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Why Are SUV Tires So Expensive?

Why Are SUV Tires So Expensive?

Many people complain that SUV tires are expensive. However, several factors increase the standard cost, and it varies in different brands. 

Why Are SUV Tires So Expensive? In general, SUV tires are expensive due to their vast size, increasing demand, and coordination brake system with wheels. Also, they have high costs due to their longer lifespan, excellent performance, and low road sounds in high-speed conditions. On average, the SUV tires costs between $200 to $450 with a load capacity of 2600 pounds.

The SUV remains under the use of higher authorities and civilians. Approximately 58% to 79% of people prefer these tires in their SUVs without any mixture.

Also, 4% to 8% of people purchase regular tires and generate minor changes in tires to make them SUV tires. 

Why Are SUV Tires So Expensive?

Multiple specifications are the reasons for the expensive rates of these items. However, the speed, performance, resilient effects with the weather, and worst roads are dominant factors.

The USA provides SUV tire manufacturing companies with warranty policies. 

These are expensive tires due to their extraordinary features.

Also, the maximum cost of these tires is around $340 to $345, and an average weight of 35 pounds to 66 pounds. They get costly due to the addition of customizing options like special rim clips and other such features.

20 Examples of SUV Tires with their Cost, Weight, Load Capacity, and Size

SUV tires Weight Size Cost Rim Width Load capacity
Fuzion Terrain SUV tire 36 pounds 33 x 12 x 33 inches $225 9 inches 2500 pounds
BFGoodrich Mud Radial tire 39 pounds 30 x 12 x 30 inches $239 16 inches 1600 pounds
BFGoodrich crossovers 10 pounds 34 x 13 x 34 inches $242 16 inches 2010 pounds
Firestone destination Terrain SUV tires 27 pounds 31 x 12 x 31 inches $245 10 inches 1900 pounds
BFGoodrich Radial tires for SUV 66 pounds 37 x 14 x 36 inches $345 19 inches 2600 pounds
Bridgestone Dueler SUV tire 37 pounds 34 x 13 x 34 inches $240 9 inches 2200 pounds
Continental ContiCross SUV tire 30 pounds 32 x 11 x 32 inches $248 20 inches 2100 pounds
Firestone winterforce 39 pounds 33 x 13 x 34 inches $290 10 inches 2800 pounds
Michelin Latitude Radial tire 32 pounds 32 x 32 x 20 inches $260 20 inches 1780 pounds
Bridgestone All Terrain SUV tire 35 pounds 33 x 11 x 34 inches $255 9 inches 8 pounds
Goodyear HL Fortera 36 pounds 33 x 33 x 12 inches $257 19 inches 2280 pounds
Toyo open radial country tire 59 pounds 35 x 35 x 16 inches $345 22 inches 2660 pounds
Goodyear wrangler SUV tire 41 pounds 35 x 35 x 13 inches $256 22 inches 2640 pounds
Pirelli Scorpion Rdial plus SUV tire 33 pounds 33 x 11 x 33 inches $244 19 inches 2356 pounds
Firestone Highway terrain SUV wheel 27 pounds 30 x 11 x 31 inches $256 19 inches 2380 pounds
Falken Terrain Wildpeak 27 pounds 34 x 34 x 13 inches $230 18 inches 4300 pounds
StarfireSolarus tire 36 pounds 33 x 33x 13 inches $234 10 inches 2700 pounds
Yokohama Geolandar Radial 21 pounds 35 x 13 x35 inches $245 22 inches 2800 pounds
Hankook Terrain Radial 63 pounds 34 x 34 x 14 inches $235 19 inches 3300 pounds
General Grabber Radial SUV tire 39 pounds 33 x 33 x 11 inches $245 19 inches 2600 pounds

Vast sizes

The SUV tires are vast in terms of size, and they increase the height of the setup. The high wheelbase is an attractive factor, and it increases the cost of these items.

People can differentiate them from regular wheels due to significant size increments. In addition, they have adjustment ability in their rims.

The internal system is similar to the additional part, and the whole setup works in coordination. These linked items are attractive for customers, and they have high prices. 

High-performance tires

These wheels are high-performance items than the regular ones. However, they can withstand road conditions, and you can bring the SUV to hilly areas.

They have no adverse effect on road rocks and other such waste materials. They offer high-speed conditions even on bumpy roads, and there is no damage in the suspension section.

These features increase the cost of the tires from the standard prices. 

Demand of SUV

The demand for these vehicles has increased in the past few years, and it increases the cost.

