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How to Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Not Detected?

How to Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Not Detected?

The key fob not detected is a warning sign in Jeep Grand Cherokee and indicates the faults of the remote. For example, with a non-programmed and faulty key fob, you cannot unlock the doors of SUVs automatically. 

How to Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Not Detected? You can fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob not detected by resetting the computerized module, changing the malfunctioning electric wires, and replacing the corroded connectors of the key fob. Reassemble the broken door lock, replace the blown fuses, and separate the key fob signals. 

The older models of the Jeep Cherokee are vulnerable to more damage to the key fob. To remove the internal problems, take the help of an expert because programming is a complex technique for beginners.

Reset the computerized controls of the Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob

The key fob connects with the factory-installed software of the SUV. However, the modification of the internal programming is one of the most significant issues.

It alters the software and internal codes due to incorrect utilization. Due to this problem, Jeep Grand Cherokee cannot detect it, and the doors remain locked.

You can open them manually and reprogram the remote with the assistance of a professional mechanic. In addition, you can read the software of a malfunctioning device with a damaged internal module.

For its reprogramming, enter the passenger cabin and close the doors. Shut off the rear gate and insert the manual key in the ignition hole.

Stabilize the key in the power-off conditions for around 2 to 3 seconds. Open the door on the driver’s side, insert the key in the lock, rotate the switch, and lock it.

Rotate the key in the ignition hole to the switch On position. Push the lock button on the fob for around 4 to 5 seconds. 

Pull the key, release the lock buttons and check the Programmed key fob. 

Fix the malfunctioning circuit and wires of the key fob

It is an electronically assisted device with aligned electrical passages. It has a built-in magnetic field and a read to read the codes.

The internal electrical cords crack due to voltage surges. As a result, they can damage the fob and reduces its performance and key fob is not detected.

The alignment of the code reader with the control unit disappears. Therefore, the replacement of broken and damaged electric wires is essential in the circuit. 

Approach the control module unit in your Jeep Grand Cherokee and detach the terminals of the attached wires.

Replace them with the new cords, attach the connectors and fix them through tightening. Reduce the power flow inside the circuit and balance the level for voltage. 

Fix the corroded connectors of the key fob

Water and moisture can enter the enclosed key fob due to constant rain exposure. The electric current and water combine to rust the surface of the connectors.

Due to excessive rusting, the connectors loosen from their mounting points. As a result, they cannot perform remote-less entries in the passenger cabins.

Due to electric surges, the electric circuit of the fob malfunctions. Cleaning the internal connectors can fix the non-detectable remote for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Take high-quality cleaning agents, spirits, or alcohol. Soak the pieces of cotton in the solvent and rub them on the connectors with your fingers.

Alcohol is an efficient solvent that cleans dirt, dissolves rust, and keeps the connectors intact. However, some connectors crack due to thick layers of corrosion on their upper and surrounding parts. Repair the connectors or change the gadget. 

Change the faulty battery of the Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob

Its battery drains due to excessive usage and the high current flow inside the circuit. It drains when you leave it inside the hot passenger cabin for a long time.

The cold temperature of the external environment affects the remote’s performance and reduces the standard level of the battery. You can replace it for its optimized performance.

The procedure is less time-consuming due to minimum complexity. A non-skilled person can complete the replacement in around 10 to 15 minutes.

The average cost of the procedure is around $7 to $9. Sometimes, the cost is lower than eleven dollars due to the variable policies of the dealerships.

They work for 3 to 4.5 years. Find a space between the upper and lower part of the remote to replace the faulty and drained battery.

Examine the connecting point and insert a flat screwdriver in the middle space. Split it into two halves and make the battery visible.

Check the type and compatibility of the battery by inspecting the marks. It varies according to the design and model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Remove the old one manually and slide in the new battery. Join both parts and fix them with a click sound.

Reassemble the broken door lock of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

A broken door lock cannot detect the signals of the key fob from a specific distance. You cannot repair the damaged locks because they cannot perform as the standard actuator.

Its replacement is necessary to fix the problems of non-detectable remotes. For the replacement, adjust a sharp tool or screwdriver in the panel and pull it outwards.

Remove the panel from the frame and unclip the attachment pins. Then, remove the trims, make the switches visible and unplug them from the circuit.

Remove the socket and inner panel of the door. Unbolt the nuts and screws and remove the separator from the actuator.

Unplug its built-in socket, push the tab and pull it outwards. Remove the alignment rod from the actuator and keep it aside.

Detach the rivets with an electric drill machine with repeated activities. Then, release the actuator and adjust the new one inside the mounting assembly.

Readjust the bolts, tighten them in the standard palace and reassemble the removed parts. 

Replace the blown fuses of the power system

The electrically empowered and monitored fuses work in the control unit of the module. For the remotes, the stability of these fuses is essential.

The door locks cannot detect the remote signals due to damaged and worn-out fuses. In addition, the malfunctioning fuses cannot withstand more electric load.

You can change them with compatible fuses that can undergo massive voltage stress. Find the fuse box of the control module and unplug the faulty and burnt fuse.

Clean the sides of the socket with a commercial cleaner. Never apply the cleaner directly inside the socket because it accumulates and causes rusting.

Turn off the power flow and unplug the electric fuse through the fingers. Fix a new fuse in the socket, push it inward and turn on the power supply. Check its compatibility with the remote and remove the error. 

Fix the Key fob by separating signals

The wireless systems have distinctive signals that can mix with the input signals of the key fob. The door actuator cannot detect the selective frequencies and malfunctions for the remote-less entries of the driver in the cabin.

The radio and anti-theft features have different signals that can combine with the frequencies of the key fob. 

Several people keep them on during long-distance driving situations. As a result, both signals combines and make the system undetectable. 

You can fix the problem in your Jeep Grand Cherokee by separating the signal of all input gadgets. For this purpose, switch off the radio and allow it to remove the signals. 

Keep the anti-theft system off and stabilize the coordination of the remote signal with the empowered control module of the SUV. 

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