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How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on Ford F150?

How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on Ford F150?

Here are 6 best methods for turning off daytime running lights on your pickup. This new feature provides clarity and visibility on roads when the day is cloudy and dim.

How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on Ford F150? You can turn off the daytime running lights on your Ford F150 by adjusting the settings, open the DRL tab, put it on automation, use the information display control system.

How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on Ford F150?

The 13th generation F150 has these lights on its front. It also works as a replacement for headlights.

Its purpose is to make your vehicle visible to other drivers. It provides extra safety to you and other drivers on the highway.

These are usually off at night, but you can turn it on if the headlights of the pickup are not enough.

Sometimes their brightness is so high that it can even cause any accidents on roads.

So you need to use these tools on the road on sunny days.

Turning off the DRL is a simple task. Just follow these simple steps to turn it off. It takes only 2 to 3 minutes in the whole procedure.

Read the instructions manual of the vehicle

The instruction manual is a booklet that provides information about all parts of the vehicle. It contains a description of all the parts like engine suspensions, brake, and different accessories.

Their repair and replacement methods are also part of it. So take the manual and study it thoroughly.

Read all the information about these devices and their specifications along with features. Their location connectivity and maintenance and methods of turning on and off all you can get from it.

The manual contains the visual description of all parts in it. It makes your job a lot easier.

Use information display system control

It is equipped with 13 inches display screen, and it is connected to the digital system. This display screen contains all the information and configuration settings of the vehicle.

You can use it to play any video regarding different configurable parts and options of the truck.
Another excellent feature to help you out is the control switches of the truck.

These switches have navigation keys and a central key to select any option. This switch is present on the left side of the dashboard.

You can use these keys to command the feature and configuration on the display screen. The newcomer, who is the first time dealing with them, can take help from some professionals. This is also used to reset the ABS lights on your truck.

Adjust the settings

You should check the settings of the device and adjust it accordingly. Park your vehicle at aside and stop the engine and ignition.

First of all, carefully read all the options on the home page of the display screen. On the display screen, there is an option of setup or go to setting option. You can adjust the map lights and get better results.

You can use the arrow keys to select the tab on the screen. After pointing out the option, press the ok button to select it.

From all the options that appear before you choose the advanced setting. This tab further contains a list of options that chooses vehicles from the listed options before you. You can check the starter, and if the problem persists, you can replace the starter on your Truck.

Open the DRL tab

Once you open the vehicle, there is a list of options for all the configurable features. In these options, select the related option.

This option is further categorized into different possibilities, like various accessories and parts. Choose this feature by using the navigation keys, now press the ok button on the control switch. Here you can configure it or set it according to your requirement.

Turn off day time lights

These features and all the other options have a checkmark before them; this checkmark is an empty box used to put the checkmark on this feature.

When you want to turn it off, there is a checkmark present already. Now select the box and uncheck it by pressing the ok button on the steering wheel.

Now the DRL is off, and they will remain off until you again turn them on. It is a permanent setting in your vehicle computer system.

No matter how’s the weather, you have to turn them on or off manually. Check the signal lights, replace the front turn signal bulb if it is not working.

Put the lights on automation

There is another option in the computer system besides controlling all the accessories. You can add automation mode in your pickup.

When you put it in this mode, the system will adjust the enabling and disabling of this feature. This option is present right there along with them on and off checkmark boxes.

When you want to put it on automated mode, checkmark the box in front of this option and press the ok button.

The vehicle will turn on the lamps when the weather is rainy or cloudy, you should always use this mode. This is a must to prevent future issues and reduce the chances of accidents.

The digital system of the vehicle uses a sensor to sense the surrounding environment and brightness. It will also adjust the brightness according to the situation.

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