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How to Get Your Spare Tire Off a Truck?

How to Get Your Spare Tire Off a Truck?

Here are the 9 best DIY methods to remove the spare tire down from your truck with tools and without tools. These additional tires are essentials in the trucks. You need these tires in any situation.

How to Get Your Spare Tire Off a Truck? You can get your spare tire off a truck by gathering the required tools, find extensions, locate the hole, insert the extension, use the hooked end, angle tire holder, and remove the spare tire.

A spare tire in a truck is also known as Stepney. It is an additional tire, which is available in trucks. The extra tire is an emergency tire. People use them when the already existing tires get flats and blow out.

You can choose a tire of your own choice as a Stepney for your truck. The new tire costs around $100 to $700. A full-size tire, matching to your vehicle is more expensive than a temporary compact tire.

How to Get Your Spare Tire Off a Truck?

There is a stepwise guide with which you can spare off a truck’s tire. The extra tires of the vehicles stowed on the bottom side. Most people place them on the downside of the truck so that nobody can see them.

Required tools

The first step of this guide is all about finding these tools. You must have a better comprehension of all these types of machinery which you use for this procedure. Locate the position of this tool. Grab all the necessary tools for this procedure.

Find extensions

The second step is about finding out the jack extension and jack handle. The jack extension is in the form of a rod. Before using these rods, you must understand its use. The extension rod has two halves. You should insert these two halves of the rod together. The extension rod should place so properly that both halves click in the same place.

Locate hole

In this step, find out the location of the hole. The gap of the rear bumper resides near the license plate. There is a lock present on the shaft. You should use the ignition key to unlocking the hole. Mostly the equipped trucks have locks. If the pickup is not equipped, there is no need to unlock the lock because it is already open.

Insert extension

This step is all about the insertion of extensions. First of all, place the extension rod on the hole and then insert it inside the space. You must add the extension rod until it makes its contact with the lowering mechanism of the tire. Apply a certain amount of pressure on to the protruding end of this rod.

Now start moving the jack. Turn the jack in the counter-clockwise direction. The turning direction of the handle is the key point of this process. You must put the pressure on the handle until it gets in its place. The appropriate distance is ground. You can stop moving the handle when it reaches the ground.

Use hooked end

In this step, take out the lug wrench from the tool kit. Use the lug wrench for pulling it towards you. Use the bent end of the wrench and snag the mechanism’s cable. This cable must be the lower cable of your pickup’s tire. Pull the lug wrench away from the rear of your vehicle. Place yourself on the ground and pull it towards you.

Angle tire holder

Angle the holder of the tire at the base of your tire. The holder should be at the base of the lowering mechanism cable. Place the holder at the hole. It is present at the center of the wheel. In this way, you can remove it from your pickup.

Can you remove a spare tire down without tools?

In this part, we have explained DIY methods to remove the spare tire without the tools or the kit. It is easy and you can do this at your home.

Assistance and replacement

In this step, you need some tools which are the replacement of the original instruments. You can use joint plies instead of the ignition key. It must be in small pieces of two to four’s'(2-4s). The first step without tools needs assistance as well.

Stable your truck and get under

After collecting the required items, you can move under your vehicle. Before going under your vehicle, make sure it is stable. For stability, stand your vehicle on flat ground. If it is not stable, it can harm you when you go under it. You should also clean your truck from bed bugs.

Your movement under the vehicle also affects the stability of the wheeler. Safety is the essence of this procedure. If you do not pay attention to the safety measure, it can lead you to the hospital with serious injuries.

Access the guide tube

A guide tube is usually present on the backside of your vehicle. Pull this tube towards yourself. The pulling effect should be simultaneous. You should pull the tube in one jerk. As a result, you can rake off the guide tube.

Make space between tire and vehicle

Move to the passenger side and try to pull it out. You can use some plies between the top of the tire and its frame. The thicknesses make space between the bodies of the vehicle and other parts. Keep on making the space by using pliers.

You can also use a key. Pliers play a vital role when you do not have a key with you. Here is a detailed guide on the average weight of Ford F-350.

Methods to remove the spare tire from a Ford F-150

There is no need to move to an expert for such a small procedure. The process is as follows. First of all, open the hood, you should pick the tools from the surface of the radiator. This method is different from the procedure mentioned above. You can use this method as an alternative to the above.

Now insert the pointed end of your tool on the backside of the license plate. Move the device clockwise and try to loosen the tire. It will start moving in a downward direction. You can hide a GPS tracker near this place for better functions.

Move inside and locate the cable of the carrier. The extra wire is present at the hole of the rim. You can use your hand to pull the cable.

These methods are applied to many Ford F 150 models, but not all of them. You can add over-sized tires to turn your truck into a monster truck.

Remove a spare tire from a Chevy Silverado Truck

For identification, go to the backside of your vehicle. Get down on your knees and find out for the tire. Find it behind the bumper area. You can see the grooves in this area by pressing your nose on the monitor of your pickup.

This method requires an ignition key and tools kit. The kit of tools must have the jack kit inside it. Jack kit contains multiple rods and crowbars. The package usually lies under the backbench of the backside seat.

Now you should stand and access the passenger side. The side is the area of the license plate. There is an opening of the key on the backside of the plastic cover. Now, use the ignition key, but the key inside the hole.

Turn the key in the right direction and slowly tug it towards you. As a result of towing, the lock comes out of the keyhole. Now assemble the kit on the backside of the pickup. Use the rods and opening kits in this step. The rods must have broader ends as compared to other simple rods.

In this step, use two rods rod A and rod B one by one. Attach the rods at their flares. Attach rod A to another rod side by side. The attachment of these rods provides maximum space for rod A to reach rod B. The rod B is present in the bumper area. Connect rod A with the rod B and start rotating these rods.

The rotation of rods must be anticlockwise in direction. You should continue the procedure until the tire touches the ground.