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How to Reset Jeep Grand Cherokee Warning Service 4WD System?

How to Reset Jeep Grand Cherokee Warning Service 4WD System?

Service 4WD system is a warning message that appears on the dashboard of the Jeep Grand Cherokee display when the four-wheel-drive system malfunctions. It indicates faulty circuits and malfunctioning solenoids.

How to Reset Jeep Grand Cherokee Warning Service 4WD System? You can reset the Jeep Grand Cherokee warning service 4WD system by replacing the wheel speed sensors, changing the Solenoids, replacing the power switch, stabilizing the circuit, altering the damaged wires, and with the ignition reset technique.

You can rotate the key in the ignition system, turn on the engine, and adjust it to the run position. During this activity, the alarming light blinks for around 1 to 2 seconds and disappears.

Sometimes, it frequently appears on the display screen due to internal faults of the control unit. It causes distraction, and you cannot avoid it.

Troubleshoot the four-wheel drive system of your SUV with accurate scanners or examine it through professional guidance. 

Replace the sensors of wheel speed to fix the service 4WD system 

The wheel speed sensors support the control module and speedometers. They are a vital component of brake control mechanisms. 

The built-in sensors can find the speed of wheels with the measurements of different non-contacting points. However, due to excessive load on the bearing, changes in current flow and corrosion can damage them.

Clogged sensors in Jeep Grand Cherokee cannot perform their standard functions, which results in a warning message on the dashboard display center. You can replace sensors, stabilize the SUV and adjust the parking brake. 

Use a high-performance breaker bar, adjust it on the wheel’s lug nuts, rotate them anti-clockwise, and remove them from the frame. Next, lift the SUV with a hydraulic jack and approach the wheel speed sensor.

You can access it by removing the rotors and brake pads. Inside the knuckle assembly, a bolt holds the sensor. Unbolt it through the ratchet and detach the plastic clips. 

Unplug the electrical cords, cut the power supply and remove the sensor. Next, clean the mounting hub and insert a new sensor.

Connect the wires with the chassis and re-tighten the bolt and clips. Then, reassemble the wheels, rotors, and pads by reversing the removal procedure. 

Reset Jeep Grand Cherokee service 4WD system by changing the Solenoids 

The solenoid is a vital part of differential with mechanical and electric controls. Its built-in valve can regulate the electricity flow inside the circuit. 

The circuit of the faulty transfer case does not provide the correct electric current. Also, the solenoids of the rear and front side differentials lose their performance, which affects the 4WD, and a service message appears on display.

You can take the SUV to a dealer. Troubleshoot the problem with authentic digital scanners and assess the codes of the control module in the transfer case. 

It is a complex procedure, and you cannot perform it without mechanical help. Yet, you can carry out the activity by the following method. 

Access the front and rear differential. Approach the transfer case on the 4WD system. Find the screws, pull them with a screwdriver and make the solenoids approachable.

Remove the solenoid and detach the electric wires. Then, adjust a new solenoid and fix a compatible motor in the transfer case.

Attach the terminals of electrical cords, stabilize the connection and tighten the screws. You can repair and reset the damaged circuit in nearly 15 to 20 minutes.

The repairing procedure costs you around $245 to $249. The replacement of the faulty motor of the transfer case costs you about $490 to $499.

Reset the electric circuit of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 

The electric circuit of the 4WD comprises the control module. Therefore, the incorrect performance of the battery and voltage changes modifies the standard efficiency of the module.

It happens due to internal problems with the four-wheel drive system. In these conditions, you can reset and upgrade the module with the following method.

You can upgrade and reset the computer of your Jeep Grand Cherokee in less than ten minutes. Approach the battery, release both terminals, and cut the electric flow to prevent sudden shocks. 

Disconnect the terminals of cords from the connector of the solenoid. Then, pull the control module and unplug it.

Remove the charge of the built-in capacitors of the battery by grounding the positive terminal. After 4 to 5 seconds, reconnect the positive end to the battery. 

Insert the key in the ignition and keep the system stable. Keep the engine off, switch on the headlights for 2 to 3 seconds and turn them off. 

Then, turn the key anti-clockwise and remove it from the system. It reset the circuit, electric flow, and overall control module. As a result, the warning light disappears from the display.

Use the Ignition to reset the service 4WD system 

You can use the ignition system of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to remove the notification of service 4WD from the display. However, it is a non-complicated procedure that takes around 2 to 3 minutes.

For this procedure, turn on the ignition of your SUV. In these circumstances, do not start the system and stabilize the wheel on stable ground. 

Then, adjust your feet on the gas pedal and push it 2 to 3 times. Now, remove the foot from the gas pedal. Leave the system for a few seconds. Then, repeat the activity nearly three times for better results. 

Off the ignition of your SUV and leave it for 8 to 10 seconds. Then, restart the system and check the presence of a flashing light on the display. 

Due to these resets, the warning sign immediately removes from the screen. Before using this technique, check the sensitive parts of the 4WD system and troubleshoot the complicated problems. 

Reset the 4WD system by replacing the switch and wires

The switch of the 4WD transfer case supplies constant electric power to the rear and front axles. Under electric load, the switch overheats and loses work efficiency. 

In such circumstances, it does not supply the operation power according to the manufacturing characteristics. It leads to the blinking of a warning message on the display unit. 

Sometimes, the system turns off automatically due to high internal temperatures, which results in a notification. The replacement of this selector switch is necessary because a damaged relay reduces the power flow to all four wheels of the 4WD SUV. 

Check the connected wires and remove the broken cords manually. Then, unplug them from the system and replace them with compatible and insulated electric cables.

Lift the rear side of the frame with hydraulic jacks and stabilize it on stands. Then, disconnect the power flow of your Jeep by turning off the battery. 

Inside the hood, find the transfer case and unplug the cords and connectors. Next, approach the switch and detach it from the connecting harness.

Then, pull and remove the faulty switch. Now, adjust a new button, attach the harness on its backside and tighten the bolts.

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