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How Can I Boost the WiFi Signal in my RV?

How Can I Boost the WiFi Signal in my RV?

Here are 17 easy methods to boost the WiFi signals in your RV. It is always better to have a strong internet connection to know weather updates in RV for further movement.

How Can I Boost the WiFi Signal in my RV? You can boost the WiFi signals in RV by using WiFi boosters, extenders, and repeaters. You can also do this by adjusting the appropriate location of your router. You can also improve WiFi by switching the device to 5GHz frequency and a better channel.

The Wi-Fi connection in RV can get down due to the environment where you are staying and the weather conditions. The problem will also occur when you are present at some dessert area.

Use WiFi boosters in RV

These are devices that are beneficial to use for increasing the speed of your network coverage in RV. People are using them because they will provide good internet coverage in congested areas and small rooms.

You can place them in between your original routers or in the mid of your home. These will catch the signals from your original WiFi and rebroadcast them.

After rebroadcasting, it will provide good coverage of the internet. You can place them in different locations where to want to increase the coverage.

In RV, these boosters work as they catch signals from outside with the help of an antenna and amplifies them.

These boosters are different from one another based on their types and their frequency bands. Therefore, their cost in the market also varies due to differences in their frequency and quality.

These will cost about 80$ to 150$ depending upon their frequency bands.

Use of antennas

It is also one of the best ways to increase the network coverage in your vehicle. Its installation is tricky, and you should keep following things in mind

  • Type of antenna
  • Location
  • Length of antenna
  • Size and length of wire
  • Route of cables for its appropriate attachment

Depending on the speed you want, you can purchase unidirectional or multidirectional antennas. If your router has a removable port, then you can also upgrade the antennas.

There are two options you can plug in the antennas on the back of the router by using its screws. First, you can take a long cable, place your antenna set up on the roof, and connect it with the router using a long cable.

The placement on the roof is a better option because it will provide more excellent coverage at maximum height and will rebroadcast signals with better strength.

Use of multiple Internet providers

You can also increase the strength and quality of signals by using multiple providers in a single vehicle. The purpose of adding multiple boosters is to catch the Wi-Fi signals.

When sitting in an office, some people have better internet access on their phones and laptops.

The large offices have multiple adapters; some of them are catching internet at better speed, and some are doing so.

The benefit of multiple providers is that at least one of them will provide good internet coverage.

Use of Ethernet 

When you are traveling somewhere, your office work is also essential, and you need good internet.

In addition to this, you also need a connection when you are haunting in some hilly areas and want to know weather conditions for moving forward.

It is the best option to connect your laptop or mobile directly to the router by using Ethernet cables.

It will give good coverage because you are directly using the internet no walls, hurdles, and other obstacles are in the path, which restrains the quality of the internet.

Staying at appropriate place

You can also speed up the internet signals by parking your RV in an appropriate and safe area. Then, when you want to know the directions through satellites and weather conditions, you need the internet to find them.

You should park your RV at a place where the airflow is less and less air is coming inward because it will disturb the waves coming from the routers and detangle their path.

You should stay on empty and dreary roads because no satellite is working there to supply connections. Therefore, it is better to select a place close to the access point for a stable connection when you are staying somewhere.

Use of empty cold drink cans to improve WiFi signals

The cans of carbonated beverages are made of aluminum material, and it is best because these will prevent the spread of signals and distortion in connection.

Take a can of carbonated beverages and dry them. After this, take a sharp cutter and mark the lines by using a marker from top to bottom on both sides.

Now cut from these marked lines in a straight direction. Now mark the lines horizontally on the upper side from right to left and cut them using the cutter.

After this, take the white or electrical tape to cover the sharp edges. Now you can use it to enhance the quality of the internet.

Place them behind your routers to provide signals in all rooms by preventing the incoming waves from detangling.

Use of box wrapped with Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is also beneficial to use for collecting the dispersed waves of the internet. However, cans of carbonated beverages are better than these foils because of their smooth surface.

Take a large box and cut it using a sharp cutter from the upper to the lower side. Then cut its upper side horizontally from the left to right direction.

Take aluminum foil according to the dimension of the box. Wrap the fil on all sides and cover all sides adequately.

Put this aluminum foiled box behind your router so it can provide good signal strength. You can also wrap the aluminum foils on the sides of your internet device.

The benefit of doing this is that aluminum foil prevents internet coverage from going in one direction.

 It will increase the signal strength and spread them in multiple directions for better coverage and use.

