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How Much Weight Can a RV Slide Out Hold?

How Much Weight Can a RV Slide Out Hold?

If you are buying an RV with a slide-out, you should know the average weight carrying capacity of these slide-outs.

How Much Weight Can a RV Slide Out Hold? RV slide-out can hold the weight between 700 pounds to 1500 pounds depending on its size and shape. On average, a slide-out can hold 1000 pounds with 90% occupancy.

How Much Weight Can a RV Slide Out Hold?

There are multiple types of slide-out available in the RV. You can decide on its supports by looking at its position and shape.

You can read the vehicle’s manual to get the knowledge to operate the slide-out properly because multiple problems can arise because of improper operation of the slide-outs. You may have to pay a heavy price for its repair and maintenance.

You should understand that the cost of the repair and maintenance should not increase from particular limits.

Few RVs have these supports already attached to them. When you open its slide-outs, it will fall on the ground by itself to provide it support from the ground.

You will see that the slide-out load holding capacity will increase by multiple times by adding it.

You cannot add these supports to these, as they are not built to bear the heavyweight.

You should not attach anything to it as it may cause severe damage to your camper.

You should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer before making any decision about it. You can increase the amount of the load by adding the number of pillars under it.

You should keep in mind the type of support you are using because metallic supports can hold weight compared to plastic or wooden supports.

Multiple brands are using metallic support for your slide-out. You can also change the support material even after purchasing it if the manufacturer has given the option of replacement to it.

If you are looking to add support for some time, you can use any of these materials available to you at that time.

There is no problem with using it without any notice for a smaller time. You can use it only at the time when you are loading heavyweight to it. You must observe all the precautions while attaching or removing the supports from its lower part.

How to measure the weight holding capacity of RV slide-out?

There are multiple ways to find the holding capacity of the slide-out of RV. You can get these details from the vehicle’s manual or any sticker present at any corner of the RV.

You should try your best to find this limit from these areas as they are reliable figures because the manufacturer has given these figures. If you fail to find weight limits from these sources, you can opt for any other method for it.

Use a measuring tape to check the size of slide-outs. Note these figures on some paper. You should proceed to the next step after checking these dimensions twice.

After writing them, you should investigate the type of material that they have used to manufacture it. Plastic is less capable of bearing more weight as compared to metallic material.

Some of the manufacturers may use ply sheets for making it. These sheets are less capable of bearing more weight.

Multiple manufacturers use this material as it is cheaper to purchase in all localities.

If you are buying a new slide-out, then you should take care of these things while purchasing it. You cannot place more than 500 pounds on these sheets.

After investigating the dimensions and its material, you should make a rough estimate of its weight carrying capacity.

You can help an expert in this field define the safe limit for your path as it will help you to conclude.

You should consult two to three experts to get a safe idea. You can also estimate that metallic slide-out can hold more than 1000 pounds while others cannot bear this limit easily.

Can I leave my RV slide-out open?

Yes, you can leave your slide-outs open, but you cannot open them in severe weather, like in heavy rain and snow.

The severe weather will cause more damage to it, resulting in cracks, and you cannot use it will confidence again.

You should open only it when you require some extra space. If you remain it open when you are using it or not, it will cause great trouble for you.

You can manage all these steps while using them as they are essential to understand for longer life. You should identify the cracks timely and refill them with some chemicals.

The average weight that a Slide-out can hold

The average weight that the slide-out can hold is around 1000 pounds and that depends on various factors.

You should take care of the material as the holding capacity depends on the material and its size.

You should take care of all these things that will lead you to a safer limit of the holding capacity. The maximum weight that the top slide-out can hold is around 1500 pounds.

You should not load it at its maximum capacity as it will damage the equipment. You should decrease it by ten to fifteen percent from the upper limit. It can also cause slide-outs to leak at the bottom corner.

The repair and maintenance cost of the RV will also decrease. Some average quality products can bear only 500 pounds. 

If its shape remains the same, you can safely say that it is within the safer limit.

You should decrease its weight if it is tilting towards the ground. It can break away from the body if you load weight more than its limit for a longer time.


There are multiple benefits of having slide-outs in your RV. You will not see any problems with the lesser space at your faraway tours.

It can increase the number of a person who can sleep in it at night. You can use it as your kitchen while touring outside the state.

You will enjoy its use if you use it properly. You should visit the mechanic regularly that will help you to save from multiple problems.

You can increase its space and weight carrying capacity whenever you want by adding additional supports.

You should not fix it in one place and start looking for some wider space.

You can choose its space on your own and increase it by adding few extra materials to it. This practice will increase its weight carrying capacity also.

Another major benefit is that you can make one master bedroom in it for the night stay and you can add all facilities to it.

You can utilize the extra space for your purposes. You can use it for recreational purposes by arranging parties there as you will get some extra space in it.

You should note all these pros and cons before purchasing it as it will help you decrease the vehicle’s maintenance problems.


There are different types of problems that may arise due to the bad usage of the slide-outs. The average life of the top slide-out is around 7 to 10 years.

After this time, you will start seeing the issue of the cracks and breaking at different angles.

You should use all these products by taking good care of their guidelines. You should not do any step that is against the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Another disadvantage includes that the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicles will increase many times.

You cannot manage the higher cost in the minimum budget, and the level of care will increase. However, we recommend that you should maintain your RV on a regular basis and clean the slide-outs. 

You have to spend more time while taking its care. Misalignment of the vehicle is another major problem that you will face while using it in your vehicle.

You should open it only when there is no other option left, and you need some extra space. You can decrease its problems by following all these guidelines correctly.

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