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How to Install an LED Light Bar on Your Truck?

How to Install an LED Light Bar on Your Truck?

Here are 7 best DIY methods to install an LED light bar on your truck. You have to make sure that the LED should use in the truck as it has more light as compared to other bulbs.

How to Install an LED Light Bar on Your Truck? You can install LED light bars on your truck by disconnecting all the wires, decide a proper location, use wiring harness, make holes, add mounting brackets, and secure the wires.

There may be any different purpose of installing this light in your vehicle. You have to buy the lamp from top brands that provide you a proper warranty.

What is a light bar?

It is a simple LED light used on the upper side of your truck to make light on the outer side of your vehicle. You can use it while driving for off-roads and other lonely places.

You have to make sure that the system that you are using should fulfill all your need for which you are using it.

They will require less power and will provide you better lights on darker nights. It is better to install it because they may be needed when you drive nighttime.

How to Install an LED Light Bar on Your Truck?

You have to look for different factors that are important for your vehicle. You have to note the size of the light that you have to fix in its proper place.

You have to look for the product that provides you maximum light in it. It is important to note all these before starting the installing process because once it is fixed, you cannot change it.

You have to look for the purpose for which you are adding this gadget. If you are using it for camping and hunting, then you will require more lumens for your pickup.

If you want to use it to drive in darker roads, then fewer lumens can also work. They will not discharge your battery because they are taking less power from it.

Disconnect all wires

Disconnect all the cables from the battery. Safety should be your priority that should not compromise at any cost.

You have to take good care of the live wires that they should not cause a problem for you. It is easy to disconnect the primary wire from the battery so that the current may not travel from it. It is easy to develop a system that is free from any fear for you.

Decide the proper location for mounting

There are different locations on which you can fit this product for you. You can choose the position on the front side of the roof of your pickup.

This position is most commonly used than any other place. You can also attach it to the front or rear bumper of the vehicle.

You can get different benefits from these gadgets. There are helpful when you use them at the front bumper while driving on dark roads.

Its position will depend on the shape and size of the pickup in which you are trying it. It is simple to make sure which location suits you a lot by trying them in different places.

You have to develop a vehicle that attracts the viewers from a long distance. It will only be possible when the owner of a vehicle is passionate and motivated to take care of your product. You can record the average weight of your Ford F-350 Dually before starting the procedure.

Use wiring harness

You have to use a proper channel for wiring for your light. They should not look bad by staying there. You have to fix them internally through other wires of the vehicle.

If you place it through the vehicle’s inner side, it will not look good there. A harness is an assembly that will carry the wires from one end to another. It is easy to look for the assembly of your size. You can improve your truck headlights by this procedure.

You will not get any problem while using it for a longer time. Some people feel difficulty to use the harness in this connection that does not sound good because the wires will not adjust without using it there.

You have to make sure that harness attaches with the wires, whether you make a connection or hire an electrician for this purpose.

You have to keep an eye on working on all these parts to get better results out of it. It is simple to see that the system will give you a better useful life or not. If you see any problems in its making, you should identify at that time and try to rectify them.

Make the holes

After deciding for the harness and position of the products, you have to make the holes with the drill machine by leaving a small distance between them.

You can use a pointer or marker to give you the comfort of finding the place while drilling. You have to make holes at those places that will provide strength while wires will go from one end to another.

You should have a complete idea before running this drill machine that how deep it will go, and it should not damage the inner side of the vehicle.

If you are not an expert in it, you can hire an expert in this field to do the complete process for you.

Use mounting brackets

You should use mounting brackets for the support for your newly attached technology. These supports may be of different types that will depend on the weight and size of the light that you are using.

You can make brackets on your own by choosing the right material for them. The brackets will be more durable, which you will make by purchasing the raw material.

You have to use better material for that purpose that provides you more strength even at high speeds.

The bracket’s goal is that they should not fall when you are running your vehicle at high speeds. The wind pressure in the reverse direction can cause trouble for them when driving at seasides and forests.

Check for any obstruction

After completing the process, you have to check that they should not create any obstruction while driving.

They should not come in the way of a driver’s view while driving because it can be fatal and can lead to an accident.

You can estimate by sitting at the driver’s seat of your vehicle to get a complete view. The obstruction in its path will be troublesome for you.

You can change the position if you see any problem with it. You have to note it before adding permanent holes to it.

If you make permanent connections to it before watching the obstruction, you will not be able to make any changes there. You should choose the position wisely that does not create any problem there. Keep the tires stable otherwise, it can cause cupping in front truck tires.

Attach the wires with designated terminals

This is one of the major parts after adjusting it to its position. You have to make a wired connection that will connect the device to the battery.

You have to look for the possible paths that are short and invisible. The wires should not look outside because it will affect the beauty of your vehicle. After deciding the wires route, you have to choose which cable will be better for your connection.

After attaching the cable with your terminals’ connection, you have to look for the proper color schemes.

The black color wires should connect with the battery’s negative terminal, and red color wires should connect with the positive terminal of the battery. These are some of the basic techniques that you have to follow while making any electrical connections. You must remove it when your pickup truck go through a car wash.

If you do not follow this device, then the whole machine will be short and in danger. You have to understand all the required guidelines for making the electrical connections.

You should not start making the connections before removing all types of confusion there. You must look for an electrician in this case that will solve the whole problem for you.

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