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How to Decode a Ford Truck VIN Number?

How to Decode a Ford Truck VIN Number?

VIN of Ford truck is in the form of digits. Each letter and number have specific features of the vehicle. For instance, some letters represent manufacturer location, truck model, engine model, and sequence.

VIN also gives us information about the ford truck spare parts market and all essential details require before buying. It covers all the security features locking and interlocking system, and truck fuel efficiency. 

Through this, you can get valuable information about your Ford truck. It is beneficial to keep the vehicle events record during its lifetime, like an accident, stolen, and another incident.

During a collision, or flood damage can cause any interior parts damage like an odometer. You can recall your ford vehicle if a fault appears in any system and ensure the warranty.

How to Decode a Ford Truck VIN Number?

There are 17 digits string mentioned in the VIN of a Ford truck. Each letter in the VIN gives specific information about the truck.

For instance, its model, model year, manufacturer, and more. It also provides details about which ISO series Ford truck complies. VIN of Ford truck does not include letters like O, I, Q, which look like 0, 1, and 9.

You should ensure that this number compatible with the vehicle insurance documents or its registration. 

What is Ford VIN?

VIN abbreviate as a vehicle identification number. It is also called social security or serial number.

It provides or generated by the manufacturer, and the advantage is that 2 VINs are not the same or equal.

The first three characters are essential and provide guidelines regarding your vehicle; these are also called WIM or world identification numbers. 

VIN is a 17-digit code or characters which contain all ford truck information.

In the previous 1980s model, 13 and 16 letters of vehicle identification number are present. 1-3 digits refer as WMI indicates that vehicle manufacturing and production country and truck type.

4-8 characters known as VDS represent its various characteristics. It includes model, body kind, size, engine type, transmission, and more.

Other characters contain the nine and VIS (unique serial number), which gives you the specific ford truck identification.

Location of VIN in Ford Trucks

You can figure out your truck VIN available in printed form outside of it. First, you have to determine its title or on the dealer maintenance record.

It also presents on the steering column and near the firewall. It is a plate number, which locates behind the windshield on the driver-side dashboard.

You have to open the door and check across the place where the door frame attaches to your truck body. Sometimes, its location becomes changes like a present on the engine block under the hood.

Finally, it print on the vehicle paperwork includes registration title and insurance.

VIN components

There are different components of this number:


It recognizes as a world manufacturer identifier in which the first 3-digit represents the vehicle manufacturer by using this code. The character or digit position depends on the vehicle manufacture.


It recognizes as a vehicle descriptor section that positions around the 4-8 character. It has several pieces of information about your fords like truck type, model, body style, and engine type.


It is also known as the vehicle identification section starting from 10-17 characters. It is a sequential number in which the last 5-digit are numeric. It provides detail about the engine and other transmissions.  

The VIN gives by the manufacturer in which it has fingerprint-like features and unique for each truck. When you decide to decode this number, it gives you the complete vehicle history. It consists of many steps such as:

Understand truck VIN

This number helps identifies your vehicle. Some services like recall, medical reports, robberies, insurance benefits, and truck model records monitor through VIN.

When you decode it, represent different vehicle information like country and manufacture year, serial number, model, an assembly plant, and other related information.

13 digit number

The 13-digit number is for that ford vehicle which manufactures before 1981.

These thirteen digits with specific configurations will carve either on the engine or along the vehicle door on the operator side.

You need to carefully read and decode those configured numbers to have the right and detailed information about the vehicle and relevant areas of concern for your truck.

These numbers are clear and specific. These cannot choose arbitrarily but have an essential purpose behind ease and every letter or number, and these letters or numbers are not mutually confusing.

These are very clear and understandable for the reader or observer.

16 digit number

Old truck models have the 16- digit number, which considers as the vehicle birth identifier. In the early 1980s, trucks assign these types of numbers. There are various steps for decoding the VIN.

First, you have to locate the number where it is present. It present in a different truck position, like the driver side, below the windshield, or inside the door panel. 

First digit

Second, you have to figure out the first code digit. It indicates the country which represents the truck origin.

The different number indicates various country names like 1 and 4 show the USA. In this way, 3-Mexico, 2-Canada, k alphabet represent Korea, S for England, and many others.

Second digit 

It represents the truck manufacturer. If these are Ford trucks represented by F. BMW for B, Audi, V for Volvo, and General Motor are shown by number X and many others.

Third digit

You observe the third digit, which indicates that truck type and manufacturing division. Every manufacturer can use their method in this field.

If you want to decode the VIN of the vehicle, the 4-digits show the multi-purpose passenger, 7 for the truck kind. 

4-8 digits

These represent the five truck positions. Manufacturers use this to determine the essential features like model, series, truck body structure, and engine system.

