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How Much Does an Armored SUV Cost?

How Much Does an Armored SUV Cost?

Armored SUVs are expensive because the manufacturers include weapons and other safety tools in them. 

How Much Does an Armored SUV Cost? In general, the cost of an Armored SUV is between $150000 to $1.58M, and an average weight between 2250 kg to 8300 kg depending on armored features. On average, the size of bulletproof SUVs is up to 226x84x78 inches, and the horsepower is around 225-hp to 510-hp. However, all of them have bulletproof technology, and few of them can protect against bombs, and they cost around $3900000 to $2.3M. 

The military, army, and other such authentic forces use these armored systems. Also, around 87% to 95% of governmental institutes prefer these protection vehicles.

In few circumstances, approximately 45% to 55% of the public utilize SUVs and protects themselves. 

How Much Does an Armored SUV Cost?

Armored SUVs’ cost depends on the number of facilities, guns, and grenades inside the cabin.

The resistant walls against firing and a bomb attack enhance the cost suddenly in thousands of dollars. 

These are expensive due to their advanced features and prominent protection advantages. On average, the maximum cost is between $370$000 to $1.58M.

These are one of the most expensive and well-known systems for war safety. However, they are also less costly and affordable for people other than military and relevant authorities. 

The minimum cost of these items varies from $48000 to $75000. Mostly, the price moves around $89000 to $130000 with multiple price changes according to customization.

22 Examples of Armored SUVs with their Cost, weight, size, and engine power

Armored SUV Cost Weight Size Engine Power
Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard $1.58M 5300 kg 257 x 76 x 64 inches 535 hp
BMW X5 Security Plus $330000 2250 Kg 195 x 89 x 119 inches 478 hp
Range Rover Sentinel $53000 4700 kg 193 x 80 x 73 inches 550 hp
Armored Cadillac Escalade $370000 8300 kg 206 x 83 x 77 inches 490 hp
Land Rover defender $48000 5200 kg 163 x 74 x 83 inches 480 hp
Armored BMW X7 $130000 3400 kg 206 x 80 x 73 inches 525 hp
Armored Toyota 4Runner $150000 4700 kg 194 x 78 x 74 inches 275 hp
Armored Nissan Armada $55000 4900 kg 209 x 82 x 78 inches 395 hp
Bulletproof Rolls Royce Cullinan $335000 3000 kg 212 x 87 x 74 inches 425 hp
Bulletproof GMC Yukon XL Denali $69000 5500 kg 227 x 89 x 78 inches 430 hp
Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser GXR $150000 6000 kg 205 x 80 x 76 inches 385 hp
Armored Infinite QX80 $85000 5900 kg 210 x 82 x 77 inches 405 hp
Bulletproof Toyota Parado $120000 2700 kg 197 x 76 x 75 inches 225 hp
Armored Toyota Sequoia $75000 5500 kg 207 x 82 x 80 inches 389 hp
Armored Chevrolet Tahoe $53000 3500 kg 206 x 83 x 77 inches 360 hp
Armored Lincoln Navigator L $155000 4500 kg 207 x 84 x 78 inches 390 hp
Armored Chevrolet Suburban $78000 5200 kg 226 x 83 x 76 inches 290 hp
Armored Nissan Patrol $273000 4200 kg 230 x 85 x 76 inches 405 hp
Armored Mercedes Benz G63 AMG $1.3M 4500 kg 234 x 89 x 76 inches 388 hp
Armored Lexus LX 570 $89000 5400 kg 239 x 78 x 84 inches 405 hp
Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser 76 $120000 5900 kg 215 x 83 x 76 inches 385 hp
Armored Mercedes Benz GL class $1.3M 5700 kg 204 x 86 x 74 435 hp

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard

It is a Pullman variant of the Mercedes Benz, and it has a German manufacturing base.

The headquarters of manufacturing are in Germany, and Stuttgart and Mercedes Benz own this version. 

It has the highest protection with ballistics feature and costs you millions of dollars.

It is one of the most expensive items due to its luxurious style and fantastic facilities. On average, it weighs around 12000 pounds to 13000 pounds with a size of 6527 millimeters length.

