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How To Remove Indentations in Leather Car Seats?

How To Remove Indentations in Leather Car Seats?

The leather indentations are the pressure marks that come on leather car seats because of the placement of heavy material in the same spot for longer. Dent marks come on their surface because of the stretching of leather material. The issue with car seats comes when you put baby seats. You can see small marks on the seats because of their clips.

How To Remove Indentations in Leather Car Seats? You can remove the indentations in leather car seats using a heat gun, hair dryer, massaging of leather, steam cleaner, rubbing alcohol, leather conditioners, baby oils, pushing and rolling method, and cloth dipped in warm water.

I have a 3-year-old baby, and he cannot sit in the passenger seat because of safety issues. I installed the baby seats in my car but placed the towel beneath to prevent the leather material from indentations. However, you can also use hard car seat protectors to make the protective layer between the clips and upholstery.

Heat gun

Indentation comes on car seats because of the stretching of leather upholstery. Heat guns can remove these indentations and restore their original shape and appealing appearance.

Heat guns are electronically controlled devices that use a power supply for their functioning. These contain motor-operated fans that blow the air.

Blowing air moves over the heated filament for heating and comes out from the nozzle. These have switches for temperature adjustments.

These devices can produce a temperature of about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people avoid using it because high temperatures can also cause skin burns.

You have to carefully adjust their temperature while using it on leather upholstery because it can cause burning and fading of seats.

Connect the heat gun power cord with electric sockets and press the power button to turn it on. Use the buttons to adjust their temperature and fan speed.

Position the heat guns over the affected areas. Keep these devices 8 to 10 inches away from the leather material because direct contact affects the color and causes drying issues.

In addition, it is also necessary to move the heat gun in several directions to reduce the overheating issues. You should check the temperature of the dented area with your hand while using these guns.

One of my friends also faced the same issue because of placing furniture on the passenger seats during shifting. He was reluctant to use the heat gun because of its high temperature.

I told him to carefully use it while accessing the dented surface temperature and keep the heat gun nozzle several inches away from the indented area.

Hair dryer

You can treat the stretched leather material and remove the indentations from the car seats by using a hair dryer. The hair dryer blows the warm air, which is beneficial to resolve the stretching issue.

I also experienced that a hair dryer is a better option than heat guns because of the temperature differences. Heat guns have incredibly high-temperature ranges, which can cause the melting of glass material.

These can also blow the warm air when you adjust their setting at low temperatures. Hair dryers blow warm air, decreasing the risk of drying and cracking leather.

Connect the power cord of the hair dryer to the electric socket and turn it on with a power button. Adjust the hair dryer setting to blow hot air. Set its position over the dented area and move the hair dryer in a circular movement.

You can also buff the surface with your fingers. Warm air treatment allows the stretched leather fibers to relax and come back to their position.

Massaging leather

Massaging leather material generates heat, which is helpful to get rid of stretched fibers. You can massage the dented surface with your fingers.

However, many people prefer to use a cotton towel to massage the affected area. One of my friends faced the same issue because he placed the battery on the car seats.

The heavy load of the battery produced indentations on the surface. My friend applied the leather softener on the dented area and massaged it with a towel.

Softeners are helpful to treat the shrank and stretched fabric. However, you should apply the softeners according to the instructions given on the product.

Steam cleaner

You can get rid of leather seat indentations by using handheld steam cleaners. These cleaners provide the steam to treat the stretched fabric.

You can also adjust the steam temperature according to the extent of the dented area. In addition, you have to apply the leather conditioner after steam cleaning.

Steam causes drying and shrinkage of car seats. It is better to coat their surface with leather conditions to moisten their surface.

Rubbing alcohol

Leather upholstered car seats are long-lasting because of their durable fabric, which is less vulnerable to damage when you treat these properly.

You can affect their soft and supple texture when applying solvents directly on their surface. You can get rid of indentations from the leather car seats but avoid their direct application.

Apply rubbing alcohol on a towel or cotton cloth and then rub it over the dented area. Clean its surface with a leather conditioner to moisten it and maintain the soft appearance of the fabric.

Leather conditioners

The indentation issue usually comes because of the stretching of leather fabric. It is vulnerable to stretching because of temperature changes and exposure to hot and cold conditions.

Moreover, adverse weather conditions also cause drying of their surface, which increases the cracking and peeling risk.

It is necessary to condition your car seats once a month to maintain the smooth and shiny appearance of their upholstery. Apply the leather condition over the indentations.

Massage it with your fingers or towels while following the instructions given on the products you use. I always apply the leather conditions on my car’s passenger and driver seats to maintain their new and shiny look. These are also helpful to give a new and pleasant appearance to your vehicle’s interior.

Baby oil

Many people use baby or coconut to get rid of indentations from the leather seats instead of using leather conditioners. Baby oils and coconut help moisten the leather and remove the stretch marks from their surface.

Apply the minute quantity of coconut or baby oil on the affected area. Leave the treated surface for a few hours for moistening purposes.

I also used the baby oil a few years back, and it worked. I could not use the conditioner because it was not available at my home at that time.

However, it is necessary to wipe off the excessive oil from the surface so it cannot leave stains on your clothes.

Pushing and rolling of the affected area

You can fix the indentation issue in the leather seats of your cars by using the pushing and rolling method. You can resolve the stretched fabric issues by this method.

Push the surroundings of the dented area with a hand to loosen their fabric. In addition, you have to push the edges with your fingers towards the center of the indentations.

You can roll any cylindrical object, including water bottles, over the affected surface. Gently apply pressure over the bottle while rolling to realign the leather material.

Cloth dipped in boiling water

I face a leather indentation issue in my SUV seats because of the placement of the newly bought sofa. I placed the new sofa on the rear side passenger seats instead of booking the vehicle and spending extra money on it.

Pour tap water into the stainless-steel bowl and put it on the stove. Wait until the water starts boiling, and then remove the pan from the stove.

Leave it for some minutes to decrease the boiling temperature. You cannot pour warm water directly on leather car seats because it affects its smooth and shiny appearance.

Dip the cloth in warm water and massage the indented area with this cloth.

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