Using a phone as a hotspot

When there is no internet, and no facility is available to boost them, you should try this method. It is an easy method, and you can try this when you have to do meaningful work during traveling.

Mobile hotspot is also easy to use for every person. Mobile internet is best, but you should turn off the auto-updates of apps from your mobile.

Simply go to your phone settings and turn on the Bluetooth tethering and hotspot option. Then, for connecting it with your other mobile and laptops, turn on the Wi-Fi option and use it for your work. Many people also add RV cell phone boosters.

Upgrade the WiFi router

The up-gradation of modem is necessary when there is no internet coverage issue. However, when the internet coverage is slow, you should also check your router.

To find the issue do a Speed test and check the internet speed; if it doesn’t match the billing, you should contact ISP and replace your routers with a better one.

The manufacturing companies are constantly updating the software of routers to resolve the connectivity issue.

The upgrade procedure depends upon the type of your device and its model. You should need to hit the firmware upgrade button to improve the connectivity.

Powerline adapters

Sometimes you are receiving internet coverage at one corner of your RV while the internet is too slow at the other side.

You can resolve this problem by using powerline adapters. These are electrical systems that use wire to supply connectivity to your whole interior.

It is the cheapest method to increase your internet speed. You should require Ethernet cables to connect them with the device.

Attach the adapter plug to the router and connect them with routers by using Ethernet cables. You can connect more powerlines in your RV where the internet connection is slow.

Secure RV Wi-Fi network by using a strong password

Sometimes many people are using the internet simultaneously, and it is connected with different devices simultaneously.

In this situation, the signals become slow due to more connectivity. Your Wi-Fi password is often not too strong, and other people near your vehicle also connect their devices with them.

You should always suggest a strong password for your device that consists of uppercase, lowercase letters, and numerical numbers.

You can also limit the connection by only using it only for your work and taking directions. You should not install and play heavy games with them; otherwise, the issues will come in connectivity.

Try different channels

Satellites provide different channels for broadcasting signals. The different channels are available for broadcasting like 1,6,16 and 11.

The quality of signals in a specific channel depends on their occupancy, which tells us how many devices are connected.

You should change the settings from your modem by logging in as an admin and set their channel system to default.

Now the channels which have less occupancy will automatically connect with your modem. You can also check the connected channels with fewer devices and set them as a default channel.

Reboot or restart your WiFi device

Sometimes the issues instability of internet or Wi-Fi signals also comes when you forget to reboot them for a long time.

Rebooting or restarting is necessary; it will clear all the cache memory from the device and make the space for up-gradation of new signals.

You can simply on and off their switch to restart the device and apply this procedure to the router.

You can simply restart them by pressing the restart button located on the lower back end of your router.

You can also restart it by disconnecting their switch from the power supply and turning them ON again after rebooting; wait for 5 to 7 minutes to upgrade speed.

Use of Mesh WiFi system

If you want to boost the signals in every room and corner of your RV, then you should try the Mesh system. This system is the up-gradation of powerline adapters.

In this system, you have to connect your routers with multiple small satellite devices to provide internet everywhere.

For this, you have to connect your main router at the central location and place the interconnected satellite units on every corner to increase the internet coverage.

Use of maximum frequency routers

The internet devices are also working on different frequencies, which include 2.5GHz to 5GHz. So the routers that are working of 5 GHz frequency are better than working on the lower one.

Suppose you face a slow internet issue, then covert your routers from 2.5GHz frequency to 5 GHz. To do this, first, you have to log in to your router as an admin.

Then open the router settings and next open the wireless setting tab from it; after this, change the 802.11 bands from 2.5 GHz to 5GHz.

Then apply the restart button and wait for 5 to 7 minutes to reboot and proper action.

Use of Wi-Fi repeaters

Wi-Fi repeaters are the same as extenders that are beneficial for broadcasting. You can attach them to your device to solve this problem.

The purpose of using these repeaters is that these will not catch the new signals and modify them, but they will rebroadcast your modem’s existing signals.

After rebroadcasting, these repeaters or extenders will strengthen them for better use.

The appropriate place of WiFi device in the RV

For good availability of connection, you should know the exact location for their placement. Therefore, you should place them at the central location of your RV.

It is not good to place them at some corners because it will not provide signals in all directions. You should also keep them some feet away from the electronic devices in your RV like ovens, electric heaters, and others.

Don’t place them near wooden furniture like beds, cupboards, sofas, and chairs. It will be better if you are not placing them on the floor; adjust them some feet above the floor for better working.

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