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Do Class C Motorhomes Have Bathrooms?

Do Class C Motorhomes Have Bathrooms?

Class C motorhomes are luxurious moving living experiences. The presence of bathrooms makes them suitable for long-distance traveling

Do Class C Motorhomes Have Bathrooms? In general, Class C Motorhomes have bathrooms with separate toilet sections. In addition, the shower compartment comprises a separate door. The average size of the Class C motorhome bathroom is around 14 to 27 feet. 

The presence of bathrooms with separate facilities makes it an excellent setup. You can distinguish the toilet section from the shower compartment. The concept of a dry bath is suitable for these bathrooms. 

Do Class C Motorhomes Have Bathrooms?

These are vast bathrooms than any other motorhome. They have a design and various other specifications.

 All of them collectively make a furnished and luxurious bathing experience for the passengers. 

The accommodation space is vast, and it comprises a lot of items. However, the other features are also available in such structures, and all of them are appealing. 

The average size of the bathrooms varies according to the design. The structure of the floor plan also affects the actual length and width.

Where is the location of the bathroom in the Class C Motorhome?

The bathrooms are on one side of the living area. It is usually on the backside of the bedroom. 

There is a separate door to enter the toilet section. It also comprises an inner door that leads to the shower compartment.

The showering section is separate, and the water flow does not reach the toilet section. Different passengers can use both areas simultaneously. There are minimum chances of any privacy errors during such conditions.


The accommodation space varies according to the designs of these bathrooms. They can adjust two adults and one kid in these sections. 

Few of the Class B motorhomes have bathrooms, while the majority do not have this facility.

Toilet area

The toilet section comprises a toilet seat, and it is sufficient for one person in this compartment. It is a stable tool with side sinks. The toilet seat has a lid, and there is a side handle. 

The toilet seat can bear the human body weight. The toilet seat is similar in design to the domestic toilet structures.

The side of the toilet seat comprises a sink with a faucet. It is a fancy addition to the valves.

However, the freshwater supply remains consistent in these sinks, and the hand showers link with the toilet seat. 

The high-quality water valves provide hot and cold water according to the demands. 


The sink of the bathroom is of marble material. It is usually white and has a bowl for water control. The access to the sink is comfortable from the toilet seat. 

The valves are convenient in use, and you can open them anytime. They never lose water flow until the hose gets deprived.

They have stability in most designs, and they remain firm in one position. The containers of the soaps are fancy, and the sinks can adjust them firmly.

The handling of such tools is excellent, and water never flows out of it. The sink bowl can discard the drainage system. The water filters can remove the wastewater from the whole setup without any error. 

Shower section

The showering section comprises a separate door for privacy. The shower contains a showerhead.

In most cases, the water remains uninterrupted due to proper pipelines. The water remains smooth inflow when the hose provides constant fresh water.

There are heat and cold temperature control tools. You can handle them with the rotating valves. The levers are beneficial to open the showering device.

Water system

The freshwater containers exist on the backside of the RV. They have a passage of pipelines that supply clean and fresh water to all the appliances. 

The toilet seat also gets water from these water containers. They are suitable enough to provide water to all these sections. In addition, the moderate use of appliances can save water for other passengers.

It all depends on the usage and control of freshwater levels. These water containers are vast enough to comprise hundreds of water gallons.

They supply uninterrupted water to all the pipelines and keep everything under control. In addition, they have plastic material and are resistant to cracks. 

Showers and faucets

The showers and faucets are of two to three types. One of them exists in the showering compartments.

The spill of water is constant during such activities. The faucets provide an excellent water flow without any restriction. They are suitable to and can move without any problem. 

The faucets of the sink section are similar to the sink structure. 

The valves comprise colors according to the other tools. Everything works in coordination with the system and provides the best control. 

Storage sections

They have more accommodation space for people and materials. 

Some separate cupboards and drawers can contain various materials.

People keep the folded towels in the woody drawers. The number of drawers depends on the design of the toilet.

They have wood material, and the chances of damages are high due to wastewater. 

The height and material of these cabinets are suitable for passenger use. The drawers have handles and locks. 