The average width is 1930 millimeters, and it is 1625 millimeters in height. 

It is bulletproof and useful in war conditions. It was used in the second and third world Wars.

BMW X5 Security Plus

A German manufacturing company owns these bulletproof vehicles with extraordinary features.

They have an average weight of 5621 pounds. They are heavier due to the presence of internal armored features.

They have powerful engines, and the design is fascinating. Moreover, they are free from the adverse effects of bullets.

It is one of the most advanced forms with excellent features of repelling handguns. It resists the guns like AK47 and defends the passengers and drivers.

These are beneficial for the war conditions, and the external bombing cannot harm it instantly. Moreover, the doors and windows of this SUV are of steel material that resists bullets.

The overall structure is rigid enough to tolerate the adverse effects of firing and other shelling conditions. Its features are similar to armored trucks.

Range Rover Sentinel

It is one of the most appealing armored SUV due to modern and unique design. In addition, they have extraordinary features like weapons against bombs and other technical devices. 

It is a luxurious SUV with a high-quality engine. In addition, the external surface of these vehicles is attractive due to the steel body and excellent defense mechanism.

Land Rover is the manufacturing company of these bomb and bullet-free setups. It has a horsepower of 550hp with an average weight of 10361 pounds.  

The confidential and higher authority people utilize these SUVs for their protection. The anti-bomb effect makes these demanding, and they have high costs.

It has a beautiful and luxurious interior with leather seats. It comprises around 6 to 7 seats for adult passengers. 

The authentic portals supply these vehicles at high prices.

Armored Cadillac Escalade

It is a unique vehicle due to its exceptional features. It resists the attack of bullets and bombs due to the rigid external surface. 

It is an expensive system due to its high-quality features and manufacturing design. The glasses of windows are sufficient for the war and other such conditions. 

They have the presence of a grenade with an average weight of 18298 pounds. It has a horsepower of 490 hp with an excellent engine.

They protect from life-threatening events due to these specifications. The owners of this luxurious SUV are General motors, and they also manufacture it for sale.

Land Rover Defender

The name of these SUVs shows their specificity against bombs, bullets, and other attacks. In addition, they are reliable due to external and internal designs.

They have no impact on road dynamites, shelling of bombs, and they offer smooth driving. A fast speed helps the person to rush out of danger, and they are the biggest protectors. 

They have a dual door system, and all of these have rigid surfaces. Seats are comfortable for the driver and passengers. 

The British manufacturing companies are now the owners of this setup. The Tata motors and jaguar land rovers are working together to manufacture these armored vehicles.

They are defenders of the passengers due to their advanced features and the extraordinary weapons inside them. 

They comprise an average weight of 11464 pounds with a variability. The V8 engine technology offers fast driving and limitless control on the system.

Armored BMW X7

A Canadian manufacturing company is offering these armored features with excellent specifications. In addition, they are including technically advanced features every year in their models. 

They are commercial SUVs with all the essential facilities. In addition, they have an upper trim design that can resist the attack of bullets.

They can also tolerate the blasting conditions, and they have repellant tools inside the system. In addition, they have grenades inside the cabin, and it enhances the protection peel drastically. 

They are heavier due to internal systems and the addition of equipment. The weight does not affect their speed and brake controls. They are expensive, and few institutes can afford them for particular functions. 

Armored Toyota 4Runner

They offer one of the highest levels of protection to the driver and passengers due to bulletproof walls and top surfaces.  

They have beneficial grenades and steel surfaces inside the layering of outer walls. Moreover, they have the efficiency to resist the formation of holes in case of a bullet attack. 

They are beneficial in war conditions without any chance of internal danger. The bomb cannot blast it due to its excellent tolerance ability. 

The United States of America manufacturers and sell these systems at moderate to high prices. All of it depends on the customer demands and customization procedures.

Armored Nissan Armada

They offer luxurious facilities of protection and defense against bullets. They are fantastic SUVs with bulletproof top surfaces and safe doors. 

The tested window glass is repellant to any external attack. 

The panel protection of these is one of the advanced features. However, people buy them for their safety, and they are expensive items. 

