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How to Decorate an RV for Christmas?

How to Decorate an RV for Christmas?

Here are 23 great ideas to decorate your RV for Christmas. Some people like camping, and it is the chance to celebrate by decorating the inside and outside of the luxurious RVs.

How to Decorate an RV for Christmas? You can decorate your RV for Christmas by hanging lights, ornaments, and small flags. In addition, you can make the Christmas tree, Santa clause, and snowman using cotton and fabric. The snowy and island theme will increase the celebration of Christmas. Keep the Baux wreath, flowers, and candles at suitable places and turn on the music.

You can change the interior with available things. You can also make ornaments by hand at the spot using different stuff.

How do you hang Christmas lights on my RV?

The first and the most acceptable method of decoration is the hanging and arrangement of lights. Use red, white, and green color lights to make the interior and exterior of the vehicle attractive.

Add small lights to the tire rim. It will look great if they are in red and white color. Take a string of lights and adhere it to the side outside of the vehicle in a circular manner.

You can also use the red lights for the Santa clause and the white color for the snowman. 

Use fairy lights and party lights with multi-color near the windows. The light rays will spread all over the interior environment. You can place it in such a way their reflection will fall on the glass.

You can decorate the whole RV with lights from outside, but some people do not like heavy decoration. So you can also give a classic and modern look by hanging some lights.

It will give a new look when you add small red, green and white bulbs on the frame of side mirrors. Also, hang light strings at the backside of the vehicle.

You can make the light Christmas tree by placing it on the wall. Then, wrap the lights around the legs of chairs and tables.

It will look great when you write Christmas with lights; if you do not have space on the wall, take a thin steel or brass wire and make small alphabets.

Wrap the light sting around it and place it on the table and at the back of couches and chairs. You can also adhere to it at the back of the driving seat.

You can add light to the steering in a circular shape and also to the main entrance doors. 

How do you decorate the outside and inside of my RV for Christmas?

There are many new and innovative ideas to decorate the inside and outside of your RV at this special event. 

Color paper

Apply the color paper all over the body of RV. It is the best option instead of painting it with spray or brush paint. Many people like red and white color wallpaper for it.

There are different color combinations and patterns of paper available in the market. Furthermore, you can make the Santa clause, flags, and gifts on it.

It will look Christmas vehicle when you place the paper on it. It shows your happiness and enthusiasm towards the celebration of this occasion. You can also cover the back window shield during this festival with wallpaper.

Christmas cap

You can buy it from the market and make it yourself using cards. Take the cardboard and cut it into different sizes and fold it to give a cap shape. You can also use sticky foaming to sheet add glamour.

You will need to paint it or stick red color paper if the card is already in red. Then, apply spray paint on the cap and use white color to make lining on it.

Set the small white color cotton or wool ball on it. You can wear it on your head if the size fits. You can also make it with soft fabric. Prepare the number of tiny caps either using cards or cloth.

You can set the caps at different points inside and outside of the RV. First, have a look inside the interior and decide the points where you can hang things on the RV wall.

Cover the front mirror with stretchable Christmas caps. Also, set the small size caps above the side mirrors and hang the white or red ribbons with them.

Make the red color slipcovers and backrest of chairs. You can also cover it with cap-shaped covers at this event.

As the RVs have a dining table so you can replace the simple napkins with caps. Add the small size cap to the key ring and hang it below the front mirror.

You can make the interior more decorative by hanging the small-sized caps with invisible strings. It will look fancy when you attach it at the end of the ribbon.

Set the small-sized cap with scotch tape on the back window shield with small gaps, but you should keep it apart on the front glass.

Cover the tip of the wipers and windshield with little caps. You can stick the caps on the surface of wipers with 2 inches gaps.

Christmas gift and music

This event is nothing without gifts, especially children who wait for the candies and chocolates the whole year because they receive a bulk of candies as a gift.

Use the cards in a different color to make the gift boxes and tie them with red and white color ribbons. You can tie it and make ribbon flowers.

You can present the RV as a gift to your dear one. Cover it with large silk red fabric and tie it with a white ribbon. 

Hang the colorful boxes with the ceiling with ribbons and invisible thread. Turn on the music in low volume and light rhythm.

Add Flowers, Baux wreaths, and candles

You can decorate the RV with fresh and artificial flowers. For example, if you park your vehicle near a grassy plot, then you can make a baux wreath with fresh flowers.

These are round shape like garlands and impart a natural look. You can arrange a candlelight dinner near the RV by decorating the table and chair outside and inside the vehicle.

Place scented red color candles, small Santa clause, and gift boxes on one side. Also, cover the teapot with red color napkins. You will have a candlelight Christmas dinner.

Christmas socks and flags

These are the main parts of celebrating this occasion. Fill the socks with candies and chocolates and hang these inside and outside at the windows.

You can also join the socks with string and set them at the backside. Finally, make the combination of small Christmas flags with socks to give a new and attractive look.

You can hang these things above the window and door frame. 

