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How to Change Map Light in Ford F150?

How to Change Map Light in Ford F150?

You can easily remove the old bulb and add new map light in Ford trucks. It only takes a few minutes, and you can do it at your home.

How to Change Map Light in Ford F150? You can change the map light in Ford F150 by turning off the engine, open the cover, remove the old bulb, clean the surface, add new map light, connect the wires, and secure the lid.

These bulbs help you to drive in low-light and off-road routes. This process does not require special skills; just follow this detailed guide.

How to Change Map Light in Ford F150?

The process of replacing the map light is easy. The demand to change it is due to the burning of the bulb by overheating or hazy light. Sometimes it is because of the owner’s requisite to get better effects.

Remove the cover

The initial step is to remove the cover of the bulbs. There are clips on both sides of the assembly to fix the outer.

You have to put the flat-headed screwdriver blade on the edge of the dome and map bulb rear protection. Then apply a slight pressure inside out in the downward direction, pry up the gleaming concealment.

The tab is present on the backside, which connects the cover to the internal settings. So, for the complete disconnection, separate tab. It is simple to press it and take out its wires from the conceal.

The essential precaution is to turn off these before starting the procedure. Now place visors aside. Try not to pull it forcefully as it may break the cover. Place it safely aside after separation. Take care of tab wires, do not turn them while separating, otherwise, the tab or wires may break.

Remove the old bulb

The former will expose one dome light in the central position with two maps light on either side. Now remove it by pulling it straight out.

The stroke to remove the bulb should be in a clockwise direction. Before this, you must grasp the bulb with your thumb and forefinger. It will help in easy disposal without damaging the bulb.

The bulb style varies according to the model of the pickup. So, consider it whether it is of festoon, wedge-based, or miniature-based wedge bulbs. These are the most cost-effective and preferred due to their luminous effects.

However, the shape varies from the casual bulb fitted in the vehicle’s socket. So, it is essential to consider suitable fitting angles and their positions.

It is an optional stride. If you see any dust in the socket, clean it properly. The suitable method is to completely dry the place after cleaning it with a wet fabric.

Add a new map light

Now put the new bulb straight in the socket. Consider the right position and the proper fixtures of it in the socket while fixing it.

The direction must be clockwise. You must apply slight pressure doing this, as more compression may result in breakage of it.

Then line up the cover correctly. The suitable location setting helps it for the correct lightening effect. You should turn off daytime running lights and add all the parts.

Turn on the switch, check the tools, then open the side door and have a look at it. If these are fine, then secure the wires.

The other aspect shows any major problem in the pickup if these are not working. You have to check it for any primary fuse, wires, and switches connected to the door that control these features.

Multiple switches work as the control center for interior bulbs. Their location is on the dashboard with an adjustable knob, mainly on the steering side. If these do not shut down on door impact means it’s internal stuck on a problem.

To line up the problem, you must manually press each button. The no response effect show fault. Now allow the vehicle to remain in the start position for five minutes.

After this, turn off the automobile. Then, close the doors, it must shut down after five minutes of this. You can use it for the headlights, and it will make your truck headlights better.

Connect the wires

However, to trace the wire set, you have to visit a mechanic. The start point for wires is present in each door that ends up in the dashboard.

The mechanic will inspect the wires at the junction where one connection goes towards it. Then the mechanic checks the operational switches and lines the problem. During the process of vehicle review, take out the bulb to avoid any fuse.

Now secure the lid, and everything should work fine now.