People use them as utility and transport vehicles, and all of them add to the total budget.

The manufacturing companies are offering these items in bulk, but they have also increased the prices. However, the multipurpose use and advantages of the vehicles lead to high rates and the working ability worth the cost.

Coordination with brake system

They have more compatibility with the automatic and manual brake systems. They stop with one push on the brakes, and the vehicle stops immediately. 

You can stop the vehicle on bumpy roads every next second. So there is no lack of performance due to such conditions. 

The brake works in a direct link with all tires. The input signals require a direction to stop the vehicle instantly.

The longer life span of SUV tires

The regular wheels have a specific lifespan, and the SUV also comprises this time specification. They have longer lives than the other options due to built-in features.

The rigid outer material and internal design keep it safe for a long time. 

They start showing signs after the completion of this lifespan. Therefore, replacing tires with similar and compatible structures is one of the best options to resolve this problem. You should never add SUV tires on a Van.

Minimum effect on fuel economy

These tires work speedily, but they have a minimum adverse effect on fuel consumption. They are expensive items due to this excellent feature. 

It is a once-in-a-lifetime investment to preserve the investment of money.

They do not allow the leakage and reduction of fuel or gas from the tanks. 

They take a minor amount for several miles, and there is no problem with the work abilities of tires. You can invest in them and then protect yourself from tank refill conditions. Also, they minimize the repairing costs of the wheels.

Low road sounds with high speed

The high speed of heavy vehicles generates noise on smooth and worst roads. The SUV tires are different from these items because they never produce such noises on the surface. 

They never offer unnecessary sounds to the driver and surrounding vehicles. The quality of tires makes them expensive because the regular tires have these technical problems.

They never produce bursting sounds when rocks or nails strike from the road surface. They can tolerate the insertion and breakage of such items without any uninviting around production.

Safety factors

The high tires are safe for the driver, passenger, and vehicle. They remain upward from the road hazards, and nothing can affect them dangerously. 

No road item can reach the driver even the rocks pushes upward because it cannot approach him. The high-speed qualities also protect the passengers from traveling conditions.

There are minimum chances of accidents with these efficient wheels, and it enhances the standard cost. 

Better control of the SUV

These are costly tires because they offer remarkably excellent control of the SUV. There is no chance to lose control over the steering wheel and the tires simultaneously.

You can turn and stop these items according to your requirement without any negative impact. These tires offer automatic control to the steering wheel and also work in coordination with the sensors. 

They provide notifications about the dangerous conditions, and you can protect the vehicle from irreversible losses. 

Everyone wants to stop their significant vehicles near the destination that is not possible with regular wheels. These have a safer brake system with which you can stop it near your destination spot.

It is a safe stopping near the required spot, and also it preserves the brake efficiency.

Comfortable rides

They have high prices because they offer smooth rides to distant places. The passengers remain calm and comfortable on their seats inside the vehicle.

There is no turbulence or bumpy effect with these wheels, and it makes them costly. The customization options also increase the total price of the item. 

If you purchase them individually, then they have moderate prices. However, they are costly with 2 to 3 tires packages, and all of them are comfortable. 

The installation conditions are also suitable, and the rides become smoother than other tire options.

Low dragging

The dragging condition of the tires is not suitable for SUVs.

These are expensive items due to low dragging on all types of roads, and the lifespan increases.

The safety step is an advanced feature of these wheels, and it keeps the prices high every time. 

Material of SUV tires

Their material is expensive and rigid at a similar time to resist environmental conditions.

The safety of the wheels increases, and it protects the overall vehicle. In addition, they have a high range of prices due to efficient material in the manufacturing procedure. 

This is because they reduce the cost of maintenance and repair, and that’s why people spend on them. 

Manufacturing brand and policies

The well-known and authentic brands offer excellent products, but the prices are high. They cash the name and quality simultaneously because people prefer branded wheels for their expensive vehicles.

In such situations, the prices of the wheels change from one brand to another brand. There are packages and policies associated with the SUV wheels, and all of them result in the cost. 

In few conditions, the charges to transport these wheels to the required destination also increase the cost of the package.

What is the average life of SUV tires?

It depends on the usage and miles covered by the SUV tires. Few of them can work efficiently for around 55000 miles to 72000 miles, and others have more range. 

Other factors like environmental conditions, roads, and other heat factors impact the total lifespan of these wheels.

They work efficiently for around 5 to 8 years. Few people prefer to replace them after every 4 to 6 years due to excessive use and other defects. They offer maximum beneficial results in case of replacement. 

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