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Can You Hang Things on RV walls?

Can You Hang Things on RV walls?

Here are 11 easy methods to hang things on your RV walls. You can adjust things without harming the structure of any wall inside the RV. 

Can You Hang Things on RV walls? Hang things on RV walls with hooks and adhesive materials. Block boards, magnets, screws, iron nails, thumb pins, and add double end tape are excellent ways to hangs pictures on RV walls. 

Can You Hang Things on RV walls? 

There are enormous ways through which you can hang things on RV walls. These techniques are suitable for the surface of all RVs. 

Use Double-end tape

It is a suitable method, and you do not want to drill holes in their RV walls. You can use double-end tape, and it has adhesive capacity.

They have sticking power on both sides of the material. You can easily attach them to the backside of the painting or any other such thing.

These tapes are in ready-made form in some cases, and the settlement becomes easier. Adjust the strips on all the edges and corners of the material. 

Push them backward with the wall with a specific amount of force. They have easy removal capabilities, and you can replace them at any time.

It loses the work efficiency near the heat tools. The tape can shrink, and the item can fall directly on the ground. The preventive measures are the responsibility of the RV owner and the person who carries out such procedures.

Nails and screws

The internal structure of the walls is full of electric wires systems and other such connections.

It is not easy to make holes in these structures without proper precautions. You cannot make holes in any corner without understanding the internal composition of the wall.

It can lead to disasters due to heavy materials like towels or other such things that require support.

The screws and nails are helpful to adjust hooks and other hanging materials. You can also add a heavy painting on the wall with these tiny tools.

Always select a small size of screws and nails for hanging such things on RV walls. They can withhold the material firmly.

They are not visible to every single person due to their small size. They are easy to handle and mix inside the heavy material.

Always make holes for these screws with drill machines, and these holes provide security to the screws and all other nails. Always check the wall for the prevention of internal damages.

Use Adhesive material

The adhesive material to hang different things on the walls is like any glue. It is suitable for lightweight stuff and provides maximum effects.

The matter is efficient and can make things firm. They require proper drying conditions, or it leads to unfavorable disasters.

You can apply them on the edges of the lightweight stuff and then push it on the RV with a specific amount of force.

They are not easily removable and can reduce the wall paint on peeling.

People avoid their use for those items which they remove after some time.

Special hooks for hanging

These are plastic and rubber hooks with a backside adhesive property.

You can settle them on any plain wall of RV and hang the item. They are not suitable for heavyweights, and you should not take any risk.

Adjust the light items like wallpapers of small plant pots with them. These hooks have a vast range of varieties and sizes.

The quantity and adhesive property vary with this range. You can utilize the high-duty adhesive hooks for heavy materials.

You can use them 2 – 3 times, but the removal is not easy. 

They are best in their performance on clean surfaces. The pores make these hooks unstable, and they lack their efficiency.

Rubber tools

These rubber tools are highly efficient and help in hanging different materials on RV walls. These tools are small but effective in the case of lightweight items.

These materials are a blend of rubber and other sticky stuff. They have ready-made compositions, and you can buy them from any decoration item store.

It is efficient enough to adjust things even in extreme trembling. They have simple adjustments, and they are easy to use in all conditions. You can remove one piece from the box and roll it between the fingers.

They get soft and turn into a ball, and you can stick it behind the edge of any material. Add a rubber ball on every corner of the specific material.

These are beneficial for lightweight things like paper paintings and other such items. They provide enough power to adjust firmly in place.

You can peel them off the walls without any harmful effects. They have stability functions for the moving items of the RV, and you can settle them with these efficient rubber tools.

Use Thumb pins to hang pictures

It is also a suitable method for those people who never generate any holes on the RV walls. These thumb pins have one sharp end, and you can push them in any item and these are ideal to hang pictures.

They require a small hole for their better insertion. They are tiny, and people can hardly notice them.

The thumb pins offer a clear and firm adherence to the material with the RV. These pins are available in the form of a box.

The box contains 15 -30 push pins, and these have maximum stability on the paper and other such items.

You can also use a pin puller to remove them from their original state, and they are efficient.

The push pins are not expensive, but they require protective measures. You can lose one pin, and that edge of the item becomes unstable. Always add 2 – 3 pins on one corner in case of slightly heavy materials.

Use an adhesive gun

It is another quick method to add lightweight items to the RV. This equipment is available in the market, and you can also buy them online.

They are in the form of a plastic gun and comprise adhesive properties. They have small sharp pins inside them as bullets.

The pressure trigger of the pin gun forcefully pushes these pins on a specific spot. You can adjust the gun pins on the edges and corners of paper paintings and other wallpapers.

They are efficient enough to settle inside the wall with these materials. They are easily removable, and you can perform detachment with hands.

Already existing hooks

You can hang things on the inside of RV with the already existing hooks. These hooks are small, and they have adhesive properties.

You can remove the already existing material from these tools. Add lightweight materials to these hooks for long-lasting effects.

It is one of the quick and excellent methods to hang items on the walls. There is no need to make any holes and keep the surface stable. 

Decorative items with lights

It is another efficient way to hang the decorative items on the RV walls. The light strips are available online, and you can purchase them in decoration stores.

They enhance the beauty of the living compartments. The light strips are long, and they require adjustment. You can use double-end tape to adjust the light strips.

These are easily adjustable, and you can remove them at any time. They never remove the paint of the walls, and people prefer them.

Hang small and lightweight photos on these strips with clips. It is a simple and less time-consuming process, and you can carry it out anytime.

Magnets on metal things

The metal items have non-adhesive properties towards all the sticky materials, and you cannot adjust them with double-end tape or nails.

The holes are another disaster for such materials because they can lose their structure, and you can purchase few magnets for better attachment property.

Always select those surfaces that have excellent attachment properties for metal magnets. 


These boards are of wood and plastic compositions. They are firm and stable with various numbers of blocks.

They require proper holes for their excellent adjustments, and use a drill machine and make small holes to add screws.

Settle the blocking board on these holes and make it stable, and use a screwdriver and tight all the screws in their original state.

Hang the decorative and other items on these block structures. Always check the firmness of the equipment before adding other heavy materials.

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