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How Often to Replace RV Propane Detector?

How Often to Replace RV Propane Detector?

Here are easy methods to replace the RV propane detector. Always wear protective gloves when you are replacing the propane detector.

How Often to Replace RV Propane Detector? You can replace an RV propane detector by cutting off the power supply. The only replacement is through a new propane detector. You require professional expertise because both gas and electricity involves in the process. You should replace an RV propane detector every 6 to 7 years.

How Often to Replace RV Propane Detector?

An RV propane detector is a device that beeps alarms in emergencies. The gas leakage and other old device conditions lead to panicking of the device. You can remove it and install a new propane detector in your RV.

Tools required

  • New detector
  • Alarm
  • Wirecutter
  • New screws/ bolts 
  • Screwdriver
  • Protective gloves
  • Sockets

The replacement method of a propane detector in RVs comprises multiple steps. It is an excellent procedure, but you need to be careful. 

The method includes finding the problem, purchasing the new tool, shut the beep, alternate the current system, cut the shields and wires, discard the old detector, install a new propane detecting device, final testing the device. 

Find the problem

The propane detectors in an RV are sensitive devices. They detect a minor change and start to make an uninviting sound.

The sound originates from the alarms of the propane detector. There is a common problem that associates with these detectors. It is the leaking of gas from the system. The alarm senses the leakage, and it beeps continuously.

In the circumstances, when you find out that the alarm is beeping continuously, reach the spot of propane cylinders. Observe the symptoms of leakage and make sure it is the only issue.

Sometimes the detector keeps on beeping because of old age detector. Both of these problems require a permanent solution. Change the old propane detecting device with a new tool. 

Purchase a new propane detector

It is a tricky process because you need to be vigilant. Select a detecting device according to your RV and model.

Every RV has its specifications, and the devices vary according to them. You can buy these devices online, and the websites offer a wide range of sizes.

 There are numerous options with a price, and you can choose a detector according to your budget. The mechanics and other professional expertise also guide the selection of a propane gas detector.

Various stores provide a vast range and varieties of these instruments. It is your choice to select a high-quality device because it stays in the RV for many years. 

Shut the continuous beeping 

The alarm keeps on beeping when it finds any specific change. The old-age detectors stop working to detect the problems, but the tool makes irritating noise all the time.

These propane gas detectors get their energy from electric power sources. The flow of direct current determines all the functions of sensory tools. In case of continuous noise:

  1. Try to shut it off.
  2. Turn off the electrical power supply.
  3. Remove the fuse from the electric control panel.

Never do it manually, and use a catcher with insulation. Always turn off the current flow and remove the detector from its place. 

Alternate the current system

Alternate the current system of the recreational vehicle. Carry out this process slowly, and never diffuse everything instantly.

You can remove the detector but keep it in its old position. Make changes in the passage of the current so that the new device can work properly.

Shift the alternating current into the direct current mode. These tools are small in size, and they consume low voltage of energy. They have functions that are why, always use direct current for them. 

Cut the shields on the wires

The wires contain insulation to prevent any electric shock. It is for security, and it is one of the best features of electric cables.

These insulating materials create a shield around the system. In the replacement procedure, it is essential to remove the protection.

It is helpful to carry out the process without any hurdle in terms of electricity. The wires of the old propane detectors remain to attach to the electric panel.

You cannot remove them from their roots. Cut the initial portion of the wires by using a wire cutter. It helps in maximum current flow when the new detector arrives. 

In such situations, the electric cable’s length reduces from its original, but it is necessary. 

Remove the old propane gas detector

If you want to replace a propane gas detector, then its removal is essential. There are generally two wires that connect it with the source of electricity.

Snipping of these wires is a significant step. Remove the upper plate of the sensory tool. There are few screws on the upper side of the device. Use a screwdriver of accurate size and unscrew all of them.

In some RVs, and these detectors are in the safe boxes in the walls. There are few specific cabinets for better protection and security all the time.

