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Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on Your Truck?

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on Your Truck?

Here are 16 best DIY methods to place and hide a GPS tracker on your truck. Modern technology has made it very easy to locate your vehicle no matter where you are through GPS trackers. This has reduced the chances of theft and loss.

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on Your Truck? You can hide a GPS tracker in your truck by placing it in the dashboard, inside the seat cover, near batteries, under the carpet, inside door panels, and in the wheel well.

These trackers can be used with multiple family members or for the employees for safe tracking of the vehicle.

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on Your Truck?

Hidden trackers are one of the most amazing technologies for keeping the truck safe and sound. You can know its location and monitor it every time.

This article has explained proven methods to keep your pickup secure with a hidden tracking device.

Near window

If you are wondering about placing it in your vehicle, then the inner portion must be prioritized. You can put your locating device inside the vehicle.

The position can be near the window where you can adjust it easily. People consider truck windows as a negligible part.

You can settle the product beneath the mirror of the window side or chose the upper part. Put it there and install it properly so that it cannot dropdown.

You can locate your vehicle by sitting at your home. This type of method is one of the most convenient and effective ways. The placement inside the vehicle saves it from rainwater damage.

Hide near batteries

Another option for hiding it from the driver and any other person is near batteries. This method provides real vehicle security.

Many pickups have this option of battery power. The vehicle devices operate on the power of these batteries and ultimately supply energy to the gadget.

No need to install the device by plugging it into the power source. No wiring is required for this method, and it completely secures the device. Make sure that the batteries inside the pickup are on and they are supplying power.

Their battery-powered products can be placed anywhere, but they work excellent if you put them near the source. After placing it, make sure that it is working correctly.

Sometimes people adjust the gadget in such places that the device offers no signals. Drive your pickup in a few locations and check the safety of the application.

Make sure it has a long-lasting battery; otherwise, replace it when required. Change the battery before it ends ultimately; otherwise, it can harm the device, which has a long-lasting battery itself.

In steering wheels

Most of the pickups have an enormous space to insert and install this product. This method is also about placing the device inside the vehicle.

You can place it near or inside the steering area. It is easy to locate your vehicle if you are using it commercially. The procedure reduces the chances of theft in most cases.

The gadget should be small so that you can adjust it in the steering area. They must be either hard wired or magnetic. If there is no place in the steering area that offers a magnet’s sticking, you can buy an adhesive magnet. It can stick even on non-magnetic surfaces.

One side of the adhesive material can be slicked to the steering, and you can put the equipment on it. Some pickups have more spaces for things and vice versa. You can ask the dealer about the hidden parts and areas for protecting your stuff. You should not damage any part; otherwise, your truck will not go into the reverse gear.

Beneath the body of the vehicle

You can place your device beneath the structure of your vehicle. In this method, you require a waterproof and magnetic tracker for vehicles.

Make sure that all sides of the equipment are entirely closed. Tight the screws if any of them are lost. In all automobiles, there is a plastic or steel body beneath the vehicle. You can find some spots which have the magnetic power to stick with it.

You can consult with the dealer or go to the mechanic. They can lift the pickup and also guide you about the spots. You should know the average weight of the Ford-F350 to adjust this device properly.

If you do not want to tell the mechanic, ask about the magnetic spots. You can also find the hidden places at home by lying down under the automobile.

Never install it near the exhaust or smoke ejectors of the pickup. The heat produced by these parts can damage the device.

Sometimes people can identify these from a certain distance, and they inform drivers. Try to use small sizes while using this method.

Inside the wheel well

You can place your gadget in the well of wheels. You can try this hiding method only for those vehicles which are for your personal use. This can save you from the danger of theft. Ultimately people find out about these in the surrounding of wheels.

When you take your truck to a car wash, you must remove the device from its location to prevent damage. Once you have washed the car, you can fix it back.

On the backside

The backsides of the vehicles without trailers help them in safety; these sides are like hidden bumpers. Sometimes the slight bumpers of these vehicles are supported with metal rods. The areas are specific, which bears no-hit and damage.

You can stick your device on this metal rod. Fix the tool under the area so that no one can find it. In this way, the locality of the vehicle becomes extremely easy. The outer body or the vehicle covers the tool adequately.

It remains saved from the damage of rainwater or jerks. You must know methods to get a spare tire off your pickup so that you can adjust the gadget with it.

Hide inside dashboard

Dashboards are parts of all the vehicles nowadays. If you know how to open the dashboard of your pickup, this method is suitable.

Just open the dash area and install the transmitter inside it. The signals remain stable and clear even when it is inside the dashboard area.

You can connect the transmitter with wires or batteries. In this way, the tool gets maximum energy and supplies all information about the location.

Beneath carriage

The undercarriage is an excellent spot for securing your products. These areas are all ironic and have amazing sticking qualities.

Use magnetic devices in this method. They can stick to any metallic surface easily. You should cover the device with a casing, which should be waterproof. It helps the device from any harm of snow, dirt, and water.

Inside lights

If you have an idea about taking off your pickup’s lights or have some mechanical expertise, this method is for you.

Just screw off the cover of headlights and put the transmitter inside. The most important thing here is the brakes effects the light area, and ultimately the tool stops working. In such cases, someone can discover it.

Inside Seat cushion

The seat cushion should not block the path of signals. You can put the tool inside the cushion and sew it carefully.

The method is a bit challenging, keep in mind that the device should not bother the passengers; otherwise, people will find it.

Under the carpet

There are some mats and carpet pieces beneath the brakes. You can install your gadget in this area.

Just remove the mat and put it there. Install it properly so that no one can feel it in touch. Cover the carpet over the transmitter and secure it properly.

On seat pedals

Find a spot on the pedals of the seat where you can adjust the device. This procedure is the least time-consuming.

Just find a proper spot and put your device there. Cover the tool with the help of tape adequately. Connect the transmitter with the electrical wiring or metal bar of the seat. You can also install the device by finding the positive and negative terminals.

Join them, and in this way, the connection generates between the battery and the gadget. There is no need to recharge it for months and even years. The device remains hidden throughout, and you can locate your vehicle quickly.

Behind seat

Some seats have back arm resting areas that have a hole in them. No one can find them there until someone puts their hands so deep to find something. The installation is a bit challenging, but the spot is best for hiding.

Hide in trailer

Most pickups have trailers attached to them; you can adjust anything in them. Just find a place or small area where no one can see the tools.

Install your device there and locate its movements. If someone detaches the trailer from the pickup, then it can stop working. You can make a truck tool box at home to hide it.

Hide inside door panels

Panels of doors are already a hidden spot. No one notices them until they lost their flexibility. You can fix it between the panels of your vehicle’s doors.

This is one the safest place, and no one can find them. Moreover, the installation is easy due to the metallic origin of the panels.

Use tools with adhesive properties and put it between the doors. The power of signals remains strong and clear with this procedure.

Under speakers

Sound systems are part of every new product nowadays. There is a small area under the speakers. You can take advantage of this little spot and install your device there.

If the surface is adhesive, use magnetic trackers; otherwise, connect them with the wiring. No one can find them beneath the sound system.

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