Artwork and stickers

You can make attractive artwork on the RV and decoration pieces by hand. However, sometimes you are far away from the market, and the event arrives, so the best option is to utilize the nearby things and celebrate the festival.

Different shapes of stickers such as Santa Clause, snowman, socks, and gifts are available in the market.

It is the best option to use readymade stickers when you have less time for decoration. I prefer that sticker that will not leave stubborn marks after removing it.

Christmas Interior

When you are decorating the interior of RVs, then you should alter the interior accessories with red and white color.

Change the bedsheets, pillows covers, and cushions cover with new. In addition, the slipcovers embroidered with Santa clause, socks, and other things are available in the market.

Hang the white and red color curtains in front of the windows and doors. You can replace the slipcovers from the sofa and couches with an attractive color scheme.

Christmas Island

You can make the island scene around the RV. Park it in the open area and sprinkle the light blue color powder around it.

You can place the artificial trees at the sides of the natural trees, and plants are not available. Then, put the lights and hang the ornaments on the branches of trees.

Celebrate your biggest festival with zeal and zest in your luxurious vehicle.

Christmas kitchen and recipes

The RVs have a small kitchen at the corners. You can buy new accessories according to the event and present the special cake and cupcakes in it.

It will look innovative when you use red plates for creamy white cake. In addition, you can hang socks and small flags at the entrance of the kitchen.

Snowy theme

First, open the door and hang the white curtain. In addition, replace the curtains, bedsheets, and pillows cover with white if these have other colors.

You can also change the slipcovers of couches, table covers, and napkins. 

Make a snowman filled with cotton. Add the facial features using black balls for the eyes and red balls for the nose. Take a piece of cloth or handkerchief and wrap it around the neck.

You can stand this snowman at the entrance door and on the couch. However, there is another option to place it on the middle table and spread the cotton and small pieces of white cloth around it.

You can also use artificial smoke with party lights to decorate the RV. You can also hang a small snowman about 5 to 6 inches in total length to the ceiling.

It is the best choice to mix it with the Santa clause. However, keep in mind that you are creating snowy them, so the number of snowmen should be greater than the Santa clause.

For example, hang one Santa clause after 4 to 5 snowman. Furthermore, stick the simple or curl ribbons of white color with the ceiling.

You can make the snowman of different sizes and stand one after the other as a welcome in the door. You should consider the exterior of the vehicle. 

Spread the chalk powder and white powder around the camper and make red lines. The snowy theme is preferable because this festival comes in winter.

How to add a Christmas tree to an RV?

The addition of a tree is the most important thing. In general, people place the common synthetic tree in the middle of the camper and fill it with lighting.

You can make modifications to the traditional methods and replace it with new attractive things. For this purpose, have a look at the following points.

Original Tree

The use of original trees as a Christmas tree is quite different and looks natural. Park your vehicle near the natural plants and trees in the park, lawn, and grassland.

You can cut the tree if it is large in the pine tree shape. Then, add the fairy lights around and hang the gifts and candies. It will look awesome and maintain the freshness around.

Artificial tree

It is easily accessible in the market in different sizes. You can buy a tabletop tree mainly available in small sizes and put these on the table. It is the best option for those who do not have enough space.

If you are not driving, you can place the large or medium-size tree on the vehicle’s roof. Otherwise, you have to make an attachment or tie it with rope.

Candies tree

It is the attractive and best option when you have children during camping. In addition, you can buy candies and chocolates from the market.

You can hang these around the tree. You can also arrange the candies and chocolates on the bed of the RV in a tree shape.

It will look different when you make a tree outside on the body of RV with candies. It will emerge happiness in the children.

Pencil tree

It is not necessary to make the green color tree with leaves and lights. 

Collect or by the same color or different color pencils and arrange these on the sidewall near the couches in the shape of a tree. It should be broader at the bottom and have narrow at the top.

You can arrange the pencils in different shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, and tetragonal. Place these with adhesion material one over another, starting from the bottom to the top.

If you arrange these pencils in square shapes, then place three squares at the bottom, two squares over, and one square at the top.

Cup Tree

Sometimes you can creatively use waste products. For example, you can call it recycling because you are using used ice cream and teacups.

First, put a cup in the middle of the table. Mark the center of the table after measuring it with measuring tape.

Furthermore, place other cups around in circular or different shapes. Finally, place them over one another in descending order from bottom to top.

You are lucky if you have red color cups because it describes the Christmas event. Set the small Santa clause cap with a white ball on the top cup to make it look good.

Christmas tree shelves

As the RVs are luxurious and comforting zone. Some people in this world use these for recreational activities and long journeys.

It has almost all the things that you need in your room, even in your home. Add the shelves at the corner and one side in a tree shape; for example, the lower shelf should be the length and decrease the length on the upper shelves by about 2 inches.

Place the ornaments of red, green, and white color on the wrecks. It is better to brighten it with the lights. Close all the main lights and turn the small lights to see the effect.

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