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How to Check Mercedes-Benz Warranty?

How to Check Mercedes-Benz Warranty?

Many people find it difficult to access the warranty of their Mercedes-Benz. It is a luxury car with many advanced features.

How to Check Mercedes-Benz Warranty? You can check the Mercedes-Benz warranty by different methods, like searching the VIN that tells you about your car’s warranty and purchase invoice. In addition, you can check your vehicle’s odometer to access the miles covered by the car to access the warranty status. Furthermore, you can check it by calling the dealerships to know about its details. 

You can troubleshoot many problems and damages with your vehicle if you have the correct information about your automobile.

What is Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes Benz is a luxury vehicle brand based in Germany. It is the most popular and successful brand of vehicles globally that supplies luxury and premium cars.

Moreover, these automobiles provide a smooth ride, ultimate performance, improved fuel economy, entertainment, safety, and a luxurious environment.

How do you check the Mercedes Benz warranty?

It is easy to access and check the warranty of your car. Let me explain the details:

Search your vehicle’s VIN

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) refers to the chain of 17 letters and numbers that is different for every automobile. It contains information on the vehicle type and the manufacturer.

Manufacturers need to place a VIN sticker or plate in different locations of the car to maintain its unique identification.

This metallic plate has a combination of numbers and letters specific to your car only, which works as social security. It is present on the window shield of the driver’s side or only on the dashboard.

Check miles on the odometer

After finding its VIN, you have to check how many miles your car has covered.

It is essential to get this information because its coverage plan has distance limitations. So it means it depends on the number of miles it has covered.

Look at the electrical or mechanical odometer to know about the mileage of your car, which is present behind the steering wheel.

The odometer turns on when you put the key in the ignition.

You should not modify your vehicle’s odometer because it can change the result of mile coverage, and then it will be difficult for you to know about the warranty.

Call the nearby dealership

When you know about the mileage and VIN of your vehicle, you have all the information to know about your car.

Now you have to visit or call your nearby dealership or contact the dealer of your manufacturer for warranty information. They can help you with this information.

You can also ask the dealership to provide information even if you do not know about the VIN.

Use CARFAX Report

It is better to run a CARFAX report to help the dealership fix the warranty issues.

This is a paid process in which you get your carfax report to collect more information about your vehicle by searching the vehicle record, insurance record, and DVM database.

A carfax report tells you about significant repairs and previous accidents.

This background information about your automobile will give you peace of mind about your expensive purchase decision.

Read the purchase invoice

The purchase invoice consists of the seller’s contact details, purchase order number, invoice number, and warranty details.

Moreover, you can read the purchase invoice file if you want to know about the exact warranty of your automobile.

You should keep your vehicle’s purchase invoice carefully so that you cannot face any trouble regarding its details.

Why would you check the warranty of your Mercedes-Benz?

Everyone has a different reason for finding the warranty of their cars. 

In case of an accident

Accidental damage refers to the damage that occurs due to an accidental act that is not always a result of a manufacturing defect.

To check whether your plan covers accident damages, you need to check it.

To transfer the vehicle to someone else

While transferring your automobile to a new owner, you need to check its warranty.

If your car is new, that will be transferred to the new owner, but the expired warranty is not transferable.

To know the warranty coverage

You have to know about the warranty when you want to know what type of damage it covers.

Usually, it does not cover significant accidental damages.

However, you can ask for a repair or replacement in case of dents and scratches on the vehicle’s body.

In addition, corrosion resistance, roadside assistance, and powertrain protection are included.

Claim warranty

It is similar to the insurance plan, as it allows you to take your vehicle directly to the mechanic to fix the damage if anything is wrong with your car.

The company will pay for the damages that are covered by the warranty. Furthermore, you have to pay for the repair by yourself when it does not cover the damages.

How would I know if my Mercedes is still under warranty?

You can check your vehicle’s warranty coverage on their online customer portal, or you can follow the above-given methods as well.

Talk to their customer representative or the local dealership if you are still not sure about the details. They can better tell you whether your vehicle still has a warranty or has expired.

Newly purchased automobiles are definitely under this coverage plan. However, the best way to check its details in older models is to see the factory coverage and whether it is still alive or expired.

How much warranty does Mercedes-Benz have?

Early models of Mercedes-Benz have a 36 months factory warranty. However, its modern models are secured by the new limited warranty of a maximum of 4 years or 49,999 miles.

It covers any defect in the bumper like, holes, cracks, and tearing from the vehicle bumper. Likewise, it covers material defects such as faulty fuel systems, failed braking systems, and blown tires.

Does the Mercedes warranty transfer to the new owner?

The factory warranty of Mercedes Benz cannot be transferred to any other vehicle; however, it can be transferred to a new owner.

In addition, warranties on certified pre-owned cars are transferable and can be transferred to any owner until the date of expiry. Likewise, the new owner will also transfer this and the other remaining benefits.

What happens when your Mercedes warranty expires?

You have to pay from your pocket for the repairs when your vehicle’s warranty expires. As a result, its average repair cost is much higher than a standard car.

Furthermore, you have to take a break from your busy schedule to take your vehicle to the mechanic from time to time. 

What is an extended warranty in Mercedes-Benz?

When its limited warranty expires, the extended limited warranty of Mercedes offers additional protection of 1, 2, or 3 years.

Moreover, it can protect you from the instant cost of a major fix.

Its price is not available on their online portal, but its estimated cost for 1 to 3 years is between $2800 to $4300.

The cost is a bit high, but it is suitable for a luxury vehicle. Furthermore, it is more costly due to expensive parts, and it depends on the model and size of your automobile.

It covers the following defects like cooling system, steering system, engine, and cooling system.

It is worth it for many owners, as the automobile requires frequent maintenance and repairs. 

It does not include the following things like tires, batteries, paint, appearance, and battery.

These damages are caused by improper maintenance and misuse of the automobile.

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