Authentic manufacturing companies sell them due to the presence of weapons inside them. 

They have a high wheelbase which makes the model attractive for everyone. 

Bulletproof Rolls Royce Cullinan

It is a defender of attacks on the vehicle with the bulletproof surface of doors and walls. The internal seats are around 5 to 7, and all of them are comfortable. 

There is minimum danger inside the setup due to grenades and guns near the seats. They are brilliant for the war grounds and other attack situations.

The ballistics is extreme in these systems, and they provide the highest safety features. In addition, the engine efficiency is excellent, and they consume less fuel. 

The V8 engine feature makes it dominant and demanding; they are heavy systems due to the presence of weapons and seats. The floor also adds to the weight of these vehicles. 

Bulletproof GMC Yukon XL Denali

They have advanced features like a sunroof and high horsepower according to the design. They are sufficient for passenger protection due to their bomb-free specifications. The high roof works against the attack of bullets on it. 

These are appealing for the protection of passengers and drivers, and that’s why the public purchase them.

They are costly due to customization and sunroof setups. However, people find them appealing due to their high wheels and efficient engines. All of its qualities are worth using, and it makes them demanding.

Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser GXR

It has a more protection level than any other armored SUV due to the presence of GXR. However, it still comprises the bulletproof effect and other qualities like the inclusion of weapons. 

The safety level is higher due to the appealing design and excellent engine. However, it is one of the most expensive, and only the authorized people can utilize them. 

The customizing options are fascinating for every customer because they can decline or increase the weight. 

Armored Infinite QX80

It is also known as a group of armored SUVs with protection qualities and other relevant advantages. These are fancy and comfortable vehicles with a moderate size.  

They are beneficial for those who have low driving abilities in terms of sport utility vehicles. 

The engine has v8 efficiency with extraordinary speed facilities. In addition, it has 4 to 6 adult seats with leather covers. 

The higher authorities, celebrities, and other such people utilize these vehicles for their safety. 

It keeps them safe from bullet attacks and other such dangers. Few models are effective against the bombing and other blasting conditions.

Bulletproof Toyota Prado

It fulfills the requirement of a luxurious experience with a high level of security. In addition, it offers unique style and attractive comfort to every passenger. 

They have light to moderate weight, but the facilities are enormous. They have bulletproof walls and anti-blasting properties. 

It is a semi-armored SUV because few models cannot tolerate bombing attacks. 

The bursting of the system is impossible in severe conditions, but damages require immediate maintenance. Therefore, the rushing of the setup is one of the best options during these unsafe circumstances. 

It is one of the most demanding and selling the vehicle with an average weight of 5953 pounds. Toyota Prado is the manufacturing company of these high-quality vehicles.

 They are also the owners of all armored SUV groups of similar design and internal facilities. They have resilient walls with steel material. They have resistance against maximum sudden attack conditions.

Armored Toyota Sequoia

These are safety vehicles for families and n people without any fear. 

The manufacturing company includes the laws and policies from the US government to sell these vehicles. 

It makes them significantly demanding among the customers. On the other hand, the vehicle’s engine supports several miles without disturbing the driving conditions. 

The higher wheelbase and attractive appearance make them one of those items that constantly remain customer’s favorite. In addition, these are fully bulletproof with guns inside the setup, and anti-bullet roofs add to the quality. 

It can accommodate 4 to 9 passengers without any suffocation, and each of them remains safe during attacks. They have climate handling features and other automatic facilities. It can combat rough roads in emergencies and make sure about the safety of travelers.

Armored Chevrolet Tahoe

It is a moderately heavy setup with semi-armored features. It has an additional cargo and includes in the category of full-sized SUVs. 

It has ballistic protection for passengers with a rigid external design. Its interior is incredible in terms of design and comfort.

 It is a complete utility truck, but the uses are dominant as the protection vehicle. 

 It does not include the guns and other weapons inside the systems. Few items are available, and they also have smaller sizes. 

It directly affects the weight, and lightweight setups are convenient in terms of droving. The customization options are also available for these items.

They never leaf to injury situations, but you cannot take these armored SUVs to the war plots. They cannot defend against those heavy attacks. 

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