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How Much Does a Subaru Crosstrek Weigh?

How Much Does a Subaru Crosstrek Weigh?

It is better to know the weight and size of the Subaru Crosstrek before buying. It is a five-seater compact SUV that is best for a small family. It was first launched in America in 2013 and has become very common due to its rugged and outdoorsy appearance. 

How Much Does a Subaru Crosstrek Weigh? Subaru Crosstrek weighs between 3100 pounds to 3400 pounds, and it is increasing in its upcoming generations. Its engine capacity is about 190-hp which plays a significant role in increasing its weight. On average its weight is about 1.5 tons with 180x74x67 inches in size.

People like them because of their comfortable drive and the high quality of shock absorbers which prevents jumps on bumpy roads.

13 Examples of Subaru Crosstrek with their weight in kilograms, pounds, and tons

Models Weight in pounds Weight in kg Weight in tons Size Engine horsepower
2013 Subaru Crosstrek 3170 pounds 1437 kg 1.585 tons 178 × 73 × 66 inches 152 hp
2014 Subaru Crosstrek 3180 pounds 1442 kg 1.59 tons 178 × 74 × 67 inches 145 hp
2015 Subaru Crosstrek 3190 pounds 1446 kg 1.595 tons 178 × 74 × 68 inches 153 hp
2016 Subaru Crosstrek 3196 pounds 1449 kg 1.598 tons 179 × 73 × 66 inches 150 hp
2017 Subaru Crosstrek 3193 pounds 1448 kg 1.5965 tons 179 × 73 × 67 inches 151 hp
2018 Subaru Crosstrek 3240 pounds 1469 kg 1.6245 tons 179 × 75 × 67 inches 156 hp
2019 Subaru Crosstrek 3145 pounds 1426 kg 1.5725 tons 179 × 74 × 66 inches 158 hp
2020 Subaru Crosstrek 3230 pounds 1465 kg 1.615 tons 179 × 74 × 68 inches 155 hp
2021 Subaru Crosstrek 3310 pounds 1501 kg 1.655 tons 180 × 74 × 67 inches 186 hp
2022 Subaru Crosstrek 3325 pounds 1508 kg 1.6625 tons 180 × 75 × 68 inches 190 hp

What year of Subaru Crosstrek has maximum weight?

The manufacturing companies are adjusting the weight of vehicles according to the demands of the market and customers to make valuable products.

If a company is not doing it according to this, its market value will decline. Moreover, the quality products with the latest features are also the demand of the market and customers.

This SUV comes into the market with a maximum weight of 3400 pounds in 2021. It is the latest generation of Subaru Crosstrek that has the latest technologies and features.

High-quality tires like alloy wheels are present in them, suitable for the road in all seasons and prevent slipperiness.

Moreover, heavy tires also have a firm grip and friction on the road, which provides a smooth and comfortable drive.

The suspension system also consists of high-quality steel, which contains a stabilization bar for front and rear wheels.

It becomes heavier because of the increase in engine capacity that is 190 hp with four cylinders. In addition, in its recent models’ short circuits in ignition coils occur when the engine is shut off.

Short circuits in ignition coil increase the risk of accident, and it is harmful to other parts. The company resolved this issue by installing a new ignition coil, wirings, and exhaust pipe for proper air circulation.

The installation of better-quality ignition coils makes these SUVs heavy. The problem also came in stabilizer bracket bolts on the rear sides, making the vehicle more vulnerable to crashes.

The company installed the new and missing bolts of increased size to balance the torque and fix this issue. 

In its latest models, the issue in the rear seat belt locking system also comes, so the company notified the problem and resolved that issue by installing new rear seat assemblies to satisfy the needs of their customers.

The latest models are also equipped with well-organized safety features, which includes:

  • Emergency brakes
  • Dusk sensing headlamps
  • Airbags
  • Anti-theft system
  • Child safety locks
  • Avoidance system
  • Collisions safety system

The presence of all of these safety features contributes to increasing the weight of the vehicle. People are also interested in purchasing heavier ones nowadays because of their comfortable drive and sportier look.

The heavier ones also give a luxurious appearance and prevent collisions on roads. The stereo system of Subaru is also good, which includes six speakers for better infotainments during long journeys.

It also contains a satellite radio system which makes them heavier. In addition, it has automatic electric steering for better control, stability, and easy drive.

These SUVs also contain temperature sensors with a display system to monitor the external and internal temperature for appropriate maintenance.

The use of manufacturing materials like steel and metal has a significant role in increasing the mass. For example, some vehicles that contain high-strength steel in their exterior body are much heavier.

What year of Subaru Crosstrek has minimum weight?

The old models of Subaru are lighter than the latest ones due to different changes in their material and structure.

