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How Much Does a Mercury Grand Marquis Weigh?

How Much Does a Mercury Grand Marquis Weigh?

Mercury Grand Marquis had several models, and its early variants were heavy, then weight decreased in the second generation.

How Much Does a Mercury Grand Marquis Weigh? The average weight of a Mercury Grand Marquis is between 3847 to 4137 pounds (1744 to 1876 kg). 1975 to 1978 models weigh 4914 to 4295 pounds, 1979 to 1990 models weigh 3805 to 3832 pounds, 1991 to 2001 variants are 3836 to 3958 pounds, 2002 to 2004 models weight 3957 pounds and 2005 to 2010 variants are 4117 to 4135 pounds (2.05 to 2.06 US tons).

 I prefer its early models with base trim and heavier chassis because of their stability and standard layout.

What is the average weight of Mercury Grand Marquis?

 It is a four-door, V8-containing, reliable, high-speed car. It has an appealing design with several variants and steady acceleration on various roads.

Its spacious and advanced cabin has leather-containing and fabric-based seats, which provide traveling comfort. The manufacturing company of this car made thousands of its units.

Also, the average weight of this car is about 3847 to 4137 pounds. However, production started in 1975, and you can see its variants until 2010.

The average weight of the 1975 Mercury Grand Marquis is around 4914 pounds, and the 1976 model weighs nearly 4722 pounds.

In addition, the 1977 variants weigh about 4679 pounds, and the 1978 model has an average range of around 4295 pounds. It varies according to the dimensions, frame type, cabin amenities, and features.

Therefore, the 1980 Mercury Grand Marquis is 3668 pounds, and the 1981 model has an estimated range of 3737 pounds.

Also, the weight of the 1982 Mercury Grand Marquis is 3809 pounds, and the 1983 model weighs almost 3847 pounds. Its average value for the 1984 model of this car is nearly 3781 pounds, and the 1985 variants weigh about 3891.

However, these models have a specific difference in weight because of their variable specifications, frame dimensions, and types of amenities.

In such circumstances, the 1986 model of this car weighs around 3814 pounds, and the 1987 variant is less heavy, with a limit of about 3803 pounds.

Furthermore, its 1988 model has an average weight of around 3775 pounds, and the 1989 variants weigh 3765 pounds because of the manufacturing properties.

Its 1990 model weighs about 3833 pounds, and the 1991 variants comprise an average weight of 3836 pounds.

The 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis weighs nearly 3768 pounds, and the 1993 model has a difference of a few pounds and has a weight of about 3784 pounds.

Also, the 1994 to 1996 variants have a specific weight difference because of the frame size and amenities. They have different trims because of the manufacturing properties and frame advancement.

However, the 1994 model of the car weighs about 3787 pounds, and the 1995 variants weigh nearly 3761 pounds. Its 1996 model weighs nearly 3796 pounds, and the 1997 version weighs 3797 pounds.

The manufacturing company made several units of 1998 models of this car, which weigh around 3917 pounds, and 1999 variants have a weight range of 3922 pounds.

The 2000 model of this car has a curb weight of nearly 3917 pounds, and the 2001 model weighs about 3958 pounds.

All models from 2002 to 2004 have a specific weight of 3957 pounds for this car. However, its 2005 model has a high weight limit of about 4135 pounds.

The range increased in the models after 2005 because of the frame upgrade and cabin advancement. Also, the frame size increased, which enhanced their weight from the standard limit.

The 2006 to 2007 models of Mercury Grand Marquis weigh about 4137 pounds. However, the 2008 model has an average weight of 4118 pounds because of the frame size and number of specifications inside the cabin.

The models of this car from 2009 to 2010 weigh around 4117 pounds because of their specific ranges. However, the variation in their ranges is significant in the early models and last variants.

Factors that affect the weight of Mercury Grand Marquis

Many things can affect the weight range of these cars, and the trim level is a significant factor.

Number of amenities in the cabin

The base trim of the Mercury Grand Marquis is Grand Sport (GS), which has a standard layout with limited amenities in the passenger compartment. However, it has safety packages and traction-regulating features.

The manufacturing company made the first generation of this car on the GS trim, and these frames are heavier. Furthermore, they have heavyweight metallic roofs and metal-containing doors.

These variants have higher weight ranges than the second generation. However, the first generation of this car has GS and LS trims.

Also, the luxury sports trim comprises various amenities with lightweight frames. The more advanced and heavy cabin amenities increase its weight from the standard limitations.

Dimensions of the frame

The Mercury Grand Marquis has several models with different frame sizes and manufacturing designs. However, their frames have different dimensions because of their stock designs.

For example, the 1998 model of this car has dimensions of about 213.5×77.5×55.4 inches. The 2008 variant has a length of about 212 inches, and the frame comprises a height of nearly 58.3 inches.

Moreover, the larger frames are heavy because they have more metallic material. The frames with more widths and heights are heavier than the counter chassis.

Also, a few frames have more lengths because of the stock design. They have a longer wheelbase and more amenities that make the frame heavier.

Engine dimensions and weight

A 4.6-liter engine is present in the Grand sport trims of this car. However, the advanced luxury sport trim has 4.9-liter engines.

These are V8 engines that produce high horsepower and deliver voltage to different parts. In addition, these are heavyweight engines that make the car heavy.

These heavy V8 motors increase the frame weight, and the variant becomes heavier than the counter options. The engines with 4.9-liter capacity are heavier than the 4.6-liter engines.

As a result, they make the chassis heavy and increase the weight of the  Mercury Grand Marquis cars.

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