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How To Set Up Tesla Phone Key Without Key Card?

How To Set Up Tesla Phone Key Without Key Card?

Many people set up the phone key for their Tesla without using the Key Card to reduce its usage. I have set up the Tesla phone key without using my card because I always have my Android phone for daily driving.

How To Set Up Tesla Phone Key Without Key Card? You can set up the Tesla phone key without a Key Card by opening the Android Tesla app through settings, enabling Near-field communication by clicking the connection drives icon, bringing the phone near the B-pillar, and clicking the option done.

My friend prefers this phone key setup because he lost the Key Card 3 times in the past two years.

How do you set up a Tesla Phone key without a Key Card?

Many people set up their Android phones with the Tesla when they do not have a Key Card. The iPhones have reduced compatibility for the setup because the applications work differently.

Also, the iPhones do not have Bluetooth properties because of their default features. The setup of the Tesla phone key requires a Bluetooth feature.

You can set it up on your Android device and make it compatible with the Tesla by the near-field communication setting. Near-field communication, or NFC, is a specific feature that includes various technologies.

These high-performance technologies work wirelessly without external support. Also, the technologies comprise small ranges, and their performance stabilizes at a specific distance.

They can establish a connection for data transfer between the phone and the NFC symbol or tag.

The tags have a variable range according to the level of complexity, and NFC works between the car and the phone, and you can set up its phone key.

The androids with the Near-field communication settings can unlock and lock your car when you do not have it. In such circumstances, you can install the Tesla app on your phone and stabilize its performance.

Then, you can pair the mobile with the Tesla after enabling the Near-field communication. Holding the phone and bringing it near the B-pillar is beneficial.

The B-pillar of your car has a card reading feature, and you can use it to set up your phone key. You should enable the app on your Android phone and scroll through the features to check its performance.

Then, activating the Near Field communication feature is better on your mobile. Enabling the NFC (Near Field communication) takes 2 to 5 seconds by opening the main menu and pushing the option settings.

Then, you can press on the connection drives icon and activate the near-field communication. Opening it on your mobile is better in the Tesla app, and holding the mobile near the car B-pillar.

You can directly bring it to the B-pillar and scan the reader of your Tesla Key Card. An option of finish or done appears on your phone, and you can click it to set up it within a few seconds.

Why would you set up a Tesla Phone key without a Key Card?

Many individuals pair their Android phones with the B-pillar of their cars for unlocking and locking them without a Key Card.

Unlocking a car with a lost Key Card

These cards are small and have a plastic-based composition. They are specific to a car and have different codes. Furthermore, you can use them to unlock the car doors within a few seconds.

These cars have B-pillars with the readers of these Key Cards. However, many individuals lose them in their offices and other public spots. Identifying and tracking them is challenging because they do not have Bluetooth properties.

In addition, their codes work from a distance and lose the connection when the carrier takes them away.

In such circumstances, you cannot unlock the doors of your cars when you lose the standard and spare Key Cards. 

Therefore, many people set up the phone key on their cars without them. As a result, they can use the app on their phones and bring them near the card reader.

The reader identifies the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature and unlocks the doors of your car.

People never forget their phone

Nowadays, everyone takes their phones to restaurants and public places.

In such circumstances, people never forget their phones and protect them in various places. Furthermore, the chance of lost phones has reduced over the years because individuals hold them in their hands.

You can use the mobile app and NFC feature to unlock the vehicle doors. The individuals never forget their phones, meaning they always have the key to the car.

Easy procedure and secure

Setting up the phone key without a Tesla key card is less challenging. It takes a few seconds, and you can pair the Android mobile with the B-pillar or lock system of your car.

The door unlocking feature remains paired with the phone, and you can open the car doors with your phone. The feature to unlock the car doors remains inside the phone, and you can protect it through a password.

As a result, other people cannot open their phones, which makes the app and feature safe. The individuals cannot open or use this feature without your permission.

Therefore, several people pair the mobile with the Tesla B-pillar and door lock system.

In such circumstances, setting up the Tesla phone key is beneficial without the key card of the car because you can unlock the doors within seconds.

Less probability of losing a mobile

People protect their Android phones wherever they go because these are expensive and contain information. Therefore, the probability of lost mobile is reduced, which keeps the apps and information secure.

You can protect the Android mobile by putting it in your pocket or wallet. Protecting the mobile can keep the apps and data safe.

In such circumstances, other people cannot open and use these apps. These individuals cannot use the secure information of your mobile.

Sometimes, people forget their phones at restaurants, and thieves can steal them. As a result, the thieves can open and use the information on your Android mobile.

But, the chances of losing a mobile are less than a lost key card of a Tesla car. Therefore, setting up the Tesla phone key without using the key card is beneficial because it protects you in emergencies.

It can save time, and you can open the car doors within a few seconds by holding the mobile near the B-pillar.

The reader can identify the NFC feature in your phone and unlock and lock the car doors.

When do you set up a Tesla Phone key without a Key Card?

Many people set up phone keys for their Tesla without utilizing the specific key card of the car when they do not have a spare key. In such circumstances, the individuals pair their Android mobiles with the card reader of Tesla B-pillar.

Sometimes, you can lose the card and unlock and lock the car doors through the Android mobile. It is a significant pairing because Android mobiles have minimum chances of stealing. 

Also, you cannot lose mobiles as you lose the Key Cards because they are less challenging to steal. Therefore, setting up the mobile with a door unlocking and locking system is beneficial.

It saves time and protects you from frustration in unlocking and locking the car doors.

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