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How to Remote Start Land Rover Discovery?

How to Remote Start Land Rover Discovery?

The remote start technology in Land Rover Discovery works in an interactive manner and creates an urge in people to explore its multiple features. In addition, this technology allows you to connect with your vehicle when you are at a distance.

How to Remote Start Land Rover Discovery? You can remote start Land Rover Discovery by installing a Land Rover InControl App on your smartphone. First, register yourself by providing information about the vehicle’s identity and registration number. Then, set the temperature by the Climate Control option that maintains the temperature inside SUV. Next, press the “Start” button for 3 to 5 seconds till the engine starts working. Add a 4-digit passcode that helps in ensuring the security of the vehicle. Drive it within 30 minutes of starting; otherwise, the engine turns off automatically. 

The InControl app contains assistance and setting page that allows you to call for help for any query or problem. In addition, the setting option provides an opportunity to add multiple vehicles and build a link with them.

The in-built system automatically turns off the non-essential features if you are not driving for more than 3 days, which reactivates automatically when you drive it.

What is remote start on Land Rover Discovery? 

Land Rover Discovery can operate through a mobile app that helps control an SUV from a distance and this In control app records your journey and the distance.

Moreover, you can install it on your Androids or iOS smartphones to explore the features. The Apple watch can also get this app that makes it easy to operate by wearing a watch on their wrist.

Furthermore, this option is present in this app which allows you to start your vehicle by clicking a start button. This technology can control one or more SUVs effectively.

How do you remote start land rover discovery? 

It is very easy to remote start your vehicle using a mobile app. Therefore, you can operate it in a few easy steps.

Download the Remote In-control app

You have to download a Land Rover In-control app for controlling your SUV from a long distance. It is straightforward to search for the app through Google Store.

In addition, you can also get an app through Play Store. Get the correct version of the app on your device and create your account in it.

Get registered

You have to register yourself by creating a user account after downloading the app.

The registration process involves a few easy steps that connect your vehicle to the remote control system.

Activate the features to access them, which are free to use except for a few ones that need a subscription. It is better to use this app in an area with proper network coverage while starting your SUV.

Moreover, you should know the registration number and the vehicle identification number while registering yourself. You can get the identity and registration number from the handbook.

Set temperature 

Set the temperature by using the app before starting your vehicle. A “climate control” option is present in the app, which you can find easily by swiping the screen towards the left.

It is essential to control the temperature inside it, so you can click on the climate control option to maintain a warm temperature inside.

Remote Start 

Press an option of “Start” that allows your engine to start and get ready for a drive. You have to hold the button for almost 3 to 5 seconds, and it starts automatically.

Add passcode 

You can see an option to add a passcode that appears on your screen after clicking on the start button. It is essential to enter a passcode of 4-digits that ensures the security of the user’s SUV.

Drive your vehicle 

You have to drive the SUV within 30 minutes of starting the engine. The engine turns off automatically after this time duration if you do not drive it away.

Why would you use remote start on land rover discovery? 

There are many benefits of using a remote start because this technology offers multiple advantages, including automatic engine start with a single click.

Build a smooth connection 

This feature helps in building a smooth connection with a vehicle. You can control many features, including starting an engine, through this app.

Tracking system

A tracking system builds a secure link between you and your vehicle and provides protection from thieves. For example, it can help locate your Land Rover if someone tries to move it illegally.

Moreover, a tracking system ensures protection and gives alerts in such situations to recover it.

Find Location

In addition, you can search for your SUV by tapping on the beep option, and it produces a beep sound that is an audible alert and helps find the location.

There is also a flashlight option, which helps detect the exact location when the lights glow through headlights in a crowded place.

Maintenance notifications

It enables the users to get an idea of the maintenance issues by checking the vehicle health report. For example, you can check the level of fluids and the pressure on the tires.

Moreover, it provides information about the gas and coolant level. You can also check the wearing of brake pads and the quantity of brake fluid,

Climate control

You can manage the temperature inside it by using climate control options that maintain the desired condition.

Press the climate control switch and set the temperature before at least 30 minutes of driving.

Unlock and lock doors

This remote controlling mechanism helps you lock this SUV from a large distance.

You can access the lock button on the Security screen in the app that folds the wing mirrors, close the side windows and lock it.

In the same way, the mirrors unfold, and the windows will open when you tap on the unlock option.

Control seats

It allows you to manage the position of seats according to your requirement. You can fold the seats when you leave the SUV and unfold them by pressing on the seats locked option.

This folding and unfolding are beneficial for you if you want to add a heavy load inside the vehicle. So, you can fold the seats to get a large surface area for placing the items.

Is it free to use Land Rover Discovery In-control app?

You do not have to pay money for installing the Land Rover Discovery InControl app on your device. Instead, search for the app in the Google Play store if you are an Android user.

In contrast, iPhone users can search for this app on Apple App Store. Click on the download option and wait for some time to download it completely.

This is the simple process of getting this app without paying any money. It does not require any charges, and you can access its features freely.

Additionally, it consumes lesser data for an operation like about 200 to 600 MB in a month. The data consumption depends on the usage of this SUV.

Furthermore, the Remote Premier features require a subscription to use them, and you have to pay some money to get access.

 Do all Land Rovers start with remote technology?

The older models of Land Rover Discovery do not contain this remote technology, and you have to start it using keys.

Moreover, you cannot check the condition of fuel, tires pressure, or engine condition, and you have to take it to a mechanic for regular checking.

However, all the new models have remote start technology that is in-built into the system. You can also upgrade the system of your older SUV by installing an In-Control system into it.

You cannot fix this system on your own, so it is better to ask the dealers whether an In-control remote system is present or not.

In case of no remote technology, you can ask them to upgrade it at the factory before purchasing.

So, all Land Rovers do not contain the remote technology, but it is not so difficult to upgrade the system.

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