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How to Build an Addition on a Travel Trailer?

How to Build an Addition on a Travel Trailer?

Building an addition on the travel trailer can be hectic work and requires patience, energy, and money. Most people prefer to park their trailers, so they buy or rent a place permanently for it. 

How to Build an Addition on a Travel Trailer? You can build an addition on a travel trailer to increase its size and improve living conditions. There is the various option available you can add in it for your convenience and comfort. Build a loft or a loft bed inside it with better storage and living area. You can build a small living room separate then attach it to the travel with nails, bolts, and proper adjustment. 

 It is best for a family gathering, activities, children, guest stay, or sleeping purpose you need an extension. Take precautions while doing this, so choose the best material that tolerates weather conditions easily. 

 Do additional research, put in more effort, and take your time since it is cost-effective, pleasant, and fulfills your needs. Your preference, financial capabilities will provide you better access to various available options.

How to Build an Addition on a Travel Trailer?

It is a better idea to enhance the value of your travel trailer, even if you have to invest money into it at first, to make it more profitable when you add on. In this case, bathroom, living room, and kitchen these factors boost up its significance.

Add a Loft to your travel trailer

There are several options available that you can add to customize your trailer. These upgrades are a better idea for those who own a vehicle since they improve your traveling experience.

By adding a loft, which can use as a bedroom or living area, you can modify and enhance your camping experience.

It is available in various options, so you decide which is the best fit for you. It depends on your demand and requirement like for children, adults or taller people. It is the best choice for those who want a more spacious interior.

These are similar to your home, but it has more space and functional. The loft can construct above your living room area. There are various examples of it, including cedar creek cottage, wildwood lodge 42DL, and others with a trailer.

It is a challenging process because it is unique for motorhome lovers. However, it is a better idea for the extra storage space, better seating, and sleeping.

Take the proper measurement of the area for its location. In this case, construct the walls frames with the lumber board and attach these with the studs. Leave a space for the windows. There is enough room so you can leave room for two windows.

Screw these joined framed walls with the nails and bolts with the roof of the travel trailer. You can build a storage area for putting your stuff. 

Attach the roof over the additional loft at a perpendicular angle with a projection so that you cannot face the problem due to snow or rain.

For compatibility with the existing finishing, use the plywood.  

You can also build a loft bed inside your trailer with some modifications. To construct it into the structured wall and have enough support that you need put other poles to support the corners.

Make use of aluminum lips. Drill through the center of this portion and then attach it to the sides with either plates or brackets. Next, create a wood framework from one side to the other, puck holes connected. 

Finally, it will be pretty secure, and you will feel comfortable getting up there and moving. However, it is flimsy and flexible and screws the whole thing with the roof.

 Place a piece of wood on the side and screw in the back and middle that help to make it sturdy. Then, place a king-sized matter over it to make a comfortable place.

Addition of deck or porch on a trailer

If your trailer does not have an outdoor living area, then a deck or porch addition to it is the best idea for your convenience. It is best for entertainment, barbecuing, or outdoor relaxing areas, although it is small in size enough extension to offer a better place.

 It is a better option if you enjoy the outdoor view, but a room with more sunlight exposure is preferable in cold weather conditions. 

It has walls, ceiling, skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows that give the appropriate view of the outside.

Addition of rooms in a travel trailer

Planning for addition is just like designing your home improvement. But, first, you have to consider the factors that can improve your travel trailer living experience.

You have to consider the factors that can improve your RV living experience to make the most of the decision.

Your entertainment space can be an uber-entertaining room with a TV. The room should have a proper storage area like cabinets, a wardrobe where you put your stuff. 

As my experience says, you might think about what camping spaces can improve for your activities.

It’s not just for people with limited space who want to live in it, but also for people who use it as a guest or office space.

Some of the benefits of adding a room to your RV are that it can accommodate more people, more animals, and some storage space. A room can also help with privacy issues or create a sense of security for your family.

Measure the dimension

Measure the proper dimension where you build an addition to a travel trailer its length, width, and height. 

 From local authorities, get information about the special regulation or another legal building permit that depends on your needs.

