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How to Turn Your Truck Into a Monster Truck?

How to Turn Your Truck Into a Monster Truck?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to convert your truck into a monster truck. These are large trucks and are approximately 12 feet tall and 10 to 12 feet wide. The minimum weight of this truck is 10000 pounds.

Despite their heavyweight, these can fly as high as 120 feet. Over-sized tires with enhanced suspension and the latest engines are the distinguishing characteristics of it.

How to Turn Your Truck Into a Monster Truck? You can turn your truck into a monster truck by selecting a suitable sized truck, prepare front and rear suspension, upgrade steering and axle, use over-sized tires, upgrade the engine, and add safety roll bars.

You can not drive it on ordinary roads; a particular highway is necessary for it. These trucks are not for everyday use.

You can use them only as a show vehicle in some competition or game show. Gravedigger is the most famous monster truck. It is also a dangerous vehicle to drive.

How to Turn Your Truck Into a Monster Truck?

Owning this truck is very difficult and financially draining. The good news for people having craze of it is that you can build it at home.

You can turn your average size motor vehicle into a monster truck. This requires some patience and a lot of effort.

By estimating the time and tools which are necessary for this, you can own it.

Tools required

  • A garage with a large area
  • The old ordinary size truck (44 ) vehicle
  • High Tires
  • Wheels
  • Strong Suspensions
  • Engine
  • Driveshaft

This whole process consists of a series of simple steps. You need to carry out these steps with a lot of focus. You will also need the assistance of some professional workers.

Selection of trucks

The first step ahead of your dream vehicle is selecting an appropriate vehicle. The range can have a significant effect on your budget and the overall appearance of the final product.

Usually, the manufacturing companies built it from fiberglass in a unique design. You can take any ordinary pickup of any brand.

Ford General Motors are some of the most common motor vehicle serving as a donor for this.

You can use any of these previously serving the purposes of transportation goods equipment and materials.

Preferably you should choose a full-size pickup for this purpose. Ford F350 weighs around 6100 pounds, and because of this feature, you can use it for this purpose.

It should have a large compartment for the engine and transmission. Make sure the spare and modifier parts of this are available easily.

Avoid choosing minivans to turn into your desired vehicle; the compartment of it is too short for a modified engine.

After choosing the vehicle, take it to the garage. The garage should have proper lighting and cleaning.

Prepare front and rear suspension

The suspension has two primary purposes. One is to bear the weight of it and to handle inconsistencies of roads and jumps.

The suspension should have durability and greater strength than an ordinary pickup.

As all the parts’ weight is more than enough for an old suspension, you should upgrade it to a heavy-duty suspension.

An ordinary vehicle suspension consists of spring coils to absorb shocks. Before working on suspensions, you need to uplift the vehicle front.

For this, you should have a leveling kit. This kit helps make your pickup taller and gives more ground clearance.

Raise the suspension of the vehicle to 4 to 8 feet high, approximately from factory height. To make it new, you should add spring coils in the front suspension and leaf spring in the rear suspension.

Replace the drive shaft with a longer one because the transfer case’s distance to differential is more significant. Measure the size and weight of your Ford F250 when starting this step.

A specially made pickup has an extra feature of tubing to absorb shocks. The tubes containing nitrogen gas can absorb 10 times more jerks and shocks than your vehicle.

These nitrogen-containing shocks give 28 inches to travel and firmness to your automobile. These tubes are costly but give your vehicle strength to protect all the valuable components.

Upgrade steering and axle of the truck

Upgrade the steering system of your vehicle to a four-wheel steering system. In this system, the steering control front wheels and toggle switch control rear wheels.

In your automobile, you should install this switch, and it will give better control over vehicle tires and movements.

Replace the axle of the motor vehicle with a durable steel axle, and it should have the capacity to withstand higher torque and horsepower.

Your automobile axles can also serve this purpose, but they have a risk of breakage. Ruggedize both axle and steering because this can lower the gear ratio of your vehicle.

The rear axle should have a higher ratio to fit the larger tires. The ideal ratio of the rear axle is 1:4:88.

Use over-sized tires

You should select bigger tires for it. The large tires consume less fuel, but they have less acceleration.

Usually, the specially made tires are 66 inches tall and 44 inches wide. These tires have a unique tread pattern on it to drive quickly on a rough road.

