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How Much Does a Toyota Highlander Weigh?

How Much Does a Toyota Highlander Weigh?

If you are planning to buy Toyota Highlander SUV, you should its weight and features. It is the best family SUV that comes with a broad and beautiful interior. 

How Much Does a Toyota Highlander Weigh? Toyota Highlander weighs between 3800 pounds to 4500 pounds in its different models and trims level with a 280-hp engine. The weight is still increasing due to safety and convenience features. On average, it weighs around 2.09 tons with 196×78×71 inches in size.

People are more conscious about knowing the weight and size of their SUVs due to their driving skills and space at their homes in garages.

What is the maximum weight of the Toyota Highlander?

The weight of this vehicle depends upon its manufacturing material and its parts. These SUVs have become heavier since 2008, and their weight is still increasing in the latest models.

The increase in their load occurs in its second generation because of the increasing demands of customers. The maximum mass of these vehicles from 2011 to 2022 ranges from 4100 pounds to 4500 pounds.

These become heavier due to an increase in engine horsepower, which is almost 280 hp. The heavier engines are necessary for heavier SUVs.

The heavier engines will drive them better and at the best acceleration speed than the lighter ones.

The load of their tire is also increasing, which will ultimately increase their grip on the road and prevent the slippery situation on wet roads.

Due to the arrangement of wheels, heavy snow accumulates on the rear sides and damages the brake line. Therefore, the company also changed the wheel’s structure and replaced the rear brake line to prevent this issue.

These SUVs also have a child protection latch system on both sides of doors for the safety of children.

In its specific models, when people are closing the doors, hardly the CPL lever will unlock. The company notifies this issue and replaces them with a new and well-designed CPL system in the latest models.

The problem is also with seat trim covers which cause an issue in the opening of airbags on front seats.

The company subsequently install new seat trims, which can increase their load. In addition, the SUVs of the latest models have a windshield in them, increasing their mass.

The problem comes with windshield wire which can cause entry of water into the Engine Control Module and causing issues.

The features like six cinders engine and all-wheel drive also make the SUVs heavier. People are demanding the heavier ones because it will make the ride smoother on bumpy roads due to less gravity.

The presence of airbags, headlamps, stability control and traction control also makes them heavier. So as you are increasing the luxury, your vehicles become heavy.

The heavier ones are better in the way that they will provide a luxurious look and comfortable feeling.

The manufacturing material in different parts is also playing an essential role in making them heavier. The new models are made of steel that is heavier than aluminum and carbon fiber.

It also has a sound stereo system with six speakers and FM radio. The rear bumper of this SUV is also consist of chrome that will ultimately increase their load.

People always demand products that are comfortable and easy to drive, so the manufacturing company has installed power-adjustable seats with heating and cooling systems that will increase their mass.

Moreover, certain safety features increase their weight, including an anti-lock braking system, airbags, laminated doors, and intrusion beams.

What is the minimum weight of the Toyota Highlander?

The weight of Toyota Highlander is less in its starting models that come in the year of 2001 to 2007. Its weight in these years ranges from 3800 pounds to 4000 pounds.

The starting generations are lighter because these are not much equipped with the electrical system as the latest models have.

In addition to this, the engine horsepower is also less, which is 230 hp. The benefits of using a less powerful engine are that it will not produce heat on the engine side and increase the durability of motor mounts and belts.

The lighter engines are also beneficial because they will drive your vehicle at less acceleration speed.

The lighter SUVs were preferable because they were made of carbon fiber which is safer during the collision and prevents severe accidents.

These models are not so equipped with the latest stereo and safety systems, that’s why these are lighter. Many industries are also using polycarbonate as the place of glass for their windows.

The body panels also contain lighter material which is aluminum, high tensile strength steel, and magnesium.

The speed of any vehicle depends upon its mass; the lighter ones will move faster from one place to another.

These are better in this way because it is easy to drive and provide the clear front view. The braking distance is also good, which prevents uneven accidents on roads.

These models are also providing good fuel efficiency because of their faster speed and less dragging force.

The SUVs that have less weight are easy for trips on mountainy and bumpy areas. The air pollution in the environment is also less because less carbon mono oxide is emitted from them.

These models also have wheels that have less load and are made of alloy. In addition, the rims also consist of lighter speed to make the whole structure lighter.

What is the average size of the Toyota Highlander?

The average of Toyota Highlander is about 188 × 74 × 70 inches in its starting models. However, people demand from the company to increase the dimension.

After this company redesigned the structure, new models came up with 197 × 80 × 71 inches.

It is the best size for SUVs which gives them a luxury and an appealing appearance. In addition, the increase in its length increases the distance between both rows of seats to make people more comfortable.

The increase in width also makes the seats wide so people can place their handbags with them. This luxury interior with broader dimensions will also provide excessive space for headrest and leg rest.

Due to the increase in its dimensions, these are looking roomier and outstanding. In addition, it will provide cargo space of 18 cubic feet behind seats of the second row.

The purpose of increasing length is to increase its cargo space. People always demand excessive cargo space vehicles for traveling.

You can also place large items on the backside by folding back seats. After folding of rear seats, it will give ample space of 58 cubic feet.

You can also place your furniture, small boats, and other camping accessories by folding third-row seats. It will give ample space of about 85 cubic feet.

What is the towing capacity of the Toyota Highlander?

The towing capacity varies from model to model and generation to generation. The towing capacity of this SUV ranges from 1600 pounds to 4800 pounds.

The models with heavy engines can haul more weight because of their increasing power. When you are carrying more load, it will damage certain parts and also decrease their durability.

The LE model can add 1300 pounds to 1400 pounds with them. On the other hand, the hybrid LE, XLE, and Limited can easily tow 3000 pounds to 3450 pounds.

The LE Plus, XLE, and SE have the most incredible hauling capacity; you can add 4950 pounds of weight with them.

The things that you can tow include:

  • Pop-up trailers
  • Tread drop trailers
  • Campers
  • Small airstreams
  • Traveler trailers
  • Boats

Before hauling the above things, you should check the model of your SUV and its towing capacity. Then, when you are adding more load with less load carrying SUVs, it can easily damage its engine parts and brake systems.

Curb weight and Gross weight

The weight of the Toyota Highlander without the addition of fuel, accessories, passenger, and your luggage is about 3400 pounds to 4500 pounds in different models.

You have to check the curb weight of vehicles before adding excessive load on them. For example, the maximum payload capacity of this SUV is about 5800 pounds to 5900 pounds.

When you are adding excessive load on them, it will create problems in the shock absorber and eventually loosen them.

It will also cause overheating of the engine due to more load than their original capacity. The suspension system and transmission system are more vulnerable to damage due to overloading.

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