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Is There Any SUV With Sliding Doors?

Is There Any SUV With Sliding Doors?

The sliding doors add more convenience, but not all vehicles have these.

I have added the reasons why manufacturers do not install sliding doors in their SUVs.

These are not compatible with these vehicles’ design, class, and outlook, despite their several benefits.

Is There Any SUV With Sliding Doors? Generally, SUVs do not have sliding doors because these require a proper rail system installed parallel on the top and bottom of the door frame. In addition, it results in an increase in expense and maintenance with more chances of damage to the SUV body frame.

Every vehicle brand has its style and uniqueness in features that become its bookmark and same with the SUV.

Is There Any SUV With Sliding Doors?

SUVs have attached doors at the front-facing edge of the frame that is conventional and opens away from the body. 

It is a swing opening, allowing it to move forward and outward of the frame, and is a traditional style used since the manufacture of the first vehicle.

Why SUVs do not have sliding doors?

SUVs are luxurious cars because of their high-quality interiors and exteriors, typically their supreme quality steel doors and large wheels.

They are known for their class and exceptional performance on all terrain with extraordinary safety and comfort level.

Similarly, they have their certain limitations and choice on the use of materials, design, and structure of different components of the vehicle.

Some people ask and complain about the similar door-opening styles in all the models, but the manufacturers have their perception.

Not compatible with their style

The most important thing you should not forget is that these vehicles are a style and luxury symbol.

You can imagine how bad will these sliding doors look with such an outclass and modernized appearing vehicle by masking their aesthetics.

The shiny metallic body that gives a mirror reflection, having huge wheels and modish glass windows, is only worthy with conventional doors.

Let’s look up to some examples of stylish SUVs so you will get the idea:

The Cadillac XT5 is one of the most stylish vehicles with a body displaying chromatic hues. 

The FIAT 500X is unique and has rounded headlights, a hatchback shape body, and small wheels.

A good-looking compact Honda HR-V with some curvy areas is eye-catching.

The stunning, shiny-white Jaguar F-PACE SUV has black wheels.

Lifted hatchback Toyota C-HR in blue metallic color is sharp and appealing.

Now imagine sliding doors on these models so you can understand why the companies never install them in their SUVs.

However, they may attach them to their future models with such technical assistance that they do not decrease the value of these vehicles.

Keep SUVs different from Vans

Vans or minivans are light wagons carrying enough space to accommodate passengers and luggage.

They come in the use of transportation and family trips with good hauling capacity and have sliding doors.

They add more ease in fitting big luggage and 6 to 7 passengers in it despite their small size.

However, vans are usually boring, not attractive, and are much cheaper than luxurious cars. Therefore, it makes them under the label of ” low class.”

Also, you may find them everywhere, which has decreased their value, and now no one wants to drive them.

In contrast, SUVs fulfill the purpose of transportation of cargo and off-road family trips with conventional parts and are expensive and unique.

The idea is to differentiate them from typical minivans or wagons that are not appealing and modern-looking.

The companies try to keep them as much different as possible from traditional vans, and not adding sliding doors is one of the main differences between them.

You can think yourself if you have a Mercedes Benz with such features, will anyone refer to it as an expensive vehicle.

Customer demand

Any invention is useless unless accepted and appreciated by the target population; the same happens with vehicles.

Generally, the manufacturers do surveys, collect feedback and responses of people using their SUV for improvement in the upcoming versions.

Also, the companies work on getting information about the choices and needs of their customers before manufacturing.

Not all, but around 70 to 80% of people purchase them to meet the standard of their class: Preferably to show off.

You can also understand that as an owner, how do you want your luxury vehicle to look. I can tell with 100% surety that you want it to be most stylish and different from all others.

The new “cool” trend has changes several trends and features in automobiles and has increased the demand for fashionable structures.

New generation people fear associating their new luxury vehicle with the lowly van. So it makes companies not manufacture them with sliding doors.

However, some parents request to install these for the convenience of adjusting their kids, no matter how much ugly it looks.

More expense and maintenance cost

They have more installation costs than the traditional ones as they require only two hinges and a lock.

On the other hand, these require a rail system with locking at several points and an electric, control-switches, and motor system.

Altogether, the electrical installation process and door components will add up a significant amount to the total price value.

High strength and a quality frame are necessary for such attachment, and the curb weight can also increase to little pounds. 

Also, it will add up in the cost and time of maintenance because the metal rails stuck anything without proper care.

The corrosion of these rails is another factor to consider that makes companies abort the idea of installing them in their SUVs.

What are the benefits of having sliding doors in SUVs?

They are mounted on the vehicle frame and slide horizontally to the rear side in a backward motion.

Besides the look, these are helpful and are a symbol of space and ease for traveling.

Large opening

You can not deny that you experience difficulty passing things through the small door opening when your cargo space is full, and you have to place items between the seating rows.

You can enter big things through it without any damage, such as pieces of huge luggage, cargo boxes, equipment, and instruments.

The transportation, loading, and unloading process becomes much easier with them.


They are helpful when you have kids and have trouble adjusting them in the vehicle because of small doors.

Also, baby and toddler seats are usually big and can break if you try to force them through conventional openings.

It reminded me of my childhood experience when my parents used to settle us in the van.

We used to keep our sports equipment with us for the trip along with picnic baskets and essentials, and it never got problematic.

 These features make it family-friendly, which is rare in SUVs and other luxury vehicles.

Less space

The less space does not mean that these doors occupy less space on the van.

It means you can open them in a compact and less-spacious area without the fear of scratches, dents, accidental hits, or damage.

You can easily park them in a tight and crowded parking space because you do not need extra space for their outward opening.

In such areas, you can understand their importance and feel that your SUV should have such doors.

What are the disadvantages of sliding doors in SUVs?

Every technology has advantages and disadvantages, and sliding doors also have some drawbacks. 

However, you can overcome these problems with some precautions and instructions.

Damage to SUV body frame

They operate by sliding over the rear part of the vehicle, and it can be destructive in some cases.

Little carelessness can cause you loss, and fixing it will take a long time and extra effort.

Usually, there is no harm in these when overlapped carefully, but when you pull them with excessive force, they can scratch off the frame.

In addition, a large opening in vehicles means less use of metal and improper rigidity, which is another risk factor.

No safety considerations

One of the significant drawbacks of them is the lack of safety features and practicality.

You can ensure your safety with them, typically from the side, because they do not have automatic safety and lock control systems.

On the other hand, the latest version of SUVs has enhanced door-locking mechanisms when driving off-road.

Work without B-pillar

The fact that makes them unsuitable for luxury vehicles is that they do not work with B-pillar.

These are more accessible without a b-pillar and cost much to change the structure, according to them.

There is an option of adding a B-pillar to them, but it is not reliable, and you need to put extra effort to secure them to the SUV body.

This type of installation requires them to transmit their load on the body, but it is not easy with traditional latches.

Also, it needs two to three rails parallel to each other at a distance on the vehicle frame with some modifications in the opening.

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