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How Often Do You Empty a Motorhome Toilet?

How Often Do You Empty a Motorhome Toilet?

You can empty a motorhome toilet according to the design and holding space of the toilet bowls.

Empty it every hour when there is a clogged pipe inside the drain system. Use nearest drain spots and store waste in multiple containers when the station is far away. 

How Often Do You Empty a Motorhome Toilet? In general, you can empty a Motorhome toilet every 1 to 3 days or when the cassette fills. With 2 to 3 people, empty the toilet 2 to 3 times regularly, and with more than 4 to 5 people, remove toilet waste daily after every 6 to 8 hours. Also, with a tank of 21 gallons to 70 gallons, empty it after 3 to 4 days. 

Hire professional cleaners when the Motorhome acquires a tank of multiple gallons. Never leave them without cleaning in the storage conditions because it destroys the containers. 

How Often Do You Empty a Motorhome Toilet?

Motorhome toilets come in various sizes and holding capacity. The usage of these sections also determines the duration. If it fills frequently, then adjust the pattern according to the situation. 

Toilet Tank size No of persons When to empty Motorhome toilet No of persons How often to empty?
21 to 35 gallons 1 to 2  After Every 1 to 2 days per week 2 to 4 After every 8 hours
32 to 53 gallons 2 to 4 adults After 3 days per week 4 adults and 2 kids After every 12 hours (also depends on use)
55 to 60 gallons 1 to 4 people After 3 to 4 days per week 3 to 5 adults After every 1 to 2 days (direct drain)
59 to 70 gallons 1 to 2 adults and 2 children After 4 to 5 days (also according to waste tank filling) 4 adults and 3 kids After every 24 hours (also depends on tank filling)
75 to 95 gallons 2 to 3 adults and 1 to 3 kids After 4 to 5 days (also depends on the usage) 3 adults and 5 kids After every 2 to 3 days (direct dumping)

How do more people affect the emptying motorhome toilet?

The presence of multiple passengers in a Motorhome leads to excessive use of a toilet. It adds wastage material to the toilet bowl, and eventually, the tank fills with it. 

You may have to empty its toilet more often and 2 to 3 times every day. It also depends on the usage conditions and age of the passengers. 

They have a low capacity to store the wastage material, and it moves upward when you do not empty it.

It is not beneficial for the inner passengers, and problems lead to problems. The toilets and floors of these setups become dirty. 

It spoils everything with smell and filth, and that’s why the frequent removal of waste stuff is necessary. 

What are the effects of waste tank size on the motorhome toilet emptying? 

The size of a waste tank in a motorhome is the ability of that specific setup to encompass the wastage. These tanks vary in their size due to differences in the motorhome designs. 

Few of them have vast designs from the inside, and others expand on the outward section. 

The black water tanks are in a direct link with the toilets. Therefore, the waste material and unnecessary eater accumulate inside these containers. 

The adversity of the sizes and shapes of these containers generate differences.

 On average, a black water tank of a Motorhome can hold 21 gallons to 70 gallons of wastewater and solid matter. 

The setups are considerable than the others that have bigger containers. The average size and accommodation space of these items are between 43 gallons to 93 gallons. 

Few of the tank sizes vary between 32 gallons to 70 gallons. 

You can leave them for 3 to 4 days in emergencies and other hindering situations.

Where to empty a Motorhome toilet and why?

There are separate points for the disposal of these toilets because they are different from domestic setups. In addition, the waste containers of these setups have chemicals that can affect the standard sewerage systems.

It is also against the laws, and you cannot directly dispose of the waste and black water tank in these pipelines.

Select a disposal spot away from the city and make sure it fulfills the relevant laws. 

The selection of these stations is also challenging because few owners empty them 1 to 3 times a day. It also depends on the available facilities and other conditions. 

Things to consider while emptying a motorhome toilet

You should consider these essential factors while emptying a Motorhome toilet. Maintain hygiene for the prevention of disease and allergic reactions. 

No mixing of freshwater with waste

The containers and pipelines of the freshwater and wastewater are together in these setups.

Never open the valves of freshwater when you discard waste from these wastage containers. Instead, separate the connections of both systems and then remove the waste material. 

Keep a similar pattern even when you discard material in a separate bowl. Always consider the draining conditions according to professional guidance, and it saves the freshwater systems from filthiness. 

Protection of pipes 

Few people pull the pipes out of the toilet sections forcefully, which breaks the inner material. 

The after-effects are not favorable because the waste material combines with the open freshwater tanks. 

The repairing cost of the process increases, and sometimes you have to change the overall pipeline system. 

Handling of these pipes depends on knowledge about the system. Protect them from sudden tearing and other cracks in the manufacturing material. 

Consider the type of motorhome toilet

Always consider the types of your toilet because each of them has a slightly different method. For example, few of them discard their matter in a separate container which also has a covering. 

The others can drain their toilets directly in the dump stations of specific holes. Learn the techniques from the manufacturers or any other user. It saves time and money consumption on wrong methods. 

Handling of attached box

In those situations, when you collect the wastage stuff in a separate container, then handle it with immense care. There is a covering over the box, but it is not permanent. 

The turbulence in the handling movements can lead to the sudden falling of the box on its floor or any other surface. Both conditions are not beneficial for the passengers and owner of the setup. 

Use high-quality boxes and fill them according to their specific capacities. Then, you can repeat the filling and emptying procedure 3 to 4 times due to the maximum material. 

Check sensor notifications

Few motorhome sensors link with the toilet waste tanks. Instead, they provide notifications about the overload of the material inside them. 

The notifications are in the form of red alerts and beeps. Discard those in the holes that can handle the waste matter at any time. 

Handle the hose

Some hoses handle the collective waste of toilet water and solid material. They can support a specific limit of this stuff and then pushes everything out. 

Handle and control the inner quantity of the material inside these hoses and keep the procedure clean. 

Use protective kit

Utilize gloves, masks, and gowns before starting this procedure. It prevents your dress and body from the effects of waste material. Use new items every time to maintain hygienic conditions.

Never open all valves together

There are multiple valves in the drainage system of the vehicle. Mark them according to their pipelines and then open accordingly. 

Never open them simultaneously because the filthy matters come outs and mix with other safety systems. 

Get rid of its smell

Add safe cleaners and bulk of freshwater in the bowls and waste tank. You can use air fresheners to get rid of the smell from the toilet.

Rinse it multiple times and remove the unbearable odor. It allows the users to stand and use these systems for several hours.

Remove all its pipes

People attach freshwater pipes with the draining sections for the entry of freshwater. Make sure you disconnect them during this process.

It saves time consumption and also protects the cracks of additional pipe. Rinse it with fresh water before detachment and then use it only for this purpose. 

How do you empty the motorhome toilet?

Open the valve of the black water container and attach a box with the opening of the tank. Collect the waste material of the toilet in a separate box or cassette and then discard it in the dumping station. 

Cover it after filling situations and then adjust the opening of the box on the edge of the hole. Next, flip the box inside the dumping section and keep it in one position for 3 to 4 minutes.

In other situations, adjust the drainpipe of the wastewater tank with the corner of a hole. It is a preferable method for those motorhomes that have massive tanks. 

However, the process takes more time due to the slow movement of hard material in the drain holes. 

Also, allow the outflow of material according to the inside capacity of the hole. Then, push it down and keep adding fresh water to enhance the flow of drainage material.

Clean the motorhome waste tanks and add cleaners that are safe and they also have fragrance. 

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