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How Much Does an Audi Q3 Weigh?

How Much Does an Audi Q3 Weigh?

Audi Q3 is more desirable among people because of its beautifully designed interior and safety features. It gives the status of luxury SUVs, and it is also spacious and comfortable.

How Much Does an Audi Q3 Weigh? In general, the weight of Audi Q3 is about 3300 pounds to 3900 pounds with 170×70×60 inches dimensions and a 200-hp engine. On average, Audi Q3 weighs about 1.9 tons, and it is increasing in the latest models because of the addition of the latest technologies.

Many people are very conscious when they are loading their vehicles during long trips. They avoid placing excessive and unnecessary weight because overloading can damage its structure.

How Much Does an Audi Q3 Weigh?

Due to consumers’ increasing desire, the manufacturers added new and latest features that ultimately make them heavy.

The new models of Q3 that come after the year 2019 are heavier because they are equipped with all of the latest technologies.

High power engines with a maximum of 200 hp and six cylinders are installed to increase efficiency and better acceleration.

A high horsepower engine also makes them faster and increases their power. The latest models also have Quattro all-wheel drive, which maximizes the grip of tires on the road. These heavy tires make them bulky, but they also provide protection on wet roads.

It also protects the tread surface of tires from damage and produces minor wear and tear in them.

Vehicles are getting heavier day by day because the consumer does not want lighter ones; they want the safer ones.

Different modern safety features are installed in them that ultimately make them heavier. These include airbags, emergency brakes, blind spot cameras, rearview cameras, but they increase the load on the SUVs.

People also want an infotainment system with USB ports, a better quality stereo system, and a bigger screen to enjoy their journey.

The addition of power steering, noise isolation mats, heater, and air conditioners for the comfortable drive also makes them heavier.

The Audi also redesign the structure after from 2019 model, and it also adds a new transmission system and different sensors to increase their safety.

The panoramic sunroof for air crossing is also beneficial for them, but they increase their mass.

The heavier vehicles are also the demands of the modern era. They are also furnished with power windows and doors that make them more safe and stylish. It gives them a luxury status, and people also love to drive them.

I also prefer the heavier ones because they look fantastic, and they also have a high-quality shock absorber and more torque that makes the ride smooth.

These are less prone to damage when colliding with other vehicles, road hurdles, and rocks. I also like the Audi Q3 2020 model; it is heavier and furnished with the latest technologies, safety systems for children, and the best audio system.

12 Examples of Audi Q3 with their Weight in Pounds, Kgs, and Tons

I have added the estimated weight of 12 models of Audi Q3 in the following table, along with dimensions and engine power.

It is helpful to know the weight before purchase because heavier vehicles have become the trend now, and they also look modern.

Audi Q3 SUVs Weight in pounds Weight in kg Weight in tons Size/Dimensions in inches Engine power
2011 Audi Q3 3656 pounds 1658 kg 1.828 tons 169 × 69 × 58 inches 165 hp
2012 Audi Q3 3348 pounds 1518 kg 1.674 tons 169 × 68 × 59 inches 137 hp
2013 Audi Q3 3425 pounds 1553 kg 1.7125 tons 168 × 69 × 58 inches 165 hp
2014 Audi Q3 3535 pounds 1603 kg 1.7675 tons 168 × 68 × 59 inches 180 hp
2015 Audi Q3 3679 pounds 1668 kg 1.8395 tons 169 × 70 ×  57 inches 197 hp
2016 Audi Q3 3680 pounds 1669 kg 1.84 tons 170 × 69 × 59 inches 195 hp
2017 Audi Q3 3677 pounds 1667 kg 1.8385 tons 170 × 68 × 58 inches 196 hp
2018 Audi Q3 3490 pounds 1787 kg 1.745 tons 169 × 67 × 57 inches 198 hp
2019 Audi Q3 3900 pounds 1769 kg 1.95 tons 173 × 68 × 58 inches 225 hp
2020 Audi Q3 3914 pounds 1775 kg 1.957 tons 173 × 69 × 60 inches 224 hp
2021 Audi Q3 3912 pounds 1774 kg 1.956 tons 173 × 68 × 61 inches 226 hp
2022 Audi Q3 3918 pounds 1777 kg 1.959 tons 174 × 68 × 61 inches 223 hp

What is the minimum weight of the Audi Q3?

The old models from 2011 to 2018 are lighter ones because there was a fashion of more lightweight and smaller vehicles.

People these days are more interested in fuel efficiency. These models provide the best fuel efficiency and also increases the mileage.

The engines are less horsepower, but they are more durable and long-lasting because they need less effort to start them.

The motor mounts and timing best also last for long because it can damage due to overheating. In addition, they are not much heavy, so producing less heat in the engine compartment.

The efficiency and performance of brakes are also excellent because you can quickly stop them.

