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How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver?

How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver?

Starting a Chevy truck with a screwdriver is a bit tricky. I have added 8 easy steps to start your truck within a few minutes using the screwdriver.

How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver? You can start a Chevy truck with a screwdriver by rotating the ignition center using a screwdriver. Next, take the screwdriver out of the ignition center. Locate the starter motor, put the screwdriver in between the two terminals, and move it. A spark will occur, and your Chevy truck will start running. 

Besides, you can use them for some other purposes as well. For example, we can use them to start our truck if the motor gets stuck. 

How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver?

Chevy trucks can have either an automatic transmission or a manual one. 

The primary method to start a truck using a screwdriver is the same in both automatic and manual vehicles. In the case of an automatic transmission, move the gear to “Park.” 

Many trucks have digital meters that display the gear, in which it is running. First, make sure that the gear is not stuck and is in its proper position. 

On the other hand, if your vehicle has a manual transmission, then move the gear in a “neutral” position and pull the hand brakes as well. 

You can put a brick or big stone behind your tires so that your truck should not skid away. 

Move it to a well-suited and safer spot in case it stops working on the road. Take it away from local traffic so that you can avoid any unwanted damage to your vehicle. 

Rotation of Screwdriver in the Ignition Spot

Now take out your screwdriver from the toolbox and put it in the ignition center. Stickit in the ignition spot gently. 

You can never put pressure on the ignition spot; otherwise, it may break. So instead, insert only half of the screwdriver in it.

Once it is in the ignition spot, rotate it in the clockwise direction only once. 

The ignition center is as crucial as any other component present in your Chevy truck. 

You will get confused, and you may damage any wire. It is a susceptible area, and you should be very careful while dealing with it. 

Now, when you rotate the screwdriver inside it, only the lights on the digital meter will turn ON, but the engine will not start. 

Similarly, you will also hear a clicking noise every time you start the engine through the ignition center. 

Take Precautionary Steps

You must have insulating rubber gloves. Many times, you need to deal with battery issues that require such gloves. 

They will protect you from any electric shock and will keep you safe. 

You cannot deal with the starter motor wires with your bare hands, which may cause harm to you. Your gloves guarantee your protection.

On the other hand, safety glasses are as crucial as gloves. Glasses can prevent any tiny particle from entering your eye. 

These glasses and gloves are available in high stores. Many well-known online stores sell them at cheap rates as well. 

You can also use masks for your safety if you are allergic to dust. You should buy a safety kit in which all the items are available.  

The safety gloves will cost you around $10 to $20. Similarly, you can buy safety goggles for $15 to $30. Again, you should purchase good quality products. 

You should be efficient in your work and always use proper tools. Always refer to the user manual because it is your best teacher.

Find the Starter

Take your screwdriver out while keeping the ignition center in the ON position. Now, you need to locate your starter motor. The solenoid takes power from the battery.

It then transfers this power over to the starter motor. The primary function of the motor is to move the engine and to start it. 

You need to find the starter motor in your vehicle. It is present under the passenger side of the engine.

It is near the battery. Itis round-shaped. You can pull the bonnet up and find it, or you can also sit down near the tire of the passenger seat and locate it. 

The solenoid is present at the top of the motor. Two cables are attached to the starter. 

One is slightly larger than the other. This is because the shorter wire of the motor connects it with the ignition circuit, while the larger wire connects it with the battery.

Remove the cover of the motor wires

Now use a wire stripper and remove the plastic cover of both motor wires in your pickup.

Both of the wires are of good quality. You can apply some force to remove the covers of the cables. 

Use a Screwdriver to start a Chevy truck

You need to have at least one screwdriver in your toolbox. However, it is very cheap and will not cost you much.

Now, bring it near the starter motor of the pickup. Put the end of the screwdriver on the threaded stems of the larger wire. 

Retain it in this state and now push it against the threaded stem of the smaller wire. 

A tiny spark will occur. Keep it there only for few seconds. The engine will start soon after the spark. 

You cannot place it there for long, as the tip will get fixed with the motor, and it will become tough for you to remove it and start your Chevy truck. 

It would be best if you tried it at least two to three times. Most probably, your truck will start after one or two tries. 

In case the engine does not start even after the spark, then there is a chance that the battery might be dry.

You need to check your battery, or you can replace it with a new one. Call your mechanic if the problem remains after changing the battery. 

Steering Wheel and Ignition Lock

Sometimes the steering wheel gets stuck. You will be unable to move the steering wheel in any direction. 

When you remove the screwdriver and move the wheel, the ignition center gets locked. This feature prevents thieves from moving your truck.

I usually unlock it by simply moving the steering in the direction where the wheel is not turning. 

I try to keep the wheel in the same position. Then, I put the screwdriver again in the ignition slot and rotate it in the right direction. 

I then move the wheel in both directions, and it gets free. This lock needs to be released to start the vehicle.

Why Do You Need a Screwdriver to Start a Truck?

You can use your screwdriver and start your truck if you forget your key in a hurry or in an emergency.

In this scenario, you need to put it in place of your key and rotate it so that your engine will start running. 

Sometimes thieves steal your keys. Your starter motor may stop working, and you can use different things to start the engine. 

Which Type of screwdriver Is Suitable for Starting a Chevy Truck?

There are many types of screwdrivers in the market. But, first, you can buy a flat head screwdriver.

It has a flat tip and can quickly go in the ignition center, unlike its other types.  

It must have a rubber or plastic cover at its back, from where you can easily handle it. 

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