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Why Does My Dash Cam Keep Turning Off?

Why Does My Dash Cam Keep Turning Off?

Dash cams require a power supply from your vehicle’s batteries, capacitors, and electric sources for their functioning. Sometimes, they stop working due to various reasons.

Dash cam can keep turning off due to loose connections, electric interferences, excessive power needs, faulty capacitors, dead lithium-ion batteries, using the wrong type of SD card, incorrectly inserted power cords, damaged USB cables, incorrect installation, overheating, and software errors.

I also installed the dashcam in my car as an aftermarket addition to record the road view. Last year, I saw it was turning off frequently and checked the power cord connections. Moreover, I also lost the previous data because of its sudden shutdown.

Problems Solutions
Loose connections Correctly mount dash cam
Electric interference Install dash cams at the correct location
Excessive power needs Use compatible dash cams
Faulty capacitors Replace old capacitors
Dead lithium-ion batteries Charge lithium-ion batteries
Issues with car batteries Replace dead car batteries
Use of the wrong type of SD cards Check SD card storage
Issues with cigarette lighters Check the cigarette lighter fuse
Damaged USB cords Use a compatible USB port
Overheated components Avoid parking in open places
Software errors Reset camera

Loose connections

Dashboard cameras in your cars stop functioning and suddenly turn off because of loose connections. Loose connections interrupt the power supply to these devices.

In addition, their connections become loose because of their incorrect installation. Moreover, their connections become loose because of their wrong attachment to the windshield.

Driving on bumpy roads allows them to absorb the vibrations from the roads, which leads to their loose connections.

It is necessary to install it correctly and use high-quality adhesive tapes. I used the suction mount to attach it to the windshield.

Electric interference

The power supply to the dashcams also shuts off suddenly because of the electric interferences. Some of these devices take power from the electric source of your vehicle.

Electric interferences cause sudden increases or decreases in power supply. These cannot function properly because of fluctuating voltages.

These electric devices also increase electromagnetic and radio interference, affecting the dashboard camera’s operation.

You must install these at the right location to reduce the electric interferences. I installed it behind the rear-view camera to keep it away from my car’s radio and speakers.

Excessive power needs

They need excessive power because of the additional features. These work with an internet connection and GPS for better functioning.

Sometimes, 12V power sockets are not sufficient to supply power to these cameras. These turn off frequently because of the insufficient power supply from the sockets.

You can face issues because of using non-compatible dash cams in your vehicles. One of my friends also faced the same problem because his car did not have a factory-installed dash cam.

He installed the camera, which kept shutting down because of the low voltage supply. I advised him to remove the non-compatible device and purchase a new one compatible with his car.

Faulty capacitors

It uses several power sources for its functioning, depending on its type. Some of them use built-in electric sources, including capacitors and lithium-ion batteries.

However, their other types do not contain batteries, and you have to connect these with the cigarette lights of 12V electric sockets of your cars.

These supercapacitors store electric energy and supply the power to the dashboard cameras for functioning. Dashcams turn off frequently because of damaged capacitors.

You can also face issues because of dead and old capacitors. Replacing the older capacitors with new ones with sufficient charge is necessary to provide electricity.

Dead lithium-ion batteries

Some dashcams also contain lithium-ion batteries for video recording. These lithium-ion batteries lose their charge because of the use of these devices for extended periods.

I also faced this issue last week during a long trip with my family.

These are rechargeable batteries, and you can charge them while using the right adaptors and electric sockets. Charging these lithium-ion batteries decreases when you do not recharge them for longer.

It is necessary to charge their batteries frequently to ensure the power supply for their functioning.

Issues with car batteries

Many types of dashcams rely on the power source of the electric vehicles for their functioning. Adapters and USB ports are used to connect them with electric sockets or cigarette lighters.

These can shut down frequently because of dead and old batteries that cannot provide sufficient electric current to these electric sockets and cigarette lighters.

Car batteries become dead with their age, corrosion, adverse weather conditions, and faulty alternators. It is necessary to replace the dead batteries with new ones when you feel the abrupt functioning of several electric components.

Moreover, the blinking of warning lights on the cluster screen is a clear symptom of a dead battery.

Use of the wrong type of SD cards

It uses SD cards to store recorded data, and these cards vary according to their storage capabilities. It can also turn off frequently because of the use of the wrong type of SD card that is not compatible with the device.

In addition, the issue comes when SD card storage becomes full, and you are not replacing it with a new one. It keeps shutting off because it is unable to store SD card data.

It is better to use SD cards with more data storage because dashcams do not have internal storage.

Issues with cigarette lighters

Dashboards that require power from your cars are connected with cigarette lights or 12V power sockets. Wirings from the cameras run to these sockets behind the windshield.

These become faulty because of dead batteries, broken pins, damaged wirings, blown-out fuse, and loose connections.

Check the cigarette lighter fuses and ensure that they are not blown out. Moreover, removing unnecessary devices is necessary to provide sufficient power to dashboard cameras.

Damaged USB cords

You have to charge the battery-operated dashcams by using USB ports. Connect the charging ports with cigarette lighters or 12V electric sockets to charge batteries.

Moreover, the ones that do not have built-in chargers also require USB ports for direct current supply. These turn off suddenly because of broken USB ports and their loose connections that cannot provide continuous electric current.

Damaged USB ports affect the smooth current flow.

Overheated components

Dashcams contain temperature sensors that monitor their temperature and allow them to shut off when temperature becomes high.

These sensors are beneficial to maintain the temperature because their built-in batteries can explode because of high-temperature exposure.

Overheating issues come during the summer seasons when it is extremely hot outside. Moreover, you can face problems when parking your car outside during the summer.

In addition, their components can overheat because of their continuous working for extended periods.

Avoid parking your vehicles outside during hot weather. I live in Georgia, where summer temperatures become incredibly high. I tinted my windshield according to their rules to protect the interior components from damage.

Software errors

Dashboard cameras use specific software to store the data. They keep turning off because of software glitches on these devices.

Software errors come when you do not update their software. In addition, many people forget to reset these cameras for months, which increases the risk of software error issues.

It is necessary to reset their software with a small button that is located on their side. You can check the location of their button on the owner’s manual. You have to use the paper clip to press the button and reset the device.

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