Every year, the company recalls its vehicles and upgrades its interior structure, design, and features according to consumers’ perceptions.

It is necessary to make changes in them according to market requirements, so your company competes with other brands in the market.

The old models of Subaru crosstrek are not that much equipped with the latest technologies, but these are also safer ones.

These contain an engine of less capacity that is 150 hp. However, it is better at that time according to the weight and towing capacity.

The use of lighter engines also saves the repairing cost because it will produce less heat in the engine compartment and reduces the risk of damages.

Their exterior body is made of lighter, galvanized steel and provides better protection during crashes and accidents by reducing the risk of dents and scratches.

The reduction of dents also reduces the maintenance and repairing cost. Their body contains 50% to 60% of high tensile strength steel, which is lighter.

The specific parts of this vehicle also contain metal in their manufacturing to makes them more durable.

The use of magnesium, aluminum alloys, carbon fiber, and polymers composites helps to reduce the mass.

Using these lighter materials is also beneficial because these will reduce the fuel cost by providing better mpg.

It provides better mpg because lighter ones are easy to drag at fast speed than the heavier ones. In addition, the company consistently maintains safety features to satisfy the queries of its customers.

The lighter models contain carbon fiber in their exterior body, which reduces the risk of dents by absorbing kinetic energy during collisions.

It is easy to apply brakes and stop the lighter ones because of their lower mass, reducing the susceptibility to accidents.

In the early years, the environment is also less exposed to pollutants and is safe due to less emission of carbon mono oxide from lighter vehicles.

The lighter ones are also beneficial to use for adult generations because these are easy to handle compared to heavier ones.

These will also provide a good acceleration speed when you are starting the engine. Moreover, the repairing cost is also less due to minor damage.

What is the average size of the Subaru Crosstrek?

The size of the vehicle is also essential for people when purchasing the new one. Some people want to buy the average height and some like the bigger ones.

People adjust the size according to the space in their garage and porch. For example, the size of the Subaru Crosstrek is about 178 × 73 × 66 inches. 

It is the best size to save your home accessories, bags, and groceries after shopping. You can also use it as a pickup because of its enough space at seats to place bags. 

It is broader in size and provides space for headrests on rear and front seats. It is best for the adjustment of five to six people. 

It will also provide ample room for relaxation of legs behind second-row seats. It also provides cargo space of about 25 cubic feet behind second-row seats.

It is enough space for the placement of luggage and camping accessories during long journeys. If you are shifting your home and want to carry large objects and more luggage.

After the folding of seats will give the excessive area of about 60 cubic feet, which is enough for the placement of large objects.

If you want to change your home chairs, you can easily place new chairs at the backside for taking them to your home.

What is towing capacity of the Subaru Crosstrek?                                  

The towing capacity of Subaru Crosstrek is less than other vehicles due to their engine of less horsepower.

It can tow 700 pounds to 1400 pounds of weight without causing any damage to its suspension system. However, it is better that you should not haul excessive weight with them because it can cause damage to engine compartments and ultimately increase the repairing cost.

You can tow a trailer or camper with them that is less than 1500 pounds. Specifically, the weight of dragging objects matters a lot when you are hitching them with SUVs.

You can make your trailers and campers lighter by adjusting the accessories with them. For example, you should add less wooden or metal furniture to them and prefer floor bedding.

You should also use open-air cooking and bathing rather than installing bathroom and kitchens accessories.

 You can easily tow utility trailers and compact campers with Subaru Crosstrk SUVs.          

You should place wooden boats of weight less than 1400 pounds. You can reduce the mass of boats by using lighter wooden in their manufacturing and wood that absorbs less water. It is better to haul more lightweight aluminum and fiberglass boats with them to prevent damages.

Its latest models, like 2019 to 2022, can haul up to 1400 pounds easily. Moreover, its hybrid edition can only tow 1000 pounds to 1200 pounds.

If you are towing excessive weight, it can increase the friction of wheels on the road, damaging their tread surface and producing war and tears in them.

Curb weight and Gross weight

Its curb weight is about 3100 pounds to 3200 pounds depending upon its models and upcoming generation.

The excessive load capacity that you can add with them is about 4300 pounds to 4350 pounds. It is necessary to check the vehicle’s load before loading and unloading to prevent it from damage.

The overloading not only puts your life at risk but also decreases the life of other parts. For example, the motor mounts and timing belts in the engine compartment also loosen due to overheating.

Moreover, the excessive load also bends the chassis structure if it is made of galvanized steel of tensile strength steel.

The arm bushings also damage due to excessive friction with other metal parts. The instability of the steering wheel during driving heavy-duty vehicles increase the risk of crashes.

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