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How to Replace Cruise Control Switch on Ford F150?

How to Replace Cruise Control Switch on Ford F150?

Here are proven techniques for removing and installing the new cruise control switch on the Ford trucks. The cruise control will help you to maintain speed on the highway.

How to Replace Cruise Control Switch on Ford F150? You can replace the cruise control switch on the Ford F150 by disconnecting the wires from the battery, remove the airbags, locate the buttons, separate the plugs and cables, remove and install the new cruise control.

It will maintain a set speed; it minimizes the need to check the speedometer repeatedly. It also reduces slight fuel consumption by reducing the throttle application, which recovers the speed.

How to Replace Cruise Control Switch on Ford F150?

Its buttons are located on the steering wheel. There will be an off and on, coast button, set button, accelerate button, and resume control.

Moreover, accelerate and resume buttons can also be incorporated.

In some designs of vehicles, a cancel button is also present. If you press the ON button, it will be turned on. When you press the OFF button, deactivate the equipment.

After achieving the required speed, adjust the control, and maintain the pickup. The coast button decreases it to 1mile/hour/tap.

It is also held to lower the speed until the release of the controller. The resume button is used to return the pickup on the set speed.

The button named accelerate will magnify the speed of the pickup up to 1mile/hour. It will keep accelerating until the button is released.

Disconnect its battery

First of all, you will verify that the device needs replacement. For this purpose, you will disconnect the battery. It will be inside of the hood covered with a plastic paper.

In some pickups, the battery can be present in the back or trunk while some of the batteries are located inside the seat or floorboard. You will look around these places to find your battery, or you can consult from the manual.

Wear protective kit

Ensure using the additional safety measure like make the corroded places adequately contained. Start the process and first turn off all the electric power devices.

It will include every item on the dashboard and all the lights. Make sure to use special gloves and safety goggles to secure your hands and eyes.

Now pop the hood of the battery and detach its negative terminal. You can use a wrench for this purpose that must have an open end.

Remove the airbags from the steering wheel

Now, you will remove the airbag. The airbag is part of the assembly steering wheel. It is found in the central area of the wheel.

There will be a fuse box, and the fuse in it is attached to the airbag. You will disconnect this fuse to detach the airbag safely from your vehicle.

Locate the cruise control switch

Now, find its location and check if it is connected properly. Now after making sure that it is not working, then disconnect it. Check the process to disconnect it from the manual and remove the device.

Add new cruise control switch

For this purpose, first, you will install the new cruise switch in its location where the previous one was installed. Then connect it with the vehicle.

You will follow the appropriate procedure to reconnect the battery and airbag.

Now install a regulating device, it is designed like a pushbutton and installed on the steering wheel or steering column.

In the end, test your vehicle on the road. Drive it on the road and check that if your operation was successful or not. If you find any irregularity in its function, you can review it and reinstall it again correctly. You can easily clean the fuel injectors and get better performance.


You can regulate the device with the help of a vacuum or electricity. You can also use both ways to handle it. You must deactivate it when driving declines or inclines to sustain proper management of your vehicle.

Many components work together like hoses, electrical wires, engine vacuum switches, and servos. Also, consult the expert technicians to inspect and repair the damaged part. You should add a new pitman arm for better results.

Estimated Replacement cost

It can be expensive if you want quality service. It will cost around $350 on average. However, there are many factors involved in this price estimate. You should buy the same part from a reputed manufacturer.