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What Year Chevy Truck Beds Interchange?

What Year Chevy Truck Beds Interchange?

The Chevy Silverado is a large truck with more cargo space than its competitors. With high-quality features, it has the best towing and payload capacity.

What Year Chevy Truck Beds Interchange? All models of Chevy trucks from 1999 to 2019 can interchange their truck beds. These have the same aluminum and high-strength steel bodies that enhance the quality of its body by reducing weight. In this way, these are available in three cab configurations with compatible truck bed dimensions. The tailgate of the 2003 model pickup truck is different, and all other later trucks also change with time.

The truck bed size is a unique component, so you should check to find its compatible design.

For example, 2006 can be interchange with the 2000 truck bed having the same dimension like height, length, and width. However, the corresponding design may have the same or different harness, taillights, or tailgate.

What Year Chevy Truck Beds Interchange?

There are various cab styles available for Chevy trucks. In general, there are three cab styles available, including crew cab, regular cab, single and double cab configuration. 

Chevy Silverado 1500 has crew cab style that has enough room around 6 for the passengers. In addition, the short bed in the 2021 model has a dimension-like length of roughly 65.9 inches and an overall length of around 230 inches.

The bed size of the 2021 long bed Chevy pickup crew-cab design is 75 inches long, and the overall length is roughly 235 inches.

 The double cab configuration of Silverado has less rear passenger space as compared to the crew cab. Its bed dimension includes 75.4 inches in length, and its overall length is around is 225 inches and 5 feet. Its payload capacity is approximately 1530 pounds.

Regular-cab configuration or single cab pickups are popular for a work truck but have no room for the rear passenger.

Instead, it covers around 3 to 4 passengers, and the bed dimension is approximately 95 inches in length, and the overall length is 235 inches, and 8 feet is standard in it. The regular cab maximum payload capacity is around 1780 pounds.

Chevy models with interchange beds

In 1918, Chevy introduced the first pickup, which cost approximately $2700 and produced many versions.

It has a classic body style having three cab configurations, steel and aluminum body that gives the high strength for the best towing and payload capacity. As a result, all its models from 1960 to 2019 have the same suitable bed size and other requirements.

1999-2006 (1st generation)

First-generation Chevy Silverado 1500 has a classic body style. These are available in 3-various style cab configurations, including crew cab, regular cab, and extended cab.

Crew cabs have four front-hinged doors and three distinct bed sizes, including a short box of 65.2 inches, a standard box of 70 inches, and a long box of 90 inches.

2007-2013 (2nd generation)

The 2nd generation, like its predecessor, has various body styles, from a chassis cab to a crew cab configuration. In addition, the extended cab model of these pickups has two doors in the front and back have sway doors also. 

There are three different bed sizes available. Based on three wheelbases, the lengths are 8 feet, 6 feet, and 5 feet. The cargo volume of these has 55.7 cuFT. 

The first generation has three trim levels, but 2nd has five trim levels like the high-quality LS version and the base WT trim. 

These also have an improved engine system like 360 horsepower, 6.0L Vortec 6000 V8 engine, and 6.2L Vortec 6200 V8 engine. Others include better fuel economy, cruise control, and rack and pinion steering.

2014-2018 (3rd generation)

2014 to 2018 3rd generation Silverado is more smooth, quiet, and fuel-efficient than the previous generation. In addition, automakers make some modifications to the pickups.

 New value-added features include the octagonal center stack, plusher seats, full-width bumper, and sculpted fenders. These also have a new front fascia and grille, and it has low weight due to high strength steel. The exterior dimension of it depends on cab styles. 

The overall length of the exterior dimension regular cab is around 200 inches, 225 inches of the double cab, and 5-ft of the crew cab. 

2019 (4th generation)

2019 Chevy fourth generation has a mixture of aluminum and steel body that lower its weight more than the previous generation. 

For example, the 4×2 of regular-cab dimension is around an 8-foot box and 130 inches in length. 

The 4×2 of double cab Chevy bed dimension has a 6-foot box and an entire length of 150 inches. In this way, 4×4 of regular cab configuration style have 8-foot box, and total length of it is approximately 130 inches. 