They are lighter because they are not equipped with the luxury comfort system, safety, and infotainment system as new models.

They also have the best speed, and the power steering has more stability and control. Driving the lighter vehicle is also a fun experience, and it also looks fantastic.

The combustion process is also slow, producing less smoke and eventually decreasing environmental pollution and making them safe.

The lightweight material, including carbon fiber, carbon glass, aluminum, and low-quality steel, reduces the vehicle’s load.

The manufacturer also uses lighter steel in dashboards and seats.

Using these materials is also beneficial for safety; they make them safer by absorbing more energy during collisions and prevents damage.

The brake pads, tires, and rims are not frequently bending in them like in heavier ones, indirectly reducing the repairing cost.

The lighter models also have overall better performance because you can accelerate them readily than the heavier ones.

The SUVs with less weight also have a lower center of gravity which directly improves the stability of the steering wheel and prevents their movement to one side.

The lighter and shorter ones also have one more advantage: they take less space in your garage, and you can easily park more vehicles with them.

Size of Audi Q3 SUV

The Audi Q3 has the exact dimensions of the 2011 to 2015 model, with 168 × 68 × 59 inches.

The manufacturing industry redesigns them in 2016 and increases their length, width, and height, and now the latest models come into the market with 173 × 69 × 61 inches dimensions.

The increase in their dimensions is beneficial to increase the space and make them more comfortable.

They make the seats bigger and comfortable for the passengers. It also has ample cargo space where you can place your luggage.

The addition of a sliding bench at the rear seat row increases the dimensions of these SUVs. The increase in size with comfortable two rows of seating makes their luxury vehicles.

Whenever you plan a long trip with your whole family, you can easily place your support luggage, children’s bags, camping tents in them.

The addition of legroom and headroom makes them more comfortable for long trips, and installing these features in the latest models increases their size.

You can also place the fishing tools in the large cargo space when you want to go fishing. You can also add your towing tools to them when you want to haul a camper or trailer with them.

This large dimension SUV with a sliding bench is also suitable for pick-ups. 

I always recommend new models because they are larger dimensions and have more comfort features. I use this SUV; it has excessive cargo space that I can easily place all my luggage there, and my whole family sits in them easily. However, Audi SUVs are expensive to maintain.

The towing capacity of Audi Q3

The towing capacity of Audi Q3 ranges from 2000 to 4000 pounds according to different models. The addition of more weight than their capacity can damage the structure of SUVs.

It is beneficial to adjust the luggage in cargo space; you don’t need to haul anything with them. However, if you are staying somewhere, then you must tow the camper trailer or caravan with less weight.

Vehicles Audi Q3 can pull

  • Small campers
  • Lightweight trailers
  • Small wooden boats
  • Mid-size Caravans
  • Sports equipment
  • Cargo trailers

Its maximum towing capacity is about 3500 to 4350 pounds. 

You can make the campers and trailers less heavy by reducing the furniture and accessories in them.

  • Replace the beds or sofas with floor bedding 
  • Don’t place heavy kitchen equipment like ovens; you can go to open-air cooking
  • You can also reduce their weight by replacing the electric heater with an open-air woodfire
  • Replace the heavy metals with lighter ones

Prevention from overloading makes your SUVs parts more durable, and you can also drive smooth on the road.

It can also increase the holding capacity of the steering wheel, and they are more stable. The working and performance of brakes are also efficient when you place the load according to their power. 

In addition, the excessive load also cause sagging of vehicle, and it is the harmful situation it can also cause accidents.

Gross weight and curb weight of Audi Q3

Its curb weight ranges from 3300 to 3900 in different models of SUVs.

Before loading the cargo area or hauling anything, it is necessary to check the curb weight for safety. 

The gross weight of Audi Q3 ranges from 5000 pounds to 5100 pounds; it is the safe limit. It is also called the payload; it is the maximum weight that you can load with SUVs.

If you overload them, then it eventually causes a problem in them and also decreases their durability.

It can also loosen suspension coils which lead to bouncing and swaying. The heavier vehicles are difficult to control, and rotors also bend in them, which causes difficulty when you apply brakes.

It also increases the friction between the road and tires, and the tires become torn, causing poor alignment and unbalancing.

For the durability of SUVs parts like the suspension system, transmission system, tires, and rims, you mustn’t add more loads than their average capacity.

Is the Audi Q3 big enough for the family?

The large size and more cargo space make them big enough for the whole family. In addition, these SUVs have two rows of seating with five seats. 

In which 5 to 6 persons can sit, the seats are comfortable due to leather upholstery. 

It can also provide cargo space of 20 cubic feet which is big enough to place your suitcases, bags, and other accessories.

The families like to buy them because it is also safe for their children; the rear seats are equipped with LATCH connectors. 

It is also called family SUVs because it is also beneficial to pick and drops at school. You can also enjoy the comfortable journey in them.

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