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How to Change Outside Door Handle on Chevy Truck?

How to Change Outside Door Handle on Chevy Truck?

Changing the outside door handle on a Chevy truck is easy, and it only takes around 40 to 50 minutes.

How to Change Outside Door Handle on Chevy Truck? In general, you can change the outside door handle of your Chevy truck by removing all panels and clips using a flat-bladed screwdriver. Once you remove all bolts and panels, you will get access to the main body of the door. Next, install the new handle and place all bolts and clips on their slots. 

How to Change Outside Door Handle on Chevy Truck?

It is easy to install an outside door handle, and you can do it without any professional help.

I have added 6 easy steps to replace the broken door handle on your truck.

Remove interior door panels and clips 

You will have to remove all interior door panels in your Chevy truck using a flat-bladed screwdriver.

You will see a trim on the backside of the door handle; take it off.

Remove the door bolts

Next, use a ratchet of 10mm with extension and remove the two main bolts holding the door handle; you can access them by their holes.

One of the bolts has a rubber cup; you have to remove this cap first. On the right side of the door panel, you will see that another clip holds the handle rod; unclip it.

In some models of Chevy trucks, a cover is present at the bottom side of the door; you also have to remove this.

You will see another clip near the point where the door is attached to your truck; remove this clip and another shorter clip present behind the door lock.

Disconnect the switch assembly, push the tab, slightly pull it, and gently move the switch assembly wires.

Use a screwdriver to remove its clips

Pull the lock-up, remove its clip with a screwdriver and lift the lock. Then, start removing the entire door panel.  

Open the door using a plastic-bladed screwdriver. Use gloves, and be aware some sharp clips can cause harm to you.

On its backside, you will see door handle cables. Use a screwdriver to push the pins inward and pull them up out. Next, remove the door water deflector (white sheet).

The glue attaches to the sheet so remove it slowly and gently to save some black binding material.

Now remove the 10 mm bolt. There is a yellow clip that releases it to open the door further. Again, you can use a flashlight to make your work easy.

You will see a red clip; tap it, push the rod straight back and open the clip. Next, you have to move the old handle back and forth, slightly pull it out, and gently release it. 

Installing and rearranging of the new door handle

Install the new door handle on your Chevy truck, push it slightly back to its position. 

Insert 10mm bolt and tighten it. Place the rod back in its position. Put the rubber cap back on the 10mm bolt.

Put the water shield back and make sure the door cables don’t break. Next, properly align the door panel clips on their holes on the door and the hooks on their slots.

Put its cable back to its slot, pull back and forth, and fix it on its spot. Next, make sure the door lock slot place exactly on its location.

Take your lock back on its position, tap it, and apply a little screw clip—place the remaining bolts under the handle on their site.

Reconnect the wires to the switch assembly panel. Push it down in its place. Tighten the clips with a screwdriver and secure them in their places. Put a small corner panel in its position. 

Why would you replace the outside door handle on your Chevy truck?

There are many reasons that can lead to this issue, I have added 4 main causes, and you should look for these in your truck.

Damage to the whole door

If the door handle of your truck is broken and unattended for a more extended period, it might affect the components and parts of the door assembly.

Weather conditions can cause rust and corrosion inside the handle, making it hard to open and unusable.

Whenever you face such a situation, there is always a risk that the damage can extend to the whole assembly because some components and tools function together.

It is necessary to replace this handle because this can cause damage to the entire door.

If you left this broken handle unattended, it might replace your truck’s whole frame, which needs more time and expenses.  

Escape in emergency conditions

Many people overlook this point, but you should be aware that a broken door of your truck might pose an emergency concern if you don’t replace it.

If you are in an emergency, time is a critical factor in deciding your protection and hazard.

In an emergency circumstance where you are already stressed, a few seconds can determine your life and death.

For example, assume you are in an emergency, and you need to enter your truck for safety fastly. You will be in extreme danger if you fail to open it having a damaged handle.

Seized truck door lock

If you insert the key in the lock of the door handle and it does not rotate, it indicates the seized lock.

Usually, filth and dirt can cause seizing up the lock of the exterior handle in your truck. However, you can place a moistened cotton ball in the lock hole, and it will help to clean the dirt.

After removing dirt, you can use a silicon or graphite mist to grease it. Don’t use oil for this function because oils are not available in the form of a direct spray.

Improper Alignment 

If there is improper alignment of lock and strike plate outside your Chevy truck, it indicates the need to replace the exterior handle.

You can observe it if the lock handle does not fasten by the door. Sometimes, the lock may be inflated and tightened because of changing temperature.

You can create a hole in the strike plate to simplify the latch to pass through. You can also fill the inner margins of the hole to make it larger. 

How much does it cost to replace it?

There are many brands, and all the products vary in size and cost. I have tried a couple of different manufacturers, and all of them are easy to install.

The average cost is about $20 for one handle and about $70 for the whole set of four handles.

If you don’t want to install it on your own and want professional assistance installing the outside door handle on your Chevy truck, it will cost about 40$ to 50$.

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