick connection of the app with the vehicle.

Therefore, you can also try to reconnect the vehicle by updating the app on mobile devices.

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