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How Much Does an Armored Truck Cost?

How Much Does an Armored Truck Cost?

The trucks with armored features are costly than regular pickup trucks. They are heavy due to the addition of weapons and offer accommodation space for multiple passengers. 

How Much Does an Armored Truck Cost? In general, the cost of an armored truck is between $38000 to $720000, with 268 x 99 x 83 inches in size. On average, the weight of an armored truck is around 3200 kg to 10000 kg with a horsepower of 205-hp to 695-hp. In addition, they have ballistic material, unique designs, the addition of guns and grenades, and are bullet-resistant. 

The purchasing of armored trucks is getting common in the USA due to security purposes. Also, around 57% to 74% of people use them for money transfers to distant places. 

The separate seat for the gunman is a customizing option, and it adds to the armored truck weight. 

How Much Does an Armored Truck Cost?

It cost according to the number of weapons and manufacturing material. Few of them are costly due to luxurious interior and maximum facilities. The higher authorities and military buys them.

The addition of grenades and anti-bomb floors enhances the cost by several dollars. 

They are effective for the passenger’s protection conditions and also cost you $300000 to $320000. 

On average, the minimum cost of these trucks is around $35000 to $38000. 

11 Examples of Armored Trucks with their Cost, Weight, and Engine

Armored trucks Cost Size Weight Horsepower
Bulletproof Ford Raptor truck $85000 to $120000 233 x 88 x 81 inches 2900 kg 455 hp
Terradyne Gurkha RPV Civilian Edition $300000 to $326000 253 x 103 x 104 inches 9000 kg 335 hp
Paramount Marauder $490000 to $495000 243 x 101 x 104 inches 10,000 kg 440 hp
Toyota Hilux $110000 to $120000 187 x 66 x 65 inches 3200 kg 205 hp
Bulletproof Toyota Tundra $35000 to $38000 231 x 82 x 97 inches 7100 kg 386 hp
Toyota Tacoma $110000 to $130000 215 x 77 x 72 inches 2800 kg 283 hp
Armored Chevrolet Silverado $38000 to $59000 245 x 83 x 77 inches 7000 kg 425 hp
Bulletproof Ford F350 platinum $70000 to $720000 268 x 99 x 83 inches 5300 kg 390 hp
Bulletproof Ford F150 $72000 to $75000 234 x 82 x 79 inches 3500 kg 391 hp
Devolro king David $200000 to $210000 287 x 99 x 82 inches 3700 kg 535 hp
Bulletproof tesla cyber truck $52000 to $75000 234 x 82 x 77 inches 3200 kg 695 hp

Can civilians buy and use armored trucks in the USA?

Yes, civilians can use and buy armored trucks in the USA because it includes the legal laws.

Various safety street trucks can protect against several dangerous conditions.

The authentic policies of the manufacturing companies offer these vehicles to the public and keep records. Therefore, these automobiles are beneficial as ready-made and customized options. 

Similar vehicles are available for the military and other public.

Bulletproof Ford Raptor truck

These have one of the sleekest and unique designs with ballistic material. The blending of advantageous features and protection specifications is appealing for customers. 

In addition, the passenger cabin is safe from attacks, and the doors are sufficient in terms of closure.

The layering of window glass saves the passengers from bullets and other situations. In addition, they have types of optics that differentiate them from other vehicles.

The wheels are efficient, and the engine is excellent in performance. The USA offers these beautiful safety trucks for military and civilian use.

They can work against heavy weapons like rifles and grenades. 

They also resist bomb attacks on the surface, and there is minimum damage after such conditions. 

These are lightweight but carry the specifications of an armored vehicle. The size of such things is smaller than other such trucks. 

They have high suspensions and speed features that allow them to rush in case of emergencies. 

Terradyne Gurkha RPV Civilian Edition

These trucks are an armored vehicle that remains in the use of civilians and higher authorities simultaneously. 

It is one of the most expensive armored trucks due to its excellent interior and protective exterior. 

The walls and bulletproof roof of the vehicle are sufficient to resist the attacks. Moreover, it increases the safety level up to 95% to 100% from all types of firing and bomb shelling.

It is a fully-loaded vehicle but still public use it for the security purpose. The public categorize includes the high authorities other than the army and other well-known people.

All of them travel in them for personal protection from dangerous people. They are costly for them as well, but affordable policies are available in such situations. 

These are heavy setups with weapons and bullet-resistant floors. They have a high wheelbase that also increases the height of the truck from other options.

Paramount Marauder

It is a stylish truck that also offers an appearance of a military tank. It has high-speed conditions like pickups, and the design is attractive. 

The color layout varies according to manufacturing brands and other customization options. There is a presence of guns on the sidewalls and near the seats. 

The availability of grenades on the rear side makes it demanding to protect the passengers.

Accurate driving skills and precise road conditions are dominant requirements for these pickups. As a result, they have a metallic surface that does not allow the formation of holes instantly in firing situations. 

They have more mass, and that is why the turning of these trucks is a bit challenging. However, the quick and automatic window glass response saves the interior. 

Bulletproof Toyota Hilux

It is a full armored pickup for the use of the military. It owns few particular features, and the military prefers such vehicles.

They have a double cabin in few designs, and others comprise a single accommodation space. 

The passenger seats are comfortable for 4 to 6 adult people. In addition, the area under sears is beneficial for the placement of weapons.

The high-performance gasoline and fuel engines provide high-speed conditions. As a result, they can rush out of a dangerous situation and can alter their position abruptly.

It deflects their excellent activity in terms of protection, and the enemies lose their direction. They have an anti-bullet roof, doors, and windows. 

