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How Many Batteries Does a BMW X5 Have?

How Many Batteries Does a BMW X5 Have?

BMW X5 is a luxurious SUV with a powerful engine and hybrid technology. In addition, it has a sporty design with high-end cabin material and infotainment features. Some of its models have more than one battery to power the electric system and electronically heated catalytic converters (e-CAT).

How Many Batteries Does a BMW X5 Have? BMW X5 has one to two batteries depending on their model and manufacturing year. BMW X5 M (F85), X35D, F15, X5 40E, and X5 E70 have two batteries to power the engine and other electric accessories. One of these batteries is in the hood, and the other is inside the trunk. However, X50i and X35i have single batteries of 90mah and 105mah respectively.

My friend has the X5 xDrive 40i, and he thought his vehicle was equipped with two batteries of 12V, but this is not true. I told him that it has one battery of 48V with hybrid features to reduce carbon emissions and enhance driving efficiency.

48V lithium-ion battery in this vehicle is sufficient to power the engine and other electric components. It has a cooling system to reduce the overheating issues.

How many batteries are present in a BMW X5?

BMW X5 has several models that range from hybrid to completely electric vehicles. The number of batteries in these SUVs depends on their model and launching year.

These are the essential vehicle components used to power the engine and other electric components. You can get information from the owner’s manual and directly contacting their manufacturing.

Moreover, you can also contact the dealerships for correct information. My friend was also confused while purchasing the new SUV for him. He checked their official website to see the features and accessories of their various models.

BMW launched the X5 M F85 in 2014, which is a luxurious SUV with a spacious cabin. It has a powerful engine equipped with two batteries of different amperages.

One of them is 90mah, while the other one is 50mah. X35D is a larger SUV with a turbodiesel engine, which provides markable fuel efficiency on the highway.

Moreover, it also has two batteries to power the diesel engines and electric items, respectively. In addition, F15, X5 40E, X5 E70, and 35D have two batteries at different locations corresponding to their specific function.

However, X50i has one powerful battery of 95mah. On the other hand, the X35i has a powerful engine that produces higher torque and is equipped with a single battery of 105mah.

It is a standard lithium-ion battery, which requires less maintenance. It is sufficient to power the starter motor, which ensures the engine’s functioning.

Why do some models of BMW X5 have two batteries?

Several of the latest models of X5 are equipped with two batteries instead of one because of the increased requirements of their powerful engines and electric accessories.

These vehicles have power engines that require higher input from the starter motor for ignition of air and fuel mixture. These are hybrid SUVs that rely on the engine and batteries for the functioning of their various components.

One of these batteries is in the engine compartment, which powers the starter motor to run the engine. The start motor gets power from it and produces a sufficient spark for the air and fuel mixture to burn.

The second one is used for the electronically heated catalytic converters mounted in these vehicles. It is beneficial during the cold start to reduce the overheating and stress on the battery.

It also reduces the cold start issue because of insufficient power supply for ignition mixture burning. Moreover, the higher voltage powers the e-CAT and supplies sufficient voltage to other electric components.

In addition, it also reduces the fast voltage draining from the single battery, which happens when you turn on multiple electric accessories in your SUV at the same time.

My friend faced the issue in his SUV because of the presence of one battery. He told me he could not turn on the radio because of voltage draining and rough idling issues.

I advised him to upgrade his vehicle and invest in the BMW X5 F85; you will never regret it. These have separate AGM batteries to power the electric components. You do not have to turn off the radio simultaneously to reduce the overall load.

These are also beneficial when you want to turn on the radio or other electronic equipment in winter and the engine is not running because of cold weather.

You do not have to face voltage draining and low issues while powering electric accessories in your cars to decrease the load on the single unit.

It also ensures smooth driving by providing separate power to the engine for its functioning. One of my neighbors also told me a wonderful thing last week: you can turn on the electric accessories while sitting in your SUV when the engine is turned off.

It was fascinating because you do not have to leave your vehicle in the ignition to stream the radio or live music on the infotainment screen.

Where is the battery located on a BMW X5?

The location of batteries in the BMW X5 also varies depending on their specific models and trim levels. However, the 2022 model has two batteries; one is in the engine compartment, while the other is in the trunk area.

Open the front hood and remove the plastic panel to access the secondary battery. Twist the knob located on the plastic panel to remove it.

It is smaller, and its positive and negative terminals are mounted on the left side. You can find the second one on the rear side of your SUV.

You can see it at the end of the trunk area by removing the plastic panel. Use the screwdriver to detach the 5 to 6 screws that are used to secure the plastic panel.

Pull the plastic panel outward with your hand, and you can see the battery compartment there. However, X5 E70 batteries are located in the trunk area and remove the head screws mounted on the plastic storage tray.

You can see the battery compartment after removing the plastic storage tray. Two batteries are present there, and you can see several wires connected to power several components. Their positive and negative terminals are also attached to them.

What are the symptoms of low battery in the BMW X5?

You can see several symptoms in your vehicles because of the low and dead batteries in the BMW X5. One of the significant symptoms is slow engine cranking.

The engine runs slowly because of the insufficient spark from the starter motor. The ignition mixture cannot burn completely to power the engine. In addition, check engine lights sometimes illuminate the screen because of the engine malfunction.

Furthermore, you can also see the erratic functioning of various electric components. Headlights start to blink and become dim because of less voltage supply.

Heated seats and power-adjustable features also stop functioning. You can also see the poor functioning of the radio with distorted sound production.

You can hear the beep and chime sound from your vehicle because of the poor functioning of electric items. My friend has a BMW and told me it has a low-battery warning feature.

You can get a warning sign on the screen when the charge level decreases from its optimal range. Sometimes, you can also face issues starting them because of poor ignition. Tailgate, interior, and dashboard lights also flicker because of the low charge.

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