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How to Make My RV Toilet Smell Better?

How to Make My RV Toilet Smell Better?

Here are the 14 best methods to make an RV toilet smell better. You have to clean the entire environment and make the toilet clean, and put the pleasant odor. If a problem occurs due to some damage or carelessness, then resolve it by various methods. 

How to Make My RV Toilet Smell Better? You can make your RV toilet smell better with proper ventilation, good cleaning, using essential oils, baking soda, check for clogs, sanitize, and deep clean the tank.

How to Make My RV Toilet Smell Better?

It would be best if you made the RV toilet clean and sanitized. If you want to make the smell best, you have to determine the favorable and cost-effective methods. Foul-smelling occurs due to various reasons, which can resolve efficiently by taking few preventive measures.

Several factors involved make the RV smells stinky and rotten. Its smell produces for different reasons. You can resolve it with ease if you take some preventive measures and maintenance tips, and proper routine checkups.

Refilling of water

You have to make sure that place an excessive amount of water in the black water tank after its emptying. The solid waste needs to remove out with the liquid.

If the debris remains on the toilet surface, then a smell produces. The black tank also damages due to the solid waste. 

You can follow the thumb rule by adding a proper amount of water to cover the bottom area. The quantity of water required for refilling is almost 5-8 toilet bowls.

Add chemical in black/ grey water tank

RV toilet chemicals are useful to remove any waste which causes a problem for you. Waste that responsible for the blockage of the black water tank can break down clumps with these chemicals. 

These chemicals are available in two forms such as liquid or soluble tablets and sachets. You can apply the cleaner’s powder form by putting it into the tank’s existing water and adding some gallon of water so that it easily dissolves and flush-out properly.

The liquid form can add into the toilet tank and flush out. There are different types of liquid chemicals available and use according to the given instructions. For example, Level Gauge cleaner contains the 100% biodegradable formula.

It can remove the clumps and clean the black or grey water tank easily. It digests the tank buildup and adds to your RV toilet regularly.

Another chemical is the Thetford tank cleaner 1.6oz available at a reasonable price around $7-$8. It has the micro-foam action and the active enzymatic formula, which degrade the wastes and wet tissue clumps.

Moreover, it improves the RV tank walls surface contact, safe in use, and clean overnight. Pinesol RV chemical is available in bottle cost approximately $2.70 which has the excellent working capacity and produce the pleasant smell. All sensors functioning of RV black and grey tank starts properly.

RV Gauge cleaner like Thetford 24545 with 18-19oz capacity is best for tank cleaning in combination and makes the driving 3-4 hours of RV.

In this case, you can use the washing soap such as the Dawn dish, and the result will best as compared to an alone cleaner using. Dawn can also show the best work if used alone. You have to ensure that any product you use and do the gauges registration correctly. 

Clean the clog

Black tank clogging in the RV is a severe problem that resolves quickly. This problem arises due to plenty of toilet paper.

Sometimes the issue develops by the water shortage. It happens when you are not flushing it correctly, and the dump valve remains open.

The open valve allows the liquid to drain out and solid waste left behind. 

Use some chemicals that scratch out the clog. You properly use different chemicals like fill the water in the toilet almost half in its level. Then, put desired chemicals and allow remaining in so that all mix in it. This will remove the dried poop out of the tank.

Drive the RV for several hours so that water will mix the clog that helps to break out the clog. You can also use some quantity of boiled water 3 times which remains overnight for soaking purposes which un-clog by flushing out after several hours.

Many people use the ice bags in the toilet, in which ice breakout the clogging problem in the black tank. In this method, you can fill the 1/2 to 1/3 quantity of water or put the ice in the toilet basin and fill up the remaining water in it.

After that, flush out with the excess amount of water which causes instant fixing of this problem. 

Unclog the vent pipe

Sometimes clogging occurs in the vent pipe. RV contains a line which releases out gases like methane and connects through a black tank to the roof. If a clog appears in this vent, you face difficulty removing methane gas through the rooftop.

You can overcome this problem by putting a garden hose and allowing water through the vent pipe, which improves the airflow.

You can also use a plumber snake if your access to the clog is not possible. If the problem does not resolve by you, then consult with the professional plumber.

Another way to unclog the vent pipe is with the help of the Augar drain. You have to use it regularly because it is safe and cost-effective. You should avoid using the Drano cleaner because it is a temporary solution and not remove the clog at once.

Clean the RV toilet

You have to clean the toilet regularly so that your RV toilet smell becomes odor-freeAlthough, it is an unpleasant task to do it properly.

Hire someone or can do it yourself. Ensure that the toilet sides remain clean because much solid waste becomes stuck or gathers in it. You have to use some cleaner which enhances the pleasant smell and makes the toilet neat and clean.

Cleaners for the RV toilet are of two types: one is safe, and the other is chemical. You avoid the brushes that can scratch the toilet bowl, especially plastic. Instead of using this, buy the dish wash sponge.

Chemical cleaners are those in which chlorine or bleaching agents use because they are readily available in your home and cost-effective.

They help to remove the waste debris from the sidewall and other parts. These are useful but also dangerous for the RV toilet black tank in which kills the beneficial bacteria. This bacterial killing promotes clogging and tank buildup. 

