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Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Not Working

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Not Working

A power liftgate on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is an electronically empowered hatch with a programmed height feature that can shut off without manual control. It is easy to activate it with buttons on the dashboard, an instrument panel, and a key fob.

Jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate does not work due to obstructions caused by dirt and moisture, a broken key fob, a faulty electrical passage, a malfunctioning latch, and a damaged motor. It happens due to broken buttons on the instrument panel and malfunctioning sensors due to heat. 

You can troubleshoot the internal faults of the system through different scanners. However, over time, their electric circuits become vulnerable to distinct faults. 

Electrical and mechanical faults of the automatically controlled liftgate are resolvable. The following are a few significant problems with the liftgate of the jeep Cherokee. 

Obstructions in the power liftgate due to dirt and moisture

The power liftgate of the jeep Grand Cherokee has rubber lining around its frame for better adjustment.

The rubber material is vulnerable and cannot withstand prolonged exposure to dust particles, road debris, and moisture.

The penetration of water droplets inside the control module results in electrical surges and alternative voltage flow.

It leads to various short circuits, which can cause the burning of the system. 

Due to these problems, the power liftgate cannot open and close correctly. This is because it lacks the response toward the input signals of the key fob and manual units.

You can fix this liftgate problem by cleaning the sides of the rubber lining with a duster and a commercial cleaning agent. Avoid the penetration and accumulation of rainwater and moisture inside the electric module of the SUV.

Broken controls of the automatic power liftgate 

The key fob of the jeep Cherokee comprises the push buttons to open and shut down the empowered liftgates. You can press them two times in around 4 to 5 seconds, and it opens the rear gate. 

You can close it by repeating a similar activity in less than five seconds. Sometimes, the key fob does not work due to the drainage of the battery. 

Its internal switches break due to incorrect use of manual controls and internal current fluctuations. In addition, a malfunctioning key fob cannot coordinate with the factory-installed sensors of the SUV.

To resolve the fault, check the key fob’s battery and replace the drained battery. Then, check the switch and replace it with a new and compatible option. 

Inspect the performance of the key fob with the sensors and module of the liftgate. The installation of control buttons and upgraded modules can cost you around $2200 to $8990.

Intermittent action of power liftgate due to faulty electrical passage 

The power liftgate shows intermittent behavior. It opens according to the input signals of the push buttons or key fob and closes within seconds.

It happens due to a faulty or blown-out internal fuse of the system. Excessive current load and modified voltage flow can damages the fuse. 

It cannot cooperate with the electrical circuit for the powered control module.

The reason of malfunctioning is the flow of excessive electric power from the connected circuit. Sometimes, the drive connects multiple electronic amenities in the circuit.

It increases the current load and damages the fuses. You can solve the issue by accessing the instrument panel and finding the fuse box.

Then, find the fuse of around 15 amperes and test the presence of electric current by pressing it from one side. 

The absence of light indicates malfunctioning and blown fuses. Purchase a new and compatible fuse, remove the older one, and plug in the new fuse in the circuit. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee liftgate malfunctions due to damaged electric wires. Due to high internal temperature, the cords can bend. Take professional help and replace the broken and non-insulated wires and stabilize the system.

 Malfunctioning latch of Jeep Cherokee power liftgate

 The rear gate does not open or closes due to a faulty latch actuator. Accumulation of debris and variable voltage flow can damage the actuator within seconds. 

The latch actuator is the specific mechanism to lift the rear gate with a remote. It is a lock actuator that usually mounts on the lower side of the gate. 

Excessive grime and grease can reduce the performance of the actuator. Sometimes, the gate opens without input signals from manual controls.

You can remove the problems by replacing the latch actuator of the remote-controlled gate. First, access the bottom side of the gate and remove the bolts and screws.

Then, remove the old and broken actuator, install a new option, and connect it to the control module.

The damaged motor of the power liftgate on the Jeep Grand Cherokee

A 12-volt high-performance motor supplies steady power to the liftgate. With the constant torque, you can open and close it with the hatch, which has electric control units. 

It is a small, vulnerable motor that can withstand the standard voltage level. However, due to excessive current load, it malfunctions and cannot support the remote-controlled movement of the rear gate. 

The hatch breaks due to a sudden power change. You cannot use the system with a broken 12-Volt motor.

Troubleshoot its performance with a specific meter and remove it from the system. Then, replace the motor with mechanical help and maintain the stabilized current flow. 

Broken button on the instrument panel of the power liftgate

You can regulate it with the push button on the center console and on the instrument panel.

You can manually press these buttons, which send digital signals through the computerized programs and open and close the gate.

These push buttons have built-in switches that use electric power to regulate the system. Sometimes, the switches break due to incorrect and excessive usage.

The fluctuation of voltage flow damages them. In these conditions, the gate does not move when you push the buttons on the instrument panel.

You can manually open the gate through the handles. Check the internal switches and current flow with digital meters.

Change them with high-quality and compatible switches to regulate the gate lifting with push buttons. 

Malfunctioning sensors of the power liftgate due to heat

The overall electronically controlled system contains a built-in sensor, a control module, and a track. The track can directly attach to the Jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate due to design specifications.

The sensors can identify the signals and move the gate according to requirements. However, excessive heat can damage the sensors, and they cannot withstand the signals.

Frequent use of sensors leads to high internal temperatures that generate heat. Therefore, to stabilize the system, the removal of malfunctioning sensors is necessary.

Adjust the sensor in the specific network for its correct performance. Use high-quality sensors to improve their strength to withstand electrical surges and excessive heat. 

It is a complex component of the overall track and module. For troubleshooting and replacement, take the assistance of an expert person and get better and non-problematic results.

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