Take it off from the safety cabinet, and detach all the electrical wires.

Install new propane detector on Ford F150

It is a tricky step, and you can take professional help to carry out the process comfortably. 

Disconnect the electric power supply of the whole vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle is not on ignition mode. 

Access the lead points on the new detecting device. Check the already existing wires, and if there is an issue, then cut the start portion. 

Never cut a big piece of the wire, and use a trimmer kind of cutter. The wires have the same colors as the propane gas detector contains on its lead spots. 

Match the wires with each other and then place them on specific spots. Use connectors between the wires and the connecting leads.

There are multiple types of these connectors, but nylon connectors are one of the best, they offer maximum support and insulation to the current areas.  All of them are easy to handle, and they are reliable. 

You can perform the whole process manually. always use protective gloves and catchers of wires with insulation. Do not touch any end of the wire when the system is on. Use a screwdriver and new screws for holding the detecting device in its original place.

Settle the plate and add one screw. Tighten it with maximum strength, the plate is the support system of the tool.

Out the new alarm in the setting and adjust the plate with screws and bolts. Add the new fuse in the direct current flow. It is helpful to get maximum efficiency and sensory work.

Final testing of the new propane detector

Always check the new sensory device for better results in the future. Never turn on the propane gas, and it is not an appropriate method.

Always press the turn-on buttons on the device and wait for few seconds. Initially, the new tool works a bit slow, but latterly it becomes fast and efficient. 

In the testing process, never restrict the noise. Hear it for some time and wait for the green signal. A green light emerges on the new detector. It is an indication that the device is working.

The green flash is a sign that everything is under control. There is no leakage of gas anywhere. 

When to replace a propane detector in an RV?

Different patterns identify various issues. If the propane detector beeps and then takes a pause and it is a sign of low charging.

The electric current charges their batteries and keeps them alive. Sometimes when the batteries remain off for a period, then the charging becomes low. The sensory device beeps in such situations.

If it is beeping continuously, then take a flame near to the detector. Observe the beep rate of the tool. If it starts beeping vigorously, then it indicates the leaking of gas.

In those situations, when the alarm beeps with the same pattern as the flame, then there is some other issue.

The old-age detectors keep on beeping as they are leading to their final stages. Check the dates of the propane detector in your RV.

Replace the device, and it is the solution to all problems. In case of emergencies, the alarm keeps on beeping every second, and the sound increase. Take immediate actions to prevent the vehicle from fire.

What are the parameters of buying a new RV propane detector?

Consider few parameters when you are purchasing a new propane detector for your RV.

  • The response of the device: It should respond as quickly as possible. A propane gas detector must work according to the seriousness of conditions. They must contain active sensory tiny devices inside them.
  • Protection of passengers: Always check the warranties and certificates of the sensory equipment. It helps to get maximum satisfaction about the passenger’s security in the vehicle. 
  • Multiple qualities: a propane gas detector must sense the other type of gases. It offers optimum efficiency and performance. 
  • Lifespan: always check the manufacturing date of the detector. It affects the owner of the propane gas detector. They complete a lifespan of five to seven years without any hurdle. 

It is a simple and economical process. The average cost of the replacement leads to $40 – $150. The rate can increase or decrease according to the models of the propane detectors.

8 Examples of RV Propane Detectors with their Price and dimensions

  • MTI 40441PWT propane detector – 11 x 7 x 3 inches – $59
  • MTI 20 alert series propane detector – 12 x 6 x 2 inches – $49
  • MTI 30 alert series propane detector – 11 x 7 x 3 inches – $50
  • MTI 12v propane detector – 11 x 9 x 2 inches – $48
  • Safe T propane gas alarm – 11 x 7 x 1 inches – $65
  • Gas leak detecting device – 4 x 4 x 2 inches – $30
  • Nighthawk gas alarm – 1 x 7 x 12 inches – $40
  • Our job propane detecting alarm – 4 x 4 x 1 inches – $33

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