The size of the tires depends upon the lift kit on the truck and the fender shape. If the fender is of small size, it will be challenging to fit a bigger tire.

They have giant tires, and to overcome this problem, you should also upgrade fender size. Then install tires that match the size of the monster tires. You must know methods to remove a spare tire down from a truck.

Tires of the vehicle which farmers use on the farm is a suitable option for this. You can purchase old tires of any brand to install into your vehicle.

It is easier than upgrading the old tires as you have to make many changes to common size tires. This will also increase the weight carrying capacity of your truck.

Upgrade engine and transmission

When it comes to upgrading engines, choose a heavy-duty engine to install. Along with the engine, you also need a supercharger for higher horsepower.

The size of the supercharger motor is 540 cubic inches for the upgraded engine. This will also keep your truck heater hotter in the extreme temperatures.

The engine usually produces 1500 horsepower to blow the tires. It also consumes three gallons of fuel in a minute. This power is too much for a pickup engine.

The supercharger should have the capacity to run four over-sized automobiles.

Buy components of supercharger like oil pans with larger capacity piston camshafts and lower compressions.

Installing the engine and its parts can cost a lot of money. You can also connect a fuel injection kit and turbo other than a supercharger to boost the engine’s power.

To upgrade the transmission, install a heavy-duty transfer case. The transfer case is responsible for transferring the power of the engine to tires.

Install safety roll bars

After installing all parts of it, you should proceed with the safety measurements for drivers and motor vehicles. These precautions are essential to protect the vehicle and driver from any damage.

A custom-built pickup contains a special roll cage for drivers. The seat of the driver is also according to the shape of the driver.

Both these features help in driving without being uncomfortable. You should install a safety cage according to your vehicle.

You should also install a remote ignition interrupter in it. This switch cut off the fuel and power; this switch helps emergency when you need to stop immediately.

Make sure to install a fire extinguisher; this safety precaution is a must for the driver.

Before driving, you should wear full flameproof dress gloves and shoes. Wear a seat belt for the safety of the driver.

Upgrade the tire’s rim by installing a safety locking hub, so it does not become projectile after breaking.

Head and neck safety devices are a crucial part of your journey. Hang them on the seat of the driver. The helmet covers and protects the head while the neck device keeps the head in place.

Paint the truck

Painting the pickup is a fun activity. This not only makes your vehicle good-looking, but it also protects the upper surface of the vehicle from rusting out.

After completing the task of all the installation, you should select paint for your automobile.

You can choose your favorite color or make ac combination of them. Some people like the original color of the vehicle and leave it as it is. But if someone is an artist, he can paint it.

Airbrushes are special brushes that painters use for decorating any surface. You can connect it with an air compressor and can make different blends of color on your automobile.

Custom made pickups have fascinating colors and characters on them.

You can take an idea from them to paint any character scene on your vehicle. Vinyl wrapped stickers are also available for decorating it.

These stickers are easy to apply and do not produce any mess. If your budget is low, you can skip this step and move forward on testing your vehicle. This also helps to get rid of bed bugs from your truck.

How much does it cost to build a monster truck?

It is built from high-quality material. You should have a handsome amount to make your dream true. Tires, engines, and other parts can cost you a lot. It is difficult to estimate how much money it takes to build it.

On average, a monster truck costs $150000 to $20000.When we see separately, the engine of it costs almost $50000, and one tire costs $3000.

Even when you own it, there will be extra charges for fuel spare parts and its annual maintenance. So before building it, you should have enough amount to fulfill all the expenditures.

Precautions and Warnings

There are some tips and warnings you should be aware of when you own this massive pickup.

When you are building the engine, always go for a custom race shop. This shop has many experts regarding engine upgrading installing and repairing. When you fail to tune the engine properly, it can explode.

The explosion causes damage not only to the equipment and driver but to the surroundings. Regular checkups and repairing of the engine are necessary for proper working and maintenance of vehicles.

After building it, go for a test drive. For a test drive, always search a flat open place away from the residential area. Avoid Parking lots and familiar roads as it can damage property or other valuable things.

They operate far outside the drive train geometry and are careful when starting or stopping the vehicle suddenly because rollovers suddenly occur in such vehicles.

When you are driving, check all the parts of it for proper working. All these parts should work well with each other.

When you see any trouble in the driving lookout for the part which is not working, then replace it with a high-quality part to fix the issue.

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