Checkout features of interchange Chevy truck beds

When you have a damaged bed of an older Chevy Silverado pickup truck, then replace it with a new one.

So, before purchasing it, you should be familiar with a few aspects, features, and measurements. 

Truck bed liner

Automakers produce the best quality bed liner that is custom fit suitable for your truck bed. Its installation is easy with some essential tools and the time required for a spray bed liner. 

It offers a range of advantages, including limiting cargo movement, preventing slides and scratching, shock-absorber, and having less vibration to keep your goods secure.

These are compatible with its cabin and other body, so you should select the bed having coherence to its style. Then, you can buy it online from a well-reputed source with a lifetime warranty. Its paint should also match the cabin; otherwise, your truck will have an odd appearance.

Bolt patterns for frame

For decades, Chevy Silverado has become the high-selling pickup in the USA. About six bolts are present that secure its bed to transport the heavy cargo with super convenience.

 You can repair it if it becomes damaged. However, for fuel pump modification and repairing, you also need to remove it.

The overall process needs to tie around 25 to 35 minutes. To keep it in place and endure the weight of cargo transit, it must be perfectly aligned.

 As a result, you should find the bolt locations on the new bed floor and determine the distance from each other.

Exterior and interior bed dimensions

2019 model comes with various cab styles, and proper bed dimensions can handle heavy cargo easily. With its bed dimension, luggage volume and passenger capacity is also the best factor for the customer. 

Cargo capacity is approximately 60 feet, and the entire length of the truck bed with its cabin is around 140.4 inches and 5 feet of the double cab. 

Regular-cab configuration has 139 inches overall entire length and a 7-foot box in length. 

As a result, the crew cab has an overall length of about 135 inches and a 9-foot box length.

Wheel arch

It is a semicircular component that is present above the vehicle wheel. It is the most significant body modification in the vehicle that cuts higher into the fender. 

Beds that are present in the Chevy Silverado have a modification in their size and styles. 

Therefore, the truck bed you choose should have a suitable design to accommodate the wheel without facing any mechanical failure or friction. 

Wiring harness and tailgate

Cargo beds are the contributing factor in its sales growth. 

Automakers try their best to come up with innovation and added value features in the modern vehicle. For example, 2021 Chevy Silverado has a multi-flex tailgate property with six different functional configurations.

In this way, the 2003 tailgate of this pickup also has a modification, and with time another generation comes up with new changes. 

Wiring harness and tailgate are also a part of it and install in a specific way. For both truck beds to be interchangeable, their wiring and height must be compatible.

Although the wiring harness requires no more modifications, double-check it for any discrepancies and make the necessary changes.

Rear bumper

You can buy the rear bumper separately due to its configuration. The spare tire is accessible through the bumper hole. It is where you can put the rod to lower the spare tire. 

So, while interchange the bed, you should also check that the design available has the exact location of the hole or not.

How to replace the Chevy truck bed?

The procedure of replacing the bed on a Chevy pickup truck is easy. First, open the tailgate at a specific angle to the bed floor. 

Remove the straps on both sides of it and lift from one side to remove from the bed. 

Then, remove the taillights by unscrewing through a flathead screwdriver from the passenger side of the bed. 

In this way, repeat the same process from the driver’s side and place these in a safe place. Next, remove the harness and push it through the bed, allowing the wire to release from the bed floor.

The next step is to unscrew the bolts that secure the gas tank. Then, move aside its gas neck and push away from the bed. 

Unscrew the bolt that holds the bed from the bottom with the ratchet, extension, and socket.

You replaced the bed on your 2000 Chevy with the 2004 pickup purchased from the well-renowned company. Next, you clean the rusty frame and paint it to extend its lifespan.

You used the same hoist to lift the new truck bed onto the frame and reassembled the other items. Perform the test drive to check harness and bolt looseness.

The cost of Chevy truck bed replacement is around $2000 to $2500 to buy it that fits with your model. In addition, its installation and labor cost is $400 to $600. 

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