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How much does it Cost to Replace Air Filter in Tesla Model 3?

How much does it Cost to Replace Air Filter in Tesla Model 3?

It costs you around $17 to $18 with the DIY method and requires 5 to 10 minutes to replace the air filter in Model 3. A few shops clean and service the vents and charge up to $73. Due to clogging, they require cleaning and maintenance. With professional techniques, the workers clean the internal surface of vents. 

How much does it Cost to Replace Air Filter in Tesla Model 3? The estimated cost to replace the air filter in Tesla Model 3 is around $73, with a pair of filters for $34 to $36, and labor charges you $39. Tesla shops offer one pollen filter for $17 to $18. Replace it by detaching clips of the side panel, unbolting the plastic panel, unscrewing the T20, pulling older filters, considering airflow, adding new filters, and reassembling the removed parts.

Malfunctioning filters cannot clean the air, and pollens enter the passenger compartment. They cause different allergies and make the interior uncomfortable. 

What is the average cost to replace an air filter in a Tesla Model 3?

Electric cars have air filters in the cabin for optimized performance and maximum efficiency. Purchase a single filter for around $17 to $18, and a pair costs you $34 to $36. Tesla shops and service centers can replace them for free. 

They are only available in the Tesla shops with specific design and fitting properties. In a few conditions, Tesla shops charges around $73. However, the package includes their cost.

In these procedures, it is around $34 for a pair, and the service charges are $39. Also, the shop charges $39 for the service according to its condition and mounting brackets. 

DIY replacement methods are one of the cheapest ways to change faulty equipment. However, it does not include any particular tools to scrape off the panels. Also, the total expense depends on the equipment cost.

However, they are known as pollen air filters because they prevent the penetration of road dirt, pollen grains, and other material in the passenger compartment. 

These particles can enter through the vents. But, they clean the air before their entrance into the cabin. Tesla shops offer them due to specific orientation and compatibility. 

They are only available in the Tesla shops because they have a specific design. You cannot install incompatible filtrating equipment on your vehicle.

How to replace the air filter in Tesla Model 3?

The penetration of dust particles clogs them and results in the penetration of dust particles inside the passenger compartment. As a result, they cannot clean the air and require replacement. 

Insufficient cleaning and lack of maintenance damage them. Their monthly cleaning is necessary to keep them intact for a long time. 

With an Improved lifespan, they can protect the passenger compartment from pollens and road dust. 

Open the door of Model 3 and find the air filter in the cabin compartment. On these models, it is under the foot well of the passenger side.

For assessment, hold the floor mat, lift, and removes it. Next, move the passenger seat in the rear direction. Adjust a sharp pry between the carpet and the center console of the Model 3.

Pull it outwards and detach the side panel by removing the plastic clips. Next, loosen the other plastic panel by removing the pins. 

Leave it with the frame because it connects with two electric wires. Find the long and thick orange cable. Next, follow the cord and find the anchor points. 

Above the two anchors, there is a T20 screw that fixes inside the mounting spot. Then, remove it with a screwdriver, pull the cover, and pop it out of the mounting bracket.

Access the upper filter, adjust a flat head screwdriver under it, and pull it outward. Then, hold the pull tab of the lower filter, lift it up and remove it.

For installing new equipment, check the airflow through the arrows. Add the lower filter first, push it into the mounting area and keep its pulling tabs accessible.

Re-adjust the cover, tighten the screw and reassemble the panels and floor mats.

How often should you change the air filter in Model 3?

The cabin air filters remain stable for two years inside the passenger cabin of Tesla model 3. The manufacturers recommend their replacement every two years because they lose their efficiency after this period.

After two years, they malfunction and cannot repel pollen and debris. Also, the dirt accumulates inside them and clogging leads to failures. 

Their clogging affects the performance of the blower motor. The electrically empowered motor malfunctions and results in higher penetration of debris in the equipment and cabin. 

As a result, the motor cannot push clean air from the vents, disturbing the travelers. 

Why would you replace the air filter in the Tesla Model 3?

You cannot drive this electric car with a clogged and malfunctioning air filter. The following are a few significant reasons to change these air filters on Model 3.

Insufficient cleaning and service

These are hidden vents and require monthly cleaning and service. A few people avoided the cleaning procedures due to the enclosed design of vents. 

It leads to blockage of air passage with dirt and debris. As a result, it reduces the efficiency and work performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in Tesla cars.

With a compromised HVAC, the air volume reduces in the passenger cabin. As a result, it produces undesirable odors in the compartment. The driver and travelers cannot handle this smell.

In such circumstances, the replacement of old and non-working filters is necessary in the Tesla Model 3.

Clogging of the passage

With a clogged filter of the cabin, the airflow reduces. You can feel the reduction on the lower side of the dashboard. 

The vents reduce ventilation and defog. Also, it affects the defrosting of windows and results in unsafe driving.

The heating system malfunctions and makes the travelers unprotected. They work incorrectly and put excessive pressure on the blower motor.

Under pressurized conditions, the motor fails and sucks the filter out of the mounting bracket. The accumulated debris remains on the filter.

It is one of the riskiest conditions that lead to the sudden failure of several safety features. However, negligence results in the expensive repair of the damaged parts. 

Fluctuated ratio of air in the cabin

Incorrect air flow affects the ventilation and air conditioning system in the Tesla Model 3. Due to these conditions, the filters fail in their housings.

In standard conditions, the air conditioning system produces soft and bearable sounds. However, a faulty vent has loud grinding sounds that make travelers restless.

The built-in fans of the vents produce these loud noises due to entrapped dust. It reduces the heating and cooling capacity of the car’s cabin. 

With reduced airflow, the Air conditioner and heaters cannot work at their standard work rate. 

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