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How far can a Honda Accord go with the gas light On?

How far can a Honda Accord go with the gas light On?

Most people with luxury vehicles like Honda Accord keep their fuel tanks full to prevent any issues. However, sometimes you forget to fill the gas for several reasons and get a low fuel warning on the way.

How far can a Honda Accord go with the gas light On? According to our experience and customer reviews, Honda Accord can cover 45 to 104 miles on the remaining 2.5 to 3 gallons with the gas light ON. However, actual figures can vary according to driving conditions, the specific model of your car, weather, and its working condition. In addition, you can drive more miles with a low fuel indication ON by changing your driving style and turning OFF its air condition.

This article will guide car owners regarding the maximum range they can cover with low fuel warning on the instrument cluster.

In addition, we will cover other aspects like directing the drivers about how to handle their cars while stopping due to no gasoline left. There are also a few tips to cover more distance with the gas light ON.

Fuel tank capacity of Honda Accord for different years

Honda Accord has excellent miles per gallon (mpg) rating and fuel tank making it suitable to cover a considerable distance in a full tank.

However, tank size varies across its generations according to designer requirements to reduce overall weight and make it efficient.

It also enables it to cover more distance with a smaller tank. Its models from 1977 to 1982 have a capacity of 13.1-13.3 gallons.

The second and third generations, from 1982 to 1989 models, have tank sizes of 15.8-16.0 gallons.

Following year models from 1990-1993 have increased fuel tank size of 16.8-17 gallons suitable for long trips.

Later years from 1994-2007 can carry slightly more fuel from 17.0-17.20 gallons. 2008-2012 models have better fuel capacity with 18.4-18.6 gallons larger tanks.

2013-2017 models for the USA market have a capacity of 17.1-17.3 gallons.

The latest generation 2018-2022 model can hold a gas amount of 14.8-15 gallons.

How far can a Honda Accord cover with the low fuel light ON?

The maximum distance a Honda Accord can cover with low fuel light ON depends on the model year of your car and other factors like driving style.

The gas economy of different model years varies, especially the latest models, which have good ratings and can cover more distances than previous models.

It has 2.5-3 gallons left in its tank. The 2022 model comes with the EPA rating of 30-38 for driving style from city to highway areas.

In this way, you can move it up to 75-104 miles depending on the driving in crowded places to highway areas with no frequent braking involved.

It depends on the specific trim level of the car you are driving. For example, its 2022 Hybrid model has a fuel economy of 47-48 for city and 46-47 for highway areas.

Therefore, it can cover even longer distances like 55-94 miles for this model. Moreover, the hybrid version uses battery power for low speeds.

Consequently, it has an increased range on the same amount of gas in city areas than on highways due to the reason.

The 2010 model has an EPA rating of 19-21 for city areas and 28-31 for highway areas.

Therefore, it will cover a distance of 48-93 miles on the remaining fuel in the tank with the gas light ON.

Previous sedan models will have even lesser range due to low EPA ratings. For example, the 2000 Accord Coupe model has an EPA rating of 18 mpg for the city and 25 mpg for highway areas.

Therefore, it can cover 45 to 75 miles based on rated figures. Actual figures can be within this range depending on the conditions.

How to estimate the distance your Honda Accord can cover with the gas light ON?

The driving range your vehicle can cover with a low fuel indication also depends on the condition of your car beside the rated figures.

First, you should refill the tank after the gas light is ON and subtract the fuel amount from its rated capacity.

Then, repeat the procedure 2-3 times and take an average value of all the readings. It will give you the remaining gas in the tank with the gas light ON.

Then, multiply it by the mpg rating of your Accord model to get the distance you can cover when it throws out the low gas warning on the instrument cluster.

How to increase the mileage of the Honda Accord with the low gas light ON?

You can increase the mileage of your Honda Accord by driving it properly. Gradually accelerate the vehicle to save fuel consumption, as doing it a hard way can reduce the mpg rating.

Another crucial factor is the condition of your car, and it depends on the scheduled maintenance. Changing engine oil and filters and maintaining proper air pressure in the tires can also help you go longer with the same amount of gas.

Moreover, cruise control on highways is a trick to save fuel by maintaining a steady speed instead of frequent acceleration and deceleration.

Finally, turn OFF the accessories like air conditioning, radio, and other electric devices to reduce the load on the engine. It will be beneficial when the gas station is nearby.

Can you increase the reserve fuel limit on Honda Accord?

You cannot increase the reserve fuel limit on Honda Accord as it is the manufacturer’s setting. Changing it can mess with the float system to sense the gas tank level.

Also, it can result in sending wrong signals to the gas gauge on the instrument cluster.

However, the warning light can sometimes come earlier due to the faulty system or any electrical component like a resistor. I will recommend you visit the workshop to resolve the issue.

Some customers have complaints regarding low fuel indication coming too early when 1/4th of the tank is full.

It is a design problem in the 2003-2005 models and does not apply to the remaining models that give an indication when there is less than a quarter of the fuel in the tank.

What are the symptoms when your car runs out of gas?

Continuously running your car with low gas light ON will direct you to a point when its engine is literally running on fumes.

However, before going to a complete stop, you will observe a few symptoms that leftover gas is also going to end.

The engine will behave differently from the smoother operation, and you will see it sputtering and giving intermittent power impulses.

You will also observe engine misfiring and loss of power. These symptoms indicate that the engine is not getting enough fuel, and now it is time to refill the tank immediately.

What to do if your Honda Accord runs out of gas?

When your Honda Accord runs out of gas, the first and foremost step you should take is to step aside from the road.

Next, stop your car safely before it loses hydraulic power to the steering and brakes. Finally, you should ensure that your vehicle has stopped due to low gas or other faults.

In case of no gas station, you can seek help from roadside assistance services from different service providers. However, keep a reserve gas can with you to reach the nearest service area for such an emergency.

How to recover the engine shut down due to an empty fuel tank?

Modern vehicles have sealed gas tanks to prevent air from entering the gas lines, especially in the case of an empty tank.

If you keep driving it with low gas in the tank, there are chances of air trapped inside the fuel lines. To recover or restart the car from such conditions, you have to bleed the fuel lines to remove air in some cases.

Turn ON the ignition key without turning ON the engine to circulate fuel to the injectors. To push more gasoline through injectors, press the accelerator pedal a couple of times.

Give some time to cool down the fuel system components, like the pump, as they can be heated while running with low gas.

How much gas does it take to restart a car stopped due to low fuel?

It will take 1-2 gallons to start a Honda Accord stalled due to an empty fuel tank. However, I recommend refilling at least a quarter of the tank or sufficient gas to immerse the fuel pump.

The pump already has a high temperature due to running dry. Therefore, its cooling is mandatory to prevent its complete failure.

I have always recommended that my friends and customers keep a gallon or two of spare gas in their vehicles, especially in the winter season, to avoid any emergencies.

It helps them keep their cars running until a nearby gasoline station comes.

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