Figure 9

It is also called check digit, which represents verifying the VIN accuracy and makes it unique from all other truck verification identity numbers.

According to resources, almost all the truck characteristics determines by the manufacturers, but the digit-9 determination different from others.

It can evaluate with the mathematical calculation depends on the various factors like weight, its sample, assign value code, and position it.

These all values sum up, and the answer will divide by 11. The results, which appear by the whole, this process represents the check digit number.


This 10the digit character represents the truck model year like 1991 (X), XXXX (2), 2002 (2), 2000 (X), and many others like this.  

12-16 character

This character represents the truck assembly plant in which the vehicle assembles. This figure identifies the specific truck.

These represent the numeric form that indicates your vehicle production as it enters into the manufacturer assembly line.

Based on series number manufacturer construction, it becomes as one truck comes with the 0000X, and next for XXXX2 is the assembly line.

17 digit number

It is all about the engine and its type. It gives complete and comprehensive details about key features and their manufacturing details.

It leads you to make the right choice of vehicle for your journey or future use.

Any wrong interpretation about the engine from VIN will put you in serious trouble when you will using the specific vehicle.

Therefore, carefully read and interpret this number. For this, you must have expert advice if it is needed. Otherwise, use the internet search engine and get information from authentic websites. 

Summary explaining how to decode VIN of Ford truck

Here is a simple example of VIN and its decoding:


This sample VIN can decode by using principles given in the Ford VIN decoding chart.

2-digit  manufacturing origin.

F is the manufacturer itself.

D represents incomplete or complete vehicle.

X indication of restraint vehicles.

F16  Ford truck model.

S used in the engine type. 

1-digit is your Ford vehicle security code.

3 is the Ford truck model year.

E is about a plant and its location.

C45351 is the Ford truck production sequence at the plant.

For instance, it also gives you valuable information about the market value of the truck, its equipment details, the fuel efficiency of your Ford truck, safety rating of your vehicle among its competitors, current warranty status and guides you about recall and defects in its road history.

Details involving decoding principles of VIN of ford truck and its significance for a user

A VIN is a whole complex of some digits and letters. These are not meaningless entities and hold great user significance and vehicle manufacturers.

This complete complex of letters and numbers gives valuable information about the truck in the market. For instance, it guides you about the availability of spare parts, workshops in specific areas, and common defects faced by the particular breed of Ford trucks.

Detailed analysis of decoding VIN of Ford truck

For a detailed analysis of decoding VIN of Ford truck, you must put the VIN of your vehicles before you; such as:


Now, proceed with its decoding analysis. Its decoding is a thorough and time taking task. Therefore, you must take your time and make sure of utmost care in decoding it.

Keeping in view a brief description of decoding principles gives in the above detail. We will have a complete analysis of the decoding VIN of your Ford vehicle. Each number and letter in VIN is of equal significance. We let take these entities one by one.

The 2-digit is for the country of manufacturing. Each region gives a specific number to have quick identification of a particular country as a manufacturing country. Ford usually uses 1 for the United States of America.

Therefore, the appearance of it at the start of VIN. Remember does not to confuse this number with the I letter. Therefore, Ford does not use this sort of alphabet in the series of letters given in VIN. These letters are O, I, Q, which look like 0, 1, and 9.

 F stands for

 It considers a vehicle manufacturer under your use or consideration. In the case of Ford, this represents by the letter F.

It elaborates on the specific truck model form. For instance, it can be about Ford F150 or some other model of Ford manufacturer. Therefore, considering the second letter of VIN, you must have detailed analyses of the specific model under consideration.

D gives for

Type of vehicle under your use or your consideration. For instance, it reveals complete or incomplete types of Ford vehicles.

It is the vehicle status that gives you authentic information of the purchase, sells or truck use. If a ford is complete, then you can sell or purchase it.

If it is incomplete, then have a thorough assessment of missing links in all vehicles, those missing links, and make the truck ready for market use.

X use for Restraint vehicles. Restraint vehicle stands for making sure security of passengers traveling in the truck.

For instance, it includes seat belts, specific helmets, seating precautions, emergency doors, child car seats, and passenger safety boxes or tool kits to make the vehicle and feel safe during damage while you are on your journey.

It is why users call VIN a comprehensive check of a vehicle under consideration for market use in the present and future.

F16 in VIN includes

It considers as a truck model under your use or present in the market. This number in the ford under consideration facilitates you to make the right choice of your model.

It matches with the model number available in the manual or the number write on your engine.

It is why VIN is regarded as the detail of your vehicle, which creates greater ease in making the right choice of your truck, its components, and the correct market-to-find model of your choice.

S stands for

Model or type of engine with detailed specification of it for your vehicle. This usually an initial of the information engine number given on the engine chassis or casing.

