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How to fix a truck door that won’t close?

How to fix a truck door that won’t close?

Here are 11 best DIY methods to adjust and fix the truck door that won’t close. We have added the required tools and costs for this process in this guide.

How to fix a truck door that won’t close? You can fix a truck door that won’t close by adjusting its position, check the lock, adjust the lock, remove clips and screws, fix the panel, check the wires, and repair the side levers. It costs around $300 to fix this.

Follow all the guidelines mentioned here, and you can repair it easily with minimum expense.

How to fix a truck door that won’t close?

In this article, we have explained these proven steps to adjust the truck door. Whenever the door stops working and does not close, it is essential to fix it immediately.

Tools required

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Iron rods
  • Pen
  • Straps
  • Hooks
  • stick

Adjust the truck door

In this method, you require an iron rod. Use this rod to find the problem with the equipment. Sometimes the whole system gets a break, and mostly there is a small difference in the position settings.

You can use any screwdriver for this repairing; these are pen-shaped and easy to handle and work. Any other devices which have the same appearance can perform the same functioning.

There is a hook-shaped position in the middle area, and it is present in a firm form. Sometimes the latching of the doors causes significant issues.

Adjust it and move it in the right position. Open it on your requirement and close it safely. If your pickup is not starting, you can jump-start a diesel truck with two batteries.

Position it properly

It is one of the significant parts of a vehicle. If it does not attaches properly, it can create multiple problems.

If you cannot take the pickup to the mechanic instantly, then do something for that moment. You can temporarily adjust the parts.

You can use a long cloth or thread which can work as a strap on the door. Tie it with the strap to the other attachment point of the vehicle. Tight the connection firmly and allow it to be stable.

It should be in a position that can become like the original door, tight and fit in the place. If this happens during the journey, you can turn your truck bed into a tent and wait for help.

The tightening should replace and copy the original system; otherwise, other functions will consume excessive battery.

You can use a stretchable strap, tie it with the downwards hooks tightly.

This method is temporary and useful. You can buy these straps from stores for around $8 to $10.

The prices can reach up to twenty dollars, and you can buy them from hardware stores. These straps help in fitting and secure all the parts.

Repair mechanism

It is challenging to remove a panel of the door without giving heat and damage to the equipment.

The heat can damage the internal structure, including the moveable and non-moveable equipment and accessories.

This method is expensive, and you should not perform it at home. The mechanic can cost you up to three hundred to four hundred dollars for this repair.

Take your vehicle to the professional mechanics, and they can repair it with their expertise and unique tools. The use of correct parts and devices is essential in this type of repair. You can use these methods to fix a cracked windshield on your truck.

Adjust door lock

There are various locks in a pickup and all other vehicles. Some of these are safety locks, and they are essential for the vehicle.

These locks can be hidden inside the vehicle. The child safety lock is one of the significant locks of the vehicle and its parts.

A problem in this lock can lead to improper closing and opening of the door. You should find out the reason behind the door jamming and improper closure.

Repair the safety lock of the pickup, and it becomes moveable. It can be done properly by this small repair.

This method is useful and less time-consuming. You can repair the child safety lock at home by using small tools like screwdrivers and wrenches of various sizes.

Remove clips

You can repair it by removing the clips from it. You can use windows to remove the cranks and other stuff by hand.

The screws and handles can move in the door’s direction, and they can create a hurdle. It may not work due to these hurdles and screws.

Change the lock

Handles are among the essential parts in terms of movement and use. When the handle breaks, the whole system gets affected.

Some variants have handles on their vehicle’s doors, but few are without screws. The absence of the screws makes the handles before the damage.

The handle moves in the forward or backward direction due to loosening. Make sure the handle is not broken. Usually, a rod or a metal clip holds the handle and the door with the body.

If that handle is lost, you can replace it with a new one. You can add a new clip or, in case of severe damage, change the whole handle.

Remove the screws

Sometimes the inner screws and its attachments can cause damage to the automobile. You can remove these screws which are present at the bottom body and side of the vehicle.

Use a wrench to listen to the screws; you can also utilize screwdrivers for this task. In this way, you can repair the paths of its movements.

The method is suitable and less time-consuming. There is no need to take it to the mechanic; you can independently perform this simple method.

Work on door pattern

This method varies according to the model and structure of the pickups. You can initiate the process by starting the panels.

The panels are the moveable parts that can run in upward and downward directions.

You can move the board by using your hand but if the panel is jammed, then use other tools. Put a thin and sharp screwdriver inside the panel space and pull it apart from the device.

You can also use a rod to make sure the rod’s size should be accordingly. The pulling of the door from the body should be powerful, but it should not damage the structure.

The use of more power and strength can lead to extreme damage. Go slow while working in your vehicle; otherwise, it can cost you much on your budget.

Adjust the door panel

You should move the panel upwards in the direction of the window area. Remove the lock; these locks are usually in the form of buttons. Remove the button out entirely with a pull or by using a screwdriver.

The presence of power can result in a short circuit in this method. You can save reusable things. Save those things for further use in the reinstallation process of all panels.

Check the wires

The wires run through the frames and body of the automobile. You should check the problem related to the wires and cables.

Sometimes the cracks and broken wires can restrict it from proper closing and tightening. Remove these cracks and damages, and you can secure it.

Adjust the door lever

The levers play a vital role in the movements, multiple cracks of the lever results in the damage of the entire door.

If it does not close, and the problem increases every day. When the lever works properly, you can easily open and move all the parts.

The strength of the door increases by a new level. The new tool may cost you up to $50, depending on your requirements.


Let me explain the amount that you will need to spend on this process. The cost may increase or decrease according to the amount of damage.

You can choose new tools and equipment in terms of your need. Replacement of the whole equipment is a costly process because it cost you the door and the mechanic fees. The average cost runs between $250 to $450 approximately.

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