Safe cleaner means free of harmful effects. Cleaner available with the renowned brand that fulfills the safety criteria like mineral and the pumice makes your toilet clean and germ-free.

RV toilet cleaner is available that fits it and removes human waste and other debris. These also help to clean the RV black/ gray tank.  

 Flapper repairing or replacement

The flapper is a device in the RV toilet tank which allows the water from the tank into the bowl during flushing.

During flush out, a chain that holds the flapper will lift it and permit the water passage. You have to ensure the chain length in which the flapper closes completely.

The flapper’s opening and closing from the seat valve so that water flushing and blockage occur correctly. There are several methods to prevent these types of problems. 

Maintaining the chain sizes too much is not suitable for the flapper and the valve, resulting in squeezing the chain. An appropriate short chain will resolve this problem. Check the flapper alignment to seal against the valve opening fits appropriately. 

Sometimes flapper replacement is the favorable option if the rubber of it cracks down or damage. In this scenario, the blockage of water flow does not properly occur.

You have to replace the valve assembly entirely with the help of a repairing and maintenance kit. In this method, shut off the valve, which helps to close the water supply.

Disconnect the chain and remove the old flapper. Next, adjust the new one and connect the chain according to its suitable length. In the end, test the new flapper through the opening of the water flow and turn on the shut-off valve anti-clockwise.  

Repair any damage

Sometimes the smell of your RV toilet remains even after cleaning. Due to some leakage, any damage occurs in some parts like the black water tank.

If this damage appears, then hire some technical experts that repair it. In this case, first, identify the problem and its causes behind it.

If the physical damage occurs in the toilet upper portion, it means the vacuum breaker seal damage and causes water leakage. You have to purchase a kit that helps to remove the damaged float seal. 

Sometimes the seal becomes dry with time, and continuous leakage happens. You can overcome this problem by use of suitable sealants like plumber grease and Vaseline. This greasing makes the seal moist and indicates that this is the best preventive tip for your situation.

Few problems occur due to the impaired flange, which leads to leakage from the floor or base. In this situation, you have to remove the flange, which made-up piece of wax or plastic, which connects the toilet to the floor.

Consult with a professional plumber who deals with this problem quickly. If the water leakage occurs from the bathroom back, it can be due to the inlet valve’s looseness. You can make sure that the inlet valve remains tight.

Use best quality toilet paper

Never put down that paper in your toilet. You must use the bin and clean it regularly daily. You can face the blockage problem through it in the dump tank. It dissolves with an excess amount of water.

Therefore, use the best quality toilet paper, aseptic, and have an excellent breakdown capacity. You Keeping in view its importance for your RV toilet, you should use the best one but not buy a too expensive one.

Check out the quality before the bathroom by using it in the kitchen and purchase around 1-2 ply. You have to use fewer amounts of paper but in a sensitive condition use half its quantity. You can also prevent clogging by using excess water and less toilet paper. 

Sanitize the tank

RV toilet is a bit different than home. RV tank has less capacity to hold the freshwater as a home. It means you cannot flush out with such pressure as in the home toilet. The chances of smell stain and debris content become high. 

You can resolve this issue with a spray nozzle’s help, which removes the stain and other waste content. In this method, you have a hose and spray nozzle. RV suppliers provide the kits and skin spray rinsers and they smell better.

Dump the waste and deep clean a sewer tank

Suppose the sewer tank maintenance disturbs, resulting in the bacterial growth and horrible smell in a coach.

It also causes clogging in the RV toilet system. You can overcome this, but easy to handle, less time-consuming and makes a pleasant smell, and work properly.

The dump of sewer tank is toxic, so using gloves, mask, and protective glasses. You can clean the waste at a dump station by linking the RV to a sewer hose and putting its terminal into the sewer outlet. You can make your own RV dump station.

You can also clean the tank before the tank completes filling because too much liquid harms the tank. If your tank capacity is around 45 gallons, and you want to fill it.

The water per gallon capacity is 7-8.3lb, and it goes 340-375lb per 75 gallons, which makes the problem for the RV tank. You can resolve this by dump the waste after half full and sanitize after each turn. 

You can deep clean the waste by following guidelines. Add 2-cup or 16oz of bleach in ¾ or 6oz of fresh water.

Next, the mixture remains in the toilet for 8-10 minutes and closes the lid, preventing it from inhaling the fumes and draining them. You can drain it 2-3 times so that all the debris removes out. 

Proper Ventilation in RV toilet

Proper ventilation helps to avoid the nasty smell because insufficient airflow increases the moisture level. An excess amount of moisture causes dampness in the items like a towel and other objects and produces a bad smell.

Use baking soda

Baking soda use to neutralize the bad smell through absorption. You can use it by placing the baking soda into the bowl or suitable jar and leaves it for a month. 

Essential oils

Essential oils extracted from the plants and useful for making different fragrances like perfume, flavors, and soap. 

Eucalyptus leaves smell better

Eucalyptus leaves contain oil which releases a pleasant aroma. You can put it in the toilet or hang it, making the RV toilet smell better. It is cost-effective and readily available.

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