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How to Fix Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard?

How to Fix Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard?

The dashboard of the Toyota Camry becomes sticky due to direct sun heat exposure while parking in open areas. 

How to Fix Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard? You can fix the Toyota Camry sticky dashboard by using wet wipes, a mixture of soap and warm water, and a plastic trim restorer on its surface. It is also good to use adhesive removers like acetone or alcohol, plastic scraper, dash mats, and vinyl upholstery cleaners. The dashboard becomes sticky due to exposure to heat, moisture, food spillage, old age, and vinyl coating peeling off. The stickiness also blurs the windshield and produces burned coffee like the smell in the interior. 

Sometimes, children also touch its surface while eating food and making them grimy.

How do you Fix Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard?

You should fix this dashboard issue because it is uncomfortable for drivers during driving. It can also blur the screen, which is problematic for drivers.

Wet wipes

It is necessary to clean its surface because it can also make your hands sticky when you touch it.

It is necessary to remove the dust before cleaning because wet wipes can create a mess and mud marks.

Now use wet wipes and rub them in a circular motion. It is ideal because it prevents the surface from uneven scratches and lines.

Tar remover

The tar removers are also available, which helps fix this problem. It is also good to clear the tar residues that cause adhesiveness.

These removers do not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage their surface.

Moreover, these are made up of citrus-based degreasers that clear the surface.

Apply this degreaser to the affected area and then wipe it off using wet tissues or a damp towel after a few minutes.

It will help restore their original shine and remove all the residues.

Use vinyl upholstery cleaners

Vinyl cleaners are a good option to clear the surface and reduce the adhesiveness issue. These cleaners are available in the market and also in online stores.

It helps clean the vinyl residues from the dashboard to make them less sticky and less irritating for drivers.

You should prefer to use water-based vinyl protectants, not plastic sealants. The application of sealants is damaging to the vinyl surface.

Use dash mats

Many people also use dash mats to protect their dashboards from dust, dirt, and grime.

In addition, it is a protective measure to reduce the spillage of food and drinks during driving.

Moreover, it also protects the vinyl layer from exposure to different chemicals and tar from the roads.

You can use stylish rugs for this purpose that can absorb the moisture and humidity from outside.

In addition, the placement of these mats makes your cars look stylish and modern.

Plastic trim restorer

Different plastic trim restorers are available with strong chemical agents and conditioning properties.

Due to strong chemicals, it helps remove the grime and dust residues from its surface.

In addition, it maintains the shiny look of your car’s interior.

You can use this on UV-damaged plastic surfaces to restore their original and deep colors.

Apply the plastic trim restoration on the soft microfiber cloth or towel.

Use this towel on the affected surface to make it clean and free from stickiness.

The mixture of water and soap

A mixture of water and oil-based soap is a good idea to remove the grime and other residues from the dashboard.

Take warm water and add oily soap or other detergents to make a homogenous mixture.

Clean the dry dust particles by using a towel before applying this mixture.

Damp the towel in this mixture, squeeze the water and then rub it on the sticky area.

The detergents in the soapy mixture help to clear the adhesive glue residues.

You should squeeze the towel before its use because dampness can damage the electrical and other components.

Use of acetone

The use of acetone and nail polish removers is also beneficial because these are known as adhesive removers.

It contains alcohol and isopropyl alcohol in their composition that breaks the bonds of the glue, and you can quickly clear the surface.

It is better to put a cotton ball in the acetone or nail polish remover and squeeze it with your hand to remove the extra solution.

Apply this wet cotton ball to clean the grime.

Plastic scraper

The plastic scraper helps remove the gluey layer present on the dashboard. This layer is the primary reason for stickiness.

Use the plastic scraper to scrape off this coating and resolve the issue. 

The scraper use can also produce scratches and marks on the plastic surface.

Does Toyota replace the sticky dashboard?

The Toyota company is also providing keyboard replacement services since the year 2014. The primary issue is that the repairing charges are high.

Most people cannot afford this service due to the higher price range.

Therefore, it is good to try other DIY methods because these are not costly and effective.

Why is my Toyota Camry dashboard sticky?

The Toyota Camry dashboards become sticky due to several reasons. You have to maintain your cars regularly to reduce this problem.

Exposure to heat

These are made of plastic material and are also covered by fabric.

The manufacturers use the glue material to keep this fabric in its place and prevent slipperiness.

Exposure to heat or UV radiations from the windows or windshields can disturb this fabric.

In addition, the glue starts to lose its strength due to heat from the outside environment.

High temperatures can cause the melting of glue and cause this issue.

You can resolve this issue by using blinders on the windows while driving during the day.

You should also park your car in shady areas to decrease the exposure to sun heat and UV light. You can also use a sunshade to cover your vehicles with an open garage.


Many people place different things on them while driving.

The accidental spillage of juices or water from the bottles also causes the glue to come off.

You should not place your water bottles on them to resolve the problem.

Turn on the AC during the summer seasons to remove the moisture from the interior side.

Old vehicles

The issue of stickiness also comes when your cars become old.

The glue on the plastic loses its adhesiveness, and you feel the surface grimy after touching it.

In addition, the issue also comes when you purchase the used vehicles from the market.

The plastic material starts to melt after usage at certain times and make its surface sticky.

Vinyl coating peeling off

The vinyl coating is also present on this part to make the surface shiny and smooth. This layer can be damaged after some years.

The vinyl coating peeling off issue leaves the adhesive residues on its surface.

You can only resolve this issue by treating the surface with vinyl adhesive removers.

What will happen when you have a sticky dashboard in your Toyota Camry?

The gummy or sticky texture of the dashboard increases the accumulation of dust and dirt particles.

Color fading

The color fading is common due to the adhesive dashboard surface.

The color becomes dull when you use multiple products to resolve this problem.

The scrapping of glue also fades the original color and shine of the surface. 

The melting of plastic or glue can also dull the color and make it less attractive to people.

Reduced resale value

The resale value of your cars also decreases due to color fading and scratches. When you want to sell your new car, the seller examines all the parts.

The sticky dashboard indicates that your car is old. The customers cannot buy them at higher rates due to this problem.

The damage of this component affects the price of the vehicles and decreases their value in the market.

Blur the front windshield

It produces a shiny glare on the windshield.

You cannot drive with full concertation due to this illumination.

It is more problematic while driving during the day. It can blur your vision and reduce the visibility from the front side mirror.

Moreover, it can also increase the risk of accidents due to blur vision.

Produce smell

This texture of melting plastic, glue, and damaged vinyl coating produces a smell on the interior side.

This smell is irritating and strong that you cannot sit there for a longer time.

It smells like burned coffee due to the emission of certain harmful chemicals.

People also feel uncomfortable sitting in this environment. You can temporarily remove this smell by using air freshener sprays.

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