The walls also repel such attacking tools within seconds and preserve the lives of internal people. Thus, they have utilization in the army and war phases.

All of them work efficiently for the safety and support of relevant passengers. 

Bulletproof Toyota Tundra

These armored trucks are known as bulletproof vehicles due to the dual insulation of external walls. They have a versatile design with metallic black color.

These are suitable for private and public protection due to anti-bullet windows and walls. In addition, the truck’s roof is higher than many other options and makes the design appealing for buyers. 

They have a variable towing capacity, and the loading and unloading conditions are suitable. They are eye captivating when in action, and it attracts the similar users.

It has the stability and strength to withstand any attacking obstacle. In addition, a dual-layered window and front glass protect against the invasion of dangerous elements inside the vehicle.

They have ballistic material for the security of drivers and passengers. The person nearest to the door is as safer as a person who is on the last seat. 

They comprise fantastic batteries and maximum power for the support of all automatic and electrical systems.

The manual windows are also parts of the system, but you can convert them into automatic equipment. 

Armored Toyota Tacoma

The fast-speed truck has weapons inside the cabin section, and it has customization facilities to add more stuff.

They have a maximum capacity for the accommodation of passengers on comfortable leather seats. The seat belts and security handles are part of such designs. 

They are mid-armored vehicles and comprise few guns and other weapons inside. Also, they perform as bullet resilient vehicles due to external safe walls and protected roof areas. 

The floor allows the adjustment of grenades beneath the side, and it serves as hidden security equipment. They also work as vehicles with excellent towing capacities. 

It can accommodate 4 to 5 adjust people without any suffocation, and the engine contributes to high-speed situations. Its price is around the same as the armored SUV.

Armored Chevrolet Silverado

It can adjust more than 4 to 5 people on the driver and passenger seats. 

It is fast in terms of speed due to its high-quality engine. The quality of defense includes the rescuing of people in distant places. 

They are also beneficial for the transportation of personnel. The army uses these trucks for quiet operations in the war zones.

These are heavy but silent trucks, and the security portals utilize them for the evacuation of prisoners. It has a lot of advanced technological features that make it prominent. 

 It is an appealing specification that compels the rangers and army forces to use these armored vehicles. 

Bulletproof Ford F350 Platinum

It is a luxurious and safe heavy-duty truck with maximum armoring facilities. The cabin area is comfortable and has smooth seats. 

It can adjust 3 to 5 people comfortably without any frustration. In addition, they have appealing work on the leather for the appeal of interior design.

They have a mixture of aluminum and alloy on the external walls. Safety enhances in such conditions because the surface is resistant to dangerous attacks.

The cabin remains armored throughout, and it contains alloys and other metal bullets. As a result, they have moderate weight despite heavy doors and window glass. 

The glass has a dual layering of manufacturing material that does not allow the entry of dangerous material inside.

They have superior optics, and the ballistic glass is part of the design. 

Bulletproof Ford F150

The material of the truck is a mixture of aluminum and alloy, and it keeps it lightweight.

They have excellent towing capabilities, and a person utilizes them for cash transportations. They have variable models of cabs with armored equipment. The presence of weapons in the cabin section provides maximum security. 

The presence of grenades under the seat section is for safety purposes. It can protect from external attacks and rushes with high speed. 

The moderate to the high wheelbase and excellent suspension takes part in the security of passengers. Moreover, the defense mechanism is fantastic in case of bullet firing on the dual window glass of this vehicle.

The civilian and private security portals prefer it due to its lightweight ad high performance. In addition, the moveable and swinging doors are beneficial for quick movement and enclosure. 

Devolro King David

These armored trucks are working for the past 9 to 10 years with rigid bodies and high-security conditions. 

They are beneficial for off-road safety operations and can climb on any higher surface without resistance. Additionally, the transportation of military personnel is one of the unique features of this truck.

Hunters also purchase these trucks due to the affordable range of few designs. In addition, they have a double layer of manufacturing material, and bomb shelling and firing have no significant effect.

The windshield, roof, walls, and doors protect against the attack of small fireballs and other such things.

It depends on the type of use and customer demands. The external surface is anti-flammable and can repel the smoke in bulk. 

The protection level enhances because the other vehicles cannot generate scratches or dents on their surface. In addition, the floor and interior sides are safer because no rigid material can cross these surfaces.

Bulletproof Tesla Cybertruck

It is an advanced truck in the overall manufacturing industry of such vehicles. Moreover, it adds to the safety of the driver and passengers due to bulletproof window glass. 

The windshield of the vehicle is also safe because it does not allow the invasion of external dangers. 

The superior design and high roof conditions make it attractive. In addition, these are moderately expensive due to high-quality protection advantages. 

Cybertruck is lightweight and features a powerful battery system for the automatic control and safety of the vehicle as well. 

How to check if the truck is armored?

The presence of ballistic glass instead of regular glass material on the windows and windshield make the truck armored. 

The addition of weapons and heavier weight is beneficial for the identification of an armored vehicle. 

Their tires are higher than regular trucks, and they can rush around the axles. 

The bumpers and other rear parts can tolerate the dangerous road conditions without significant damages. 

These have specific passenger seats, and they are approximately 4 to 5 with the driving seat. 

The steel manufacturing material on its walls and all other parts make it an armored vehicle. 

The protection features in them are more than the entertainment sections.

The safety alarms and sensors are more than a regular vehicle. 

They have a high wheelbase and efficient engines.

The rigid bulletproof glass on the windows and other glass parts is an indication of armored vehicles.

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