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How to Install a Battery Disconnect Switch on an RV?

How to Install a Battery Disconnect Switch on an RV?

RVs come with a battery disconnect switch, but old RVs do not come with this device. Connect the negative cable to the switch so that you disconnect it by using this switch.

How to install a battery disconnect switch on an RV? You can install a battery disconnect switch on your RV by attaching the negative cable to one side of the switch, and a short wire connects to the battery that comes from the switch. It breaks the connection between the battery and the electrical appliances during any emergency. It also protects your battery from extra drainage and saves its life.

Remove the negative cable from the RV to disconnect the connection of the battery and appliances.

When you do this manually, it takes time and leads to wear and tear of the wires.

Therefore, the disconnect switch makes it easy and takes no time. 

How to Install a Battery Disconnect Switch on an RV?

You can easily install a disconnect switch on your RV. It protects you from any fire and any accident that is dangerous for you. 

It contains acids that burn your skin; therefore, do not shake it. Also, remove metal accessories before installing it because these conduct electricity that is dangerous to your life.

Do not touch the battery terminal; otherwise, the current passes when you touch them. Instead, handle it carefully because it contains acid that can leak easily from it.

It becomes dangerous if mishandled because if it drops, it causes serious injury. AC voltages are not safe because they can shock you and cause death.

Disconnect wires from the battery

Disconnect the battery and set the switch on it where you want to install and mark to drill the holes. 

Drill the holes carefully to the size of the screws, and you can also install a cover in which you can easily keep the switch.

Check water level

When you charge the battery, water evaporates from them due to the heating of electrolytes. As a result, the water level decreases, and acid concentration damages the plates.

Therefore, it is essential to check the water level to make them more durable and long-lasting. Indicators attach with the device that shows the water level.

If this indicator turns red, then it means the water level in it becomes low. Therefore, you should never add tap water. If it turns blue, then it means that you should not add water. 

Do not overfill the battery because it damages its plates, and electrolytes move out during charging. Instead, always add distilled water to it so that because it is free from minerals.

Check the battery terminals

When you open it, this is the best chance to clean the terminal with the cleaning solution. But, first, clean its terminal and check the caps to remove dirt from it.

You can also use a cleaning solution and baking soda to clean the terminals. Prevent this solution from entering the battery; otherwise, it destroys them.

Dry it about 4 to 6 hours after cleaning; otherwise, it damages its efficiency.

Check the quality of caps and change them if these are lost. Clean the terminals; otherwise, sulfation starts that damages the plates.

It starts when the voltage drops and the material begins to bind with the plate. The crystal-like structure forms that are difficult to remove from the plate.

Attach switch

Connect the wires to them and attach the negative wire to it because it is safe. You can also use a positive wire to do this, but it cannot protect you from the negative wire.

Now, attach another wire from the switch to the battery, and this wire is shorter than the other wire. 

How does a battery disconnect witch work on an RV?

This switch work in two modes, one is manual, and the other is automatic. Both have the same function to stop and break the connection between the electrical appliances.

It connects to the 12 volts switch that connects the lights and all appliances in the vehicle. It conserves the RV power; therefore, it turns off during the working on electrical appliances.

The manual switch is easy to install, and it is cheap than the automatic switch. In the manual system, attach the negative wire and the short wire of the switch to the power source.

You do not need any wrench to disconnect the wire, but you use the part that breaks the connections between the electrical appliances.

Advantages of Battery Disconnect Switch

They protect against the electric spark and fire and cut the connection during the short circuit.

All electronic devices in the cabin connect with it, and you can maintain their power by controlling that switch.

Switch protect during storage

The battery disconnect switch cut down the power during storage. When you store the RV in winter and do not disconnect the battery, the electrical appliance takes power from the device.

This process occurs in about 2 to 3 weeks and destroys an RV battery. 

It discharges slowly as possible and saves it from damage when you go outside from RV. Thus, it minimizes the power and preparing your trip.

During traveling

If you park your vehicle near the station, you run the appliances by plug-in power and battery charge.

Disconnect it by the switch and use the station power to run the devices.

It prevents it from drainage while you are in a power station. 

Helps during repairing

It protects during maintenance and repairing of battery because it shut off all electrical appliances. 

It stops the electricity flow while repairing and safe yourself from any accident. You can quickly stop the power any time when you need it.

Using a wrench to remove the terminal is harmful; it makes contact between the RV and battery. Therefore, their use is necessary that prevents you from any accident during repairing.


Parasitic load consumes more energy and damages the device then it is costly to change the battery again.

It works the same as the automatic switch, but the manual requires someone to shut it down.

Protects from drain

It protects your battery from draining and increases its life. This device safe the vehicle and prepare its system for any trip.

It helps to secure it during storage and cut off all supplies to the appliances. As a result, it keeps in the same condition you left it, and you can use it without buying a new one.

This can cut the connection between the battery and appliances that prevent the device from draining.

In addition, when you turn off the air conditions and lights and discharges it slowly. Therefore, it helps to prevent excessive charging and save your battery.

Protects from fire

Corrosion is the main reason for the short circuit and catches fire in the RV. If you use this device, it can prevent excessive damage to your vehicle.

Check the wires properly because the defective wire can cause a short circuit and destroy your cabin.

These are designed to cut off electric supplies that protect against electric fires. In addition, they cut down the electric current in a reliable way to maintain the system.

Therefore, you can install this system for safety purposes because it automatically of in any hazardous situation.

Where do you install a Battery Disconnect Switch on an RV?

This device is present near the battery, and it also fixes with the RV cabin. It is connected to the top of the device to use and quickly stops the appliances’ connection.

You can install it on negative or positive terminals, but it is beneficial if you install it on the opposing side.

If it attaches to the positive side, it only stops the current on that terminal and does not stop it on the negative side that is dangerous to your life.

Therefore, connect it to the negative terminal that can prevent you from any hazardous situation.

Cost and time required

The cost of a battery disconnect switch is around $25 to $35. 

In addition, you can install it quickly because its installation method is simple.

You remove the cables and install them on the negative side, then attach the wires again. It takes around 40 to 50 minutes. This device has 2 types that are automatic and manual.

You can choose any of them which you want. You can also install the manual device is cheap and easy to install.

The automatic device is expensive than the manual, and it performs its function automatically and saves your battery from any condition.

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