Install footing

Footing installation is necessary for the cinder block foundation, so dig it and use 5-7 inches of concrete in it for the filling. You built it apart with its footers because its weight distributes equally into the ground.

You can buy the prepared concrete or mix on-site. Filling depends on the soil where your travel trailer position, and if the soil is soft, then more filling of 10 inches is required.

 According to the motorhome floor level, place the brick mason blocks as its level but leave a space for a crawlspace door.

Connect the lumber with the cinder blocks

Join these two parts with correct adjustment and secure the cinder blocks with the cap lumber board by the anchor bolts.

Lumber board or wooden planks of appropriate size around 2 x 10 are preferable for the room’s floor joists. Exterior plywood is best for outdoor construction because it has high durability and tolerance for extreme weather conditions.

 So, it is best suitable for the sub-flooring of the trailer room addition. Through the flathead screwdriver to insert specifically recommended nails in the floor joists and subfloor.

Build the walls of the additional rooms

Before working on the ceiling and roof, construct the framed walls. Treated lumber is best for construction projects and a daunting task but not a difficult task for you.

So choose the lumber board of appropriate dimension for the wall construction is a good idea. Leave a space in the frame for the door and windows. Make the walls, connect these, tighten these using fasteners and screws, and secure these to the room’s floor.

Integrate the roof of the room with the travel trailer roof

By the instruction guideline of the roofing carpenter, you can install the roof of the room into the trailer roofing. Then, through the lumber, construct the trusses and rafters. 

Construct a sloppy roof instead of flat to avoid leakage problems, so it should be 10 inches sloppy from the drop off the side and high from the travel trailer side. 

Use the exterior grade plywood that covers it entirely and fix it at its place, and put asphalt shingles.

Attach the room addition to the trailer

So the minimal connection, and here you go without any obstruction. Metal stripping and specific dimension wood are best for it.

When it fits with the trailer framework, then put stripping. The interior has drywall, and in the end, install windows and outdoor at the area where you left space for these.

Addition of an extra bathroom

Travel trailer, because the lack of a bathroom is one of the most common complaints from many travelers. With the help of an additional bathroom, you can increase the overall space and comfort. 

First, choose a design that will fit your needs as well as those of your family members.

There are various options available from which you can choose on your needs, including adjoining bathroom or powder room.

Why would you prefer an addition to your travel trailer?

There are several reasons trailer lovers want to expand it that are seemingly endless.

However, renovation or a new building is a concern and needs more attention because it is thrilling and nerve-wracking. 

Increase the size

Many people expand their living area due to their children or other factors. They also want to make it more spacious and add more numbers of rooms, washrooms, etc. 

Although, these are self-contained and have various other systems like electricity, water storage, sewer drainage that you are consuming when living in a camper.

It provides a good balance that increases your adventure charm and camping tranquility. However, if you want to utilize it as an alternative for camping and traveling, then build an addition is a good idea that is suitable for your demand and luxurious in style give a home feeling.

Cost for it

It is a good idea to spend money on an extension to your trailer if you are fortunate to do this. Your decision depends on your financial that is a major contributing factor. These are becoming more popular than ever before. 

People are choosing to invest in them because they provide a comfortable and safe space to enjoy the outdoors.

Location is a priority

Due to space shortage or extra members, you can need more space, so you have an option to buy new or make the addition. 

In a mobile home, such as a travel trailer, you have the choice of changing locations for an exciting vacation or areas where you perform essential tasks, such as grocery shops, shopping malls, schools, and work. 

Pros and Cons

Building an addition to your RV trailer can give you more space to live in, but it can also have some disadvantages that are important to consider. 

Although the RV industry is constantly changing, there are still some problems that remain. One of these issues is the lack of storage space for your RV.

This process includes finding the right building plans for your trailer, then hiring someone to build it for you. There are also some other choices that you can take to make it easier on yourself to keep costs down or get help with building it all together.

Time require for it

Building a new addition can take two to three months, a day, or even hours, depending on how you do it.

For example, it is bigger or smaller than the current travel trailer and the features of this new addition.

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