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How to Adjust Steering Gear Box on Ford F150?

How to Adjust Steering Gear Box on Ford F150?

Here are easy methods to tighten and adjust the steering gear box in your Ford F150. The steering wheel does not move properly and produces a clunking sound when the steering wheel move. The noise indicates some problems with the gearbox.

How to Adjust Steering Gear Box on Ford F150? You can adjust the steering gear box in Ford F150 by rotating the bolt in the clockwise direction. This bolt is present on the top of the gearbox. Move the bolt quarterly in every adjustment process. You can use a marker or a screwdriver for this purpose. 

It happens due to the fault in gearbox components like steering wheel, steering pump and column, power steering hoses and pump, steering couplers, etc. Make sure to check all the compartments before adjusting the gearbox.

How to Adjust Steering Gear Box on Ford F150?

There are several methods to adjust the gearbox in Ford F150 when it is not showing efficient working due to some reasons. 

Sometimes the steering becomes loose and the truck does not maintain straight-line tracking on the road.

Tool required

In the gearbox fixing process, there is the use of some tools that are mention below:

  • Ratchet 
  • Creeper
  • Screwdriver
  • Jack
  • Wrench 
  • Permanent marker

Marking for adjustment

The first step is the find the gearbox. The sequence consists of the steering wheel, the steering shaft, a steering column that connects with the gearbox. Use a permanent marker to mark the bolt and its connection.

The adjustment process

The marking is the essential step because it helps you adjust the bolt clockwise according to the marks. 

When you move that nut to lose it, the shaft moves with the bolt slightly. The movement of the shaft helps to make the nut lose.

You can take a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the head of the bolt, and move it clockwise to the quarter that you marked before.

Tightening process

The next step is the tightening of the nut by placing a screwdriver on it. Tightens the nut while moving the screwdriver with the help of a wrench. 

Test the steering gearbox

Now move the steering wheel to check if the wheel moves backward and forward accurately or not.

The most vital thing in this process is the movement of the bolt only quarterly in every turn. You can drive the vehicle for some days to test the adjustments.

After some days, repeat the same process depending on the movement of your steering wheel.

What is the steering gearbox? 

It is the part of the steering gearbox that helps to instruct and maximize the motion of drivers steering to the truck wheels.

Sometimes the damage is due to leakage or crack and shows some other signs that indicate its replacement. There are different types of gearbox present in the Ford f150 depending upon the models.

Types of steering systems in Ford F150

Ford F150 has two types of steering systems, the electric power steering system, and the hydraulic system.

The EPAS system replaces the old hydraulic system that moves the vehicle by pushing the steering racks using pistons and pumps.

EPAS system uses power steering to provide better fuel usage, increasing steering controlling abilities of the truck with greater agility. This system is also programmable and can change by fixing its digital parameters.

Where is the steering gearbox located?

The steering gearbox is present on the driver’s side of the truck frame. It helps to convert the circular rotation of the tiller into the linear motion of the vehicle. 

When to adjust the steering gear box on Ford F150?

Different signs of the steering gearbox’s inability show that the gearbox needs adjustments. Some of them are mention below:

Clunking noise when moving the steering wheel

A loose gearbox produces noise while metal on metal contacting. This nose is the result of an absence of reasonable service and adequate lubrication.

The noise is more prominent when you try to move your steering wheel while turning. This problem shows that the gearbox needs adjustment.

Leakage of oil from the gear box

The tightening of the steering wheel is the result of the low level of steering fluid. The steering gearbox contains hydraulic power.

The liquid does not decrease until there is a leak in some of its components. The leakage indicates that there is some problem with the steering adjustments or some other mechanical issues.

This problem needs to resolve quickly. If the problem does not resolve accurately, followed by excessive heat production, separation of its essential components.

Rigidity of steering

The rigidity of steering or inability to move shows that the gearbox is producing heat. The loss of function of power steering due to a decrease in hydraulic pressure.

This problem needs proper treatment by adding more steering fluid or by another adjustment. The solution of lowering the rigidity of steering increasing the vitality of the vehicle system.

The odor of oil burning

The sign is less common. The aroma of burning is present when there is heat production due to the steering system’s inability.

The odor needs your immediate attention to stop the Ford F150 truck and check the steering system because the heat production leads to fire in the vehicle while driving. 

Why to adjust the steering gear box?

  • The breaking of the steering bolt leads to excessive play in the steering wheel.
  • The looseness of the steering wheel is the result of bolt detachment from the frame of the truck. The bolt detachment leads to losing all the steering power that results in accidents.
  • The inability to move the steering wheel is the result of the shaft disconnection with the steering box.
  • The replacement of the steering gearbox with a new one sometimes causes traceability problems. The problem needs the steering box readjustment.
  • The loss of bolts fixes it in its place near the driver seat frame. The loss of bolts increases the sloppiness of the steering wheel. This problem causes the gearbox to move about 1.5 inches away from the fixture of a vehicle.
  • The improper steering gearbox assembly leads to pitman arm function failure. This causes play in the steering wheel and losing all the steering power.
  • The loss of connectivity of the steering column with the steering compartments and the wheel of the truck.

Is it dangerous to drive when your steering gear box needs adjustments?

The steering wheel is a vital component for controlling the movement of your Ford F150. The steering wheel loses its ability to control the pickup vehicle.

Losing control of a motor vehicle is called excessive play. The play causes a lot of troubles like maintaining the truck that leads to mishaps.

Your inability to control the motor vehicle because it moves side to side is the consequence of a problem with any part of the steering component that needs immediate treatment.

The neglect in resolving the issues leads to tire wear, detachment of steering components, or gearbox separation in Ford F150. The matter leads to heat production, fire in the vehicle, and accidents.

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