You can also store the soaps and bathing gels in these compartments. They also comprise shampoo bottles and tissue paper. You can adjust the stuff of shower and toilet compartments in one place. 

They are smooth in the handle, and you can use them any time. So a lot of stuff remains secure in these cupboards for a long time.

Floors, walls, and windows

The floors of the bathrooms comprise tiles. The color of the tiles matches the overall design of the RV. This floor is stable and keeps a person secure during bathing. 

They also provide security in the moving conditions. They are convenient in terms of cleaning. Their walls have water repellent properties. 

They keep the soap and water away from them. In addition, the cleanliness and hygienic properties of these structures make them attractive. 

It has a glass door with a latch. There is a curtain on the front of this window for protection and security. 

The window is vast enough to remove the suffocation. It is also a source of fresh air, and it is an essential part of the structure in such areas. 

Drain system

The drainage system of these bathrooms has waste water containers.

They can carry the grey and black water waste from the system. The filters are also present in the toilet and shower section. 

The showering compartment has a side drain with a narrow filter. Therefore, it can only remove the wastewater through it.

The hard stuff like tissue paper or plastic material remains on the top surface. Therefore, the removal of water can lead to the accumulation of water in these compartments.

The passengers have to take preventive measures to stop such harmful things. 

Hanging structures

There are handles and rings for the towels and other such stuff. The toilet roll is separate, and it exists with the toilet seat.

The hangers are of the same color as all other appliances. Therefore, they are convenient to use and clean simultaneously.

6 Examples of Class C motorhome with bathrooms

List of Class C motorhomes that come with a bathroom.

Jayco Class C motorhome

  • Tiles on the floor and separate windows
  • Doors for the privacy purpose
  • Exhaust system to reduce all type of suffocation
  • Water system with heat and cold control
  • Shower system separation
  • Shower with a head shower and valves
  • Continuous water supply
  • Drain system with filters
  • Clean and stable roof
  • Storage sections to put the equipment
  • Separate toilet section with seat
  • Tissue hangers and drawers
  • Dry bath system

Freelander Motorhome

  • Separate pipelines and water hose
  • Accommodation area for 1 to 2 people
  • Wastewater system
  • Doors for privacy
  • Windows and exhaust system 
  • Water control valves
  • Sink and faucets
  • Lock system for privacy
  • Glass doors for a fancy appearance

Leprechaun Class C Motorhome

  • Separate water containers
  • Water supply with insulated pipelines
  • Tiles on floors
  • Windows and separate doors
  • Shower section with a showerhead and water control valves
  • Toil compartment with a toilet seat and a sink
  • Sink with soap container
  • Cabinets for storage purpose
  • Glassdoor
  • Window curtains
  • Separate drainage systems with filters

Dynamax Europa Motorhome

  • Shower and toilet in separation with a door
  • Wastewater and freshwater control
  • Pipelines with insulation
  • Toilet seat with a linked sink
  • Hanging tools for toilet paper
  • Drains with filters
  • Windows and walls with water repellant effect
  • Glass doors with lock system
  • Exhaust system to reduce suffocation
  • Handles for support

Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Motorhome

  • Appealing design
  • White tiles on the floors
  • Water-resistant walls
  • Shower compartment with all facilities
  • Constant freshwater
  • Wastewater containers
  • Drains and filters for waste removal
  • Storage sections
  • Drawers and towel hangers
  • Rings and rolls for toilet papers
  • Toilet seat inside section
  • Sink with soap container
  • Shelves to carry shampoos
  • Dry bath system 

Winnebago Class C Motorhome

  • Fancy and vast bathroom
  • Tiles and floors with water repellant features
  • Attractive sink with fancy soap containers
  • Windows and exhaust fan
  • Separate doors of shower and toilet
  • Water temperature control tools
  • Wet bath system with controlled mechanisms
  • Glass doors with locks
  • Excellent privacy
  • Stability handles
  • Pipelines with insulations

Forest River Forester

  • Dry bath system with separate toilet
  • A freshwater system with insulated pipelines
  • Shower section with shower head and valves

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