Therefore, you must watch with care while selecting a specific model of your pickup from the market or the manufacturing unit. It gives you even minute details about the engine of a vehicle.

It includes engine spares, type of fuel to be used for it, periodic or regular engine maintenance or overhaul manual, and precautions to avoid wear tear during normal usage.

1 stand is for

It shows the security code of your Ford vehicle. Truck security to avoid its theft is of greater importance for its owner and manufacturer to have excellent market value and best asset protection during use.

This number which has series of letters and characters provides complete information about your Ford essential features.

However, it contains all information about logs and locks to be used with specific code configuration and vital features like how and when to lock the engine with its interlocking structure under unfavorable circumstances.

It also contains detailed information about the alarm system of Ford vehicles. How and when to operate this system. The features of VIN can study by the ford user to achieve maximum security of the truck during its use. 

3-character represents in this example of VIN for the model year of your Ford truck

In the given example of VIN of a specific Ford truck, number 2 is for a year of manufacturing of a particular model under your consideration.

It is available in the form of single-digit if zero is before this digit. For instance, in the case of 2002, it is given as 2.

It proves helpful in making the correct assessment of the right model year of your truck. You can expect it by using the proper decoding process, and you cannot deceive about the truck model year and accurate information.

E is all about

Location of the plant. This letter decodes by using the decoding principles of a specific manufacturing brand.

For instance, some brands use the initial letter of the particular city, where the assembling of specific vehicle model manufacturing is present, and few may use the last letter of the city name.

In the given example of Vehicle Identification Number, E represents the second letter of the given city. It leads you to have the correct information about the region where the plant locates.

So, you can visit this plant whenever you feel any need to get your problem addressed and get information about your interests in a specific model of your choice or interest. 

C45351 is for

It indicates the production sequence of your pickup in the manufacturing or assembling unit.

Here, the number given is about the arrangement or number of vehicles manufactured before the ford of your choice.

This character clear indication of market interest in the truck of your choice. It does not read in isolation. It is usually read in combination with the model number of a specific ford of your interest to find market interest about the vehicle of your choice.

How to find suitable spare parts for your Find truck while using VIN?

The market for spare parts is of significant importance for auto users. It helps them to replace their broken and worn-out spare parts with new ones.

In this way, their journeys do not impact, and their vehicles keep moving. The emergence of black-marketing of spare parts and substandard spare parts have fake stamps of authentic companies.

Dealing with the particular spare parts has made it difficult for the truck owner to make the best decision on the spare parts of the vehicle.

In the presence of an authentic VIN, you do not need to worry about spare parts of your Ford vehicle.

Check important vehicle data before its purchase

Purchasing a vehicle in its brand new form or vehicle under your use is a thorough and tiresome process.

For this, you must have to get complete information about the truck under consideration or recommended to you.

VIN is vital to find all relevant details about any specific vehicle you want to have for your future use. For instance, it guides you about the vehicle model, its warranty, spare parts, location, sequence, safety mechanism, operational efficiency, and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Check the consistency of vehicle information

It also uses to verify truck accuracy and authenticate available details. Wrong information or unsubstantiated information always misguides end users.

As vehicle selection and its operation is a sensitive job, so it needs the right and consistent information about its key features of the user.

It helps you find the data about a specific vehicle under your use or under your considerations for future use consistent with the manufacturer claim and dealer of that particular vehicle.

You must have deep knowledge of how to decode the VIN of your ford. You will not misguide by any automaker or dealer if you interpret it and apply it to a specific field of knowledge.

Check for fake VIN or cloned

Furthermore, to obtain the correct information, you must have access to the right VIN.

Sometimes cloned VIN misguides you, and you fell prey to incorrect details about your vehicle.

It leads to many problems. Such as; it will mislead you about the model of your ford, location of its manufacturer, wrong information about warranty claim of the vehicle, misguide you about safety protocols or standard operating procedures SOPs of vehicle and type of engine installed at your truck.

This sort of misinformation will not let you make the right choice about your future truck. Therefore, be aware of such cloned VINs.

To check this, either VIN is genuine, authentic, or clone must get it confirmed with an authorized dealer in those vehicles and the manufacturer itself.

Moreover, the advent of modern technology has made things further easy for you. You just put a given VIN in VIN-specific weblogs offered by specific browsers to check the authenticity of the VIN of your vehicle.

History checks up

It helps get your vehicle data in case of robbery, scam, or crime. The information you can obtain from it includes the vehicle theft report, accident history, images, recall, and ownership record.

Purpose of VIN

You can identify and figure out the market value, equipment detail, fuel efficiency, safety rating, and current warranty.

These are the essential components that you have to know for your ford. It is useful when you buy the new model, repair and compatible parts, fake VIN, and a few other important.

We will discuss the different purposes of VIN, like market value, fuel efficiency, engine feature, and many others.

Market value

You have to figure or determine your vehicle market value through VIN by some official website, truck-specific history, or from dealer and yourself.

Some association like NADA which recognize as National auto-mobile dealer association provides the vehicle valuable information. 

These can help through 2 different websites with their specific property. The one web service is for the customer, another for the dealers and lenders.

You use it to determine the truck value by pressing on the consumer site field. In this case, enter the year and mileage, but you cannot attain the specific value because it contains no VIN option.

While the dealer and lender can put this number and get the desire truck worth. They subscribe and pay charges for it. Another way is that you can ask a salesperson while buying it, so check and tell you.

During this procedure, sometimes the dealer can ask you to pay for it, so take precautions. You have to check out and match the NANDA report to verify the VIN of your vehicle.

The ford ranger truck has a better sense for this property because it has 7000-7500lbs tow ability, and narrow dimension help in parking and its running speed.

2020 ford-150 model is trending with the best holding space, and the 2019 model has engine variety with excellent efficiency to optimize power.

This truck year model has the ideal payload and high towing capacity and helps balance the fuel economy. In this way, the 2018 model becomes the best selling in its history, and 2017 recognized as the full-size pickup truck. 

Engine features

Sometimes you are unaware of your truck engine specification under the hood. 

You can determine its code, size, and model by the 10th and 8th letters on the left side of it.

Vehicle color guarantee

You can also determine the interior and exterior color of your pickup by the VIN. 

This information usually a present 3-6 character of it. It is essential to know color, which guarantees its accuracy. This information is required when repairing the scratches or paint of your vehicle.

Determine trim level 

It is hard to find when a vehicle exposes to an accident like a collision or crash. Trim level means a truck with several versions.

Each has its parts and accessories, and for its fixing or repairing, technician experts must know proper all of these parts.

Fuel efficiency

The vehicle fuel efficiency is an essential indicator to uplift and destroy the truck market status.

To know about fuel efficiency and make the correct selection, automotive experts usually refer to develop an understanding of VIN.

Efficiency in consumption fuel on specific terrain always mentions the particular VIN of the vehicle. Therefore, you must understand the decoded pattern of VIN to have the correct information about vehicle fuel efficiency.

Safety ratings

VIN looks like truck fingerprints. It advantageous when your vehicle becomes arrested or steals it comes in the record.

If your ford confiscates, its VIN also computes. In this way, you can easily track your vehicle and avoid loss. You can use it properly to protect yourself from any dangerous scam. 

Sometimes verification identification number becomes tamper. If you find some suspicious point, then you should take some action.

You have to check all its locations in your vehicle and match them. If one of them does not match, it means the problem occurs in the dashboard area.

If it is compatible, then the DMV of your region knows it very well. Sometimes, causes of this reason becomes not match, and registration numbers will not issue and advise you to take the correct action.

Sometimes, it becomes scratch or harm due to negligence, not intentionally. Return to the old shop and ask them if that correct or not.  

Warranty status

You can check the truck warranty through a local dealership if you cannot understand or do not know the VIN.

They will use this number to figure out the information. The truck warranty starts from the day of its sale.

If a dealer unable to tell you this information, then search out different available sources.

VIN Recall search tool

Truck owners may be unaware that their recall vehicle needs repairing or fixing.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launches a search tool that allows you to determine some facts.

VIN search tool covers that truck having incomplete or no recall. It also depends on the calendar years, like over the 15 years.

These search tools cover the vital light auto manufactures as motorcycle safety recalls. The manufacturer can conduct the recall provides this information by the VIN lookup tool.

The NHTSA does not maintain VIN information or result in records obtain through this tool.

There are some limitations, which the VIN search tool does not cover.

It includes the safety recall information that completes international vehicles, manufacturer customer service, and another non-safety recall campaign.

Those safety recalls which introduce new with incomplete all VIN identification cannot cover.

If the time exceeds 15 years, then it impossible for you, except the manufacturer allows extra coverage. Small auto manufacturers like ultra-luxury brands and specialty application safety recall also restrict. 

According to the report, the above 30,000 ford vehicles receive the recall because these equip with defective parts like airbags.

These model year trucks come up with the replaced parts because the airbag inflator is the source of explosion during accidents.  

VIN determine system defect

VIN provides much-needed comprehension about system defects in specific vehicles or manufacturers.

For instance, it gives details of software installation that ensure the operational and vehicle effective safety mechanism.

These defects can be in the following domains: defects in lighting system and its effectiveness, defects in its wipers, cooperativeness of the airbags of your Ford vehicle during any unfortunate incident to your ford, the brake system of it, thrift and controls of the truck and all about its aerodynamics. 

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