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How to Turn Off Mercedes Me?

How to Turn Off Mercedes Me?

Apps based on modern technology like Mercedes Me provide many benefits, but it controls all the activities and keeps a strict check that makes it essential to turn it off sometimes.

How to Turn Off Mercedes Me? You can turn off Mercedes Me by logging into your Mercedes me user account and clicking on the management services. After that, go to the services menu, choose a service type that you want to turn off, or select more than one feature. You will get a deactivation confirmation email in the inbox during the deactivation process. Moreover, you can delete your user account to disconnect the app and ask for help from their customer support to turn it off. 

It is annoying for some people to know about a strict check on all the activities like the vehicle condition, maintenance, and location records.

What are the features of Mercedes Me?

It provides unique features that can improve your driving experience to a great extent, as every unique feature is one click away.

 In addition, you can manage your vehicle in many ways to ensure security, safety, and comfort.

View vehicle manuals

This app helps look at the owner manual that provides a document form of the complete information.

You can also look at the command manual, which is unique for each model and provides information about all the commands in an automobile in a document format.

Furthermore, many videos are also present that guides all the new users of this app and explain the features and functions of the services.

Remote engine start

It allows you to start an engine from a long distance to the vehicle. In addition, the app can help maintain the temperature inside before you enter it.

You can decide a specific time duration for an engine to run and then stops when it ends. It modulates the internal climate according to command and makes it warm or cold.

The temperature adjustment ensures a comfortable drive, and you can feel a pleasant and refreshing environment in warm and cold temperatures.

Remote door lock and unlock

You can lock your automobile by using it from a long distance away from it. You do not have to be near the car to operate the functions.

Moreover, you can check the lock status of a parked car by sitting in an office.

The curfew minder helps to know when someone tries to get access inside the vehicle without keys.

Locate vehicle

It allows you to turn on the flashing lights to locate the vehicle in a crowded parking spot.

Moreover, you can produce a beep sound in your automobile that helps identify it quickly.

It enables you to send the destination address to the navigation system to reach your final spot quickly.

Furthermore, you can keep a track record of the vehicle’s location through an app on your smartphone when someone has asked you to borrow a car for a few minutes.

Maintenance management

You can determine the vehicle’s status to know about the right time for maintenance.

In addition, it can provide current updated information about the fuel level, amount of fluids, and tire pressure.

It alerts the driver when the car needs proper maintenance to move swiftly.

Moreover, you can get information about the gas mileage to drive without any tension of getting out of fuel on the highway.

Car-to-X Communication

Car-to-X communication allows the vehicles to communicate with each other, sharing a common road.

It keeps a check on traffic infrastructure and informs you about the hazards you can encounter while driving.

Moreover, it informs the driver about the upcoming dangerous spots through visual or audio warnings to adjust an automobile accordingly.

This feature ensures the safety and alerts the driver about the possible hazards before time.

How do you turn off Mercedes Me?

You can turn off Mercedes Me by deactivating the service from your smartphone and deleting your account. Moreover, you can ask for help from Customer Support.

Deactivate service

Open the app from your smartphone and get into the user account. Then, go to the management service menu to turn off a particular service by this app or disconnect all the services.

After that, click on the security and service menu or administer service in the vehicle. A list of services currently running inside the car becomes visible on the screen.

Select the type of service you want to turn off or choose all the services if you do not like this app to control these functions.

Tap on the “process” option on the screen after selecting services. When the process starts, it results in the deactivation of a selected service.

You can also find a positioning option in the management service menu. Turn this option off to deactivate its features and disconnect it from the vehicle.

Delete user account

You can delete your user account to stop the app from controlling several car features. Instead, log into your account after opening the app and select your profile.

After that, click on the option “delete user account” and enter the password you have set when signing up for an account.

Check your email account and search for a confirmation email confirming account deletion.

Contact Mercedes Me Support

It is better to contact their support when you cannot turn off the service yourself. For example, contact the provided number or send an email about your query.

Tell them about the reason for turning off the app features and ask them to deactivate all the services or any one of them.

Therefore, they can work on the relevant inquiries and help solve the issue quickly.

Why would you turn off Mercedes Me?

It offers many benefits to users, but a few flaws in the system can be annoying for some people.

You probably want to turn off the app when you find another app that is more efficient than it. For example, many people like to add tracker locate, an approved tracking device for their cars.

Moreover, the car owner can keep an eye on all the activities like where you go and how you deal with the vehicle.

It is frustrating when you have taken a car on a lease, and the owner is continuously keeping a check on activities.

Furthermore, you can protect the vehicle from intruders that make it vulnerable to hacking. 

I bought a Mercedes from one of my friends who is a registered member of this automotive brand.

He used to look at my driving habits and the locations where I go; that’s why I turned off Mercedes Me services to get out of his sight.

Therefore, you can enjoy a peaceful driving experience when you know that no one is looking at you can your vehicle.

What does a Mercedes me button do?

You can find a Mercedes Me button on the dashboard and close to the steering wheel. It has a sign of call or a phone with “Me.”

This button allows you to ask for help from their representative during an emergency. They can guide you properly when you need roadside assistance.

Furthermore, they can explain how to use a specific feature and provide services when your vehicle breaks down on the road and does not get started.

How much does a Mercedes Me app cost?

You do not have to pay even a penny to download a Mercedes Me app from the Google Store because it is entirely free.

However, you have to pay fees to access these services, which depends on the type of service you will activate.

You can enjoy a free trial of the safety and security services for 5 to 6 months, but you have to pay a reasonable amount every year later.

In the same way, entertainment and assistance features are free for the first 3 to 4 months, and then you have to pay $17 to $21 every month.

Can you track your car with Mercedes me?

It is possible to track your car with this app when it is within a distance of 1.2 to 1.6 Km from the smartphone.

It can help know about the exact location of a car, and you can ask your child when he has taken it without your permission.

Not only does it help in locating a car, but it allows you to identify it in a crowded place with